Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quilting Done!

The quilting is done! I'm having fun with this "one big meandering feather" thing....it just fills the quilt, it's easier than a panto because you don't have to adjust rows, it just flows! I can see some more of my own UFO tops being finished this way because I like how it looks, and it goes so FAST....

Here is a pic of the back too...the color is off, it's an aqua turquoise that goes really well with the top!

I'm on my way into the clinic to work, I'll start the binding this evening when I get home.

The invisible fence is installed, and Sadie is so smart...she's only been zapped once. The collar beeps a warning beep first, and she knows when she hears that she needs to back away. I think it's the safest thing for all involved. Now she knows her boundaries, and I don't need to worry about her getting out of the fence and wandering down the road.



  1. That turned out really pretty! Your friend will love it. Sadie sounds pretty smart too. Those are great devices!

  2. wonderful solution for Sadie! so easy and effective.

    I absolutely love the all over feather design you've quilted. Its incrediblly effective as an all over design, and if its easy/fast to do I'd be using it endlessly :-)

  3. LOVE this quilt and the quilting you've done on it is DEVINE! Glad the Sadie saga ended happily :)

  4. Oh those meandering feathers are wonderful! And yeah for Sadie! I knew she was too smart for her own good.

  5. The feather designs are wonderful. Isn't it great finding something that is both fast and fantastic? Quilter's nirvana!

  6. The quilt is beautiful and I love the feathers! Your quilting is always gorgeous!

  7. The quilting is marvelous and the quilt top itself is too. Great work all around and I know your friend and her husband will be comforted.

  8. Bonnie I can't believe the difference that the quilting has made to that top. It's rather stating the obvious to say it adds another dimension to it, but it really does.

    I like the sound of the all over feather but can't get my head around how you do it. Do you do a length of stem and then feather it, and do another length and feather?

    Great news about Sadie too.

  9. As always, you have blown me away! The quilting is awesome...u go girl!


  10. You have once again quilted a beautiful pattern for a lovely quilt top. I'm sure your friend will be very pleased.

  11. You always have great ideas ( I know I have tried a few of them!) and the allover feathers is another example. The quilt looks awesome. Well done. Take care.


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