Thursday, March 29, 2007

This is the Quilt that Love Built

This is the quilt that love built.
This is the quilt with strings so bright
Pieced by Becky long into the night
Sent 'cross states on an overnight flight
Quilted by Bonnie with hopes that it might
Wrap 'round Marie with a warmth just right
This is the quilt that love built.

This poem came to me while I was fixing my tea this morning! The quilt top
from Becky arrived yesterday. I'm loading it today....it is JUST BEAUTIFUL!
I love the brights in it, and it is SO Marie. She does beautiful watercolor
paintings (and oils too) and her color choices are so vivid.....and this
quilt is SO Marie! I can't thank you enough Becky!

I'll post a pic when it's done.

The poem is going on the label :c)



  1. Wonderful! Wonderful quilt, wonderful poem, wonderful friend. The last couple of lines of the poem were blurry tho.... :'-)

  2. The poem is so perfect! and I love the triple rail sashing with them! It makes the quilt just shine!

  3. Beautiful quilt; beautiful poem; beautiful sentiment. I suspect this quilt comforts its creators as well as its recipient.

  4. Lovely quilt - also, the poem, which is sending shivvers up my spine and is bringing tears to my eyes. May Marie find comfort in this wonderful gift, and may you and Becky also, have fond memories of Marie, and of the warm and loving thoughts that go along with the quilt.

  5. That really is a beautiful quilt. How nice that one quilt can bring so many people together with such warm feelings.

  6. Just beautiful, I love the poem, it compliments the quilt wonderfully. I'm looking forward to seeing you working your magic over the quilt top!

  7. Becky, thank you for helping your friend out with the quilt top. You did great. And Bonnie, I am sure you will do an outstanding job w/the quilting. Sounds like a perfect match all around! May this quilt bring much comfort....

  8. Beautiful quilt. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

  9. gorgeous! I love the setting and the colors - wow!!

  10. oh, it's beautiful. and your poem made me all teary.

  11. Anonymous12:34 AM EDT

    Beautiful quilt, beautiful poem, beautiful friends - THAT's why I love quilting so much, there are are so many 'warm fuzzies' travelling all over the world :-)


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