Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bound and Sleeved....

I finished the binding and hanging sleeve on my "Road to Camp Gravatt" yesterday. It felt good to sit and do some hand work. I'm feeling on the edge of punky. post-nasal drippy..bit of a scratchy throat. Didn't I just get over this? I think we MUST be on the edge of spring and that is why it keeps re-attaching itself to my sinuses.

Trees are blooming! I saw trees with puffy pink blooms and other trees with white popcorn blooms all over them. I saw yellow forsythia in full bloom! Today the sun is shining.....

I took Sadie yesterday to get her shots and to be spayed. That was all included in her adoption fees. Poor Buddy really seems to miss her! I pick her up late this afternoon. We've all gotten so attached to her so quickly!



  1. Very nice. How did you decide to machie quilt it? Did you do an overal meandering or continuous pattern? I'm just curious and enjoy looking at peoples machine work. I find it inspirational. Thanks for posting the finihsed results. It is a nice quilt.

  2. Once again, a clever, attractive quilt! Great job.

    Do you ever have one that just doesn't 'do'?

    We see so many successful quilts on the blogs, so now I'm wondering if we are all so gifted by this stage of quilting, that we don't have failures, or have we gotten smart enough to recognize them early in process and get them 'right'. ??? just wondering ...

  3. Your quilt is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  4. It must be the whole area of the country..my sinuses can't decide what to do.

    Love this quilt! It's will go on my list of ones to do this year! Thanks for writing the pattern up for us all.

    Hope puppy feels better quickly.

  5. What a nice person you must be to adopt a dog. Of course I know you're nice just because of your dedication to quilting!

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM EDT

    Loved your lecture yesterday at the Somers Quilt show. I have been using Leaders and Enders technique for a long time now. Most of the time I have more than one project going at one time. It just makes sense. I have decided from now on all pieces of fabric left after a quilt or sewing project, will be trimed and placed in the approperate "scap" container instead of throwing the pieces into a large bin. When I empty that large container all over the floor looking for fabric scraps for my next project, is usaually when my husband come down to sewing room - and says "Dear, you are a little out of control" He is right it is a huge mess.


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