Sunday, March 04, 2007

Introducing Sadie Jane!

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family! This is Sadie Jane! For the last while we have been thinking about adopting another dog so that our Buddy would have someone to play with when we are out working, or at school, etc. Poor guy...since I became not-such-a-stay-at-home mom, he has been really lonely!

We found what fun it was to have another dog for him to play with when we baby sat our friend's dog for a week while they were out of town.

I didn't want a puppy! I didn't want to have to housebreak another dog. I thought of all the chewing that puppies do...auughh! I am not home enough to do all those "new puppy" things to grow a rambunctious pup into a nice house dog. So I kept putting it on the back burner.

The other day I was standing in a long line at the post office (You know how it goes, one window open,and a line that goes out the door?!) And I grabbed the little local paper to read it while standing in line. There was an ad for "pup of the week" for the local animal shelter, and she seemed so sweet that it put the idea in my head to go check it out. That was a few days ago, I had to wait until Saturday to have the time to go there.

I looked at SO MANY dogs. I took many out to the play yard and tried to bond with them. The dog in the ad was a 9 mo old female, and she was too rowdy and barky for what I wanted. In the midst of all these kennels where dogs were barking wildly and jumping at the gates....sat Sadie. The sweetest expression on her face, her tail wagging, and not a bark escaped her! I asked the attendant if I could take her out to the play yard and we became fast friends.

She is about 1 1/2 years old. She won't get any bigger than this (which is fine with me!) She rode in the car well, and when she met Buddy for the first time they were both so happy and started playing right away! Within 2 minutes she had followed his lead out the doggy door, explored the yard, and came back in again. She is SO SMART! She is house broken,and takes herself outside if she needs to go.

She slept all night at the foot of our bed...she was so tired and wiped out from all the excitement of finding a new family and home!

She is curious about the cats, but doesn't bark or chase them...just wants to sniff them. Oscar put up with it for a bit....but then he finally had enough, hissed, and ran away. But I think they will get along fine.

As of a few minutes ago Sadie and Buddy were in a sunny spot in the back yard chewing blissfully on bones. It's a match made in heaven! I am a big advocate of adopting rescue animals. So many loving animals just simply need a home and someone to give their affection to.



  1. What a lovely story...she looks very content.

  2. OOOhh my goodness she is adorable !!! I can't wait to hug and pet her at 21 of april !!!

  3. Your doggie story is sooooo nice! We own pound puppies at our home too (almost had another one, age 11, given up due to new baby :>( but someone beat me to him). They do work their way into our hearts, don't they? and onto our quilts too!! LOL!

  4. What a dear sweet little lady, she looks so gentle. Good on you for giving her a wonderful home!

  5. God bless you! How wonderful for Sadie Jane and for Buddy too! I hope the two of them will give you many years of joy!

  6. What a sweet looking girl--how lucky for all of you!!

  7. What a cutiepie and a lucky girl! Congratulations. She goes perfectly with that quilt too.

  8. Adorable! Yes I am a huge advocate of adopting the adults. Of course our last three adds have been puppies. Yes we are working on the chewing issue now. Hubby is home so he can work on that one! Congrats on a great match up!

  9. What a wonderful heartwarming story. Welcome, Sadie Jane to your new family. So, are you making her a quilt yet? She looks like she would like something pink and ruffly....

  10. Such a sweet pic and it is good to have company for Buddy. Will keep him from being depressed and lonely. And she can be a transitional baby for you all.

  11. Sadie sounds like a perfect pet for you all and she's beautiful!! Good for you for choosing to get a dog from the animal shelter.

  12. Congratulations! What a lovely addition to your family. Yay for Buddy and yay for Sadie.

  13. Oh Bonnie! She is sooo sweet! I finally got some time to come over and see her. Work has been so frustrating lately. She was meant to be in your family! Just like our Chloe!

  14. well done Bonnie! her sweet eyes tell "thanks so much
    maria daniela in rome


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