Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who let the dogs out......huh, huh, huh???

Or however that song goes! I just realised things were far too quiet here on the home front. I went to check for the dogs in the back yard....and the gate was open!! AUUUGHHHH!

I hollered and hollered, no one came running. I grabbed my keys, ran barefoot to my car...started driving up the street with the windows down, calling and searching. I found them at the end of the street.....the neighbors dogs were barking up a storm at something that excited them, I looked across the street and there they were. Buddy and Sadie together...just meandering around people's yards on a holiday. BAD DOGS!!!!

Into the car they went and I hauled their doggy butts home scolding them all the way while they panted and smiled at me from their places in the back seat.

At least they stayed TOGETHER! I think that made them easier to find, and probably slowed down their wanderings a bit. I just need to tell people to PLEASE be sure the gate is SHUT all the way when they come in and out of the fence.

Here is a pic of the ugly hawaiian backing I used on the cabin fever quilt. It is NOT a pretty hawaiian...it is grey, gold, and black on white? Bleurgh. Whatever. It is now out of the stash, and every time I see it I will be reminded of the non-quilter friend who thought well enough to bring me back fabric from Hawaii....she meant well, she really did...and I don't have to have it in the FRONT of a quilt :cD
(Did I mention this fabric is a cotton/poly blend? I only found out when I pieced it and went to iron the seam....phewwwwyy....oh well...it's used!)

Here are a couple shots of the quilting on the 9 patch split baby quilt. I was pressed for time and so I just did a winding meandering feather-to-fill over the whole thing. It added great texture and was SO easy.

I'm headed out to take Jeff to work here in bit....massages this afternoon, and choir practice tonight. Wednesday is my busiest day I think.

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  1. Ahhhhh, not the hawaiian I was expecting! I'm glad it found a home! Poor doggies!!!! :) Your story is too funny. Sadie must be getting along just fine with her new buddy!

  2. I was thinking "How bad could it be?" but that is one ugly fabric! Still, I have to applaud the whole 'fabric as a gift idea' of your friend, even if she didn't get it quite right. I think I'd rather have ugly fabric than some of the other useless things I've been given over the years.
    Glad the dogs are ok, it gives you a terrible fright when you realise they're missing.They probably enjoyed their little adventure!

  3. wouldn't have guessed that was hawaiian..

  4. That sure is an 'interesting' fabric. At least you've managed to find a good home for it.
    I'm so pleased you found the fur-people, it's just so darn stressful when they go missing.

  5. You know what? That photo of the Hawaiian fabric would make a great photo for a "What Is It?" contest. I kept looking at it and looking at it and never identified it as fabric until I got to the part of your blog where you said it was--I thought maybe it had something to do with the dogs! LOL! Your 9-patch came out nicely!

  6. Obviously partners in crime those two dogs of yours - glad they were safe though. That backing fabric reminds me of a 5yd length my brother brought me back from his honeymoon in Bali - dark blu/brown/white and black in a yukky large pattern - his comment after being asked to bring home an assortment of half yards of various batiks was - we thought you'd like all one fabric in case you wanted to make a garment from it - it's even too ugly to use for a back - will probably end up overdyeing it I guess :o) (in black!!!!)

  7. Anonymous7:24 AM EDT

    Less said about that fabric the better LOL. I think this is one of my favourite patterns - I really love those red triangles. Man I wish I could quilt as fast as you :-)

  8. Well gee, Bonnie. I sort of thought you were showing us a picture of a dead lawn. After a bad winter. LOL So glad you found a place for it. Nobody in their right mind would use that side up, would they?

    Margaret laughing because she has some gosh awful fabrics also. Her DIL buys remnants at yard sales. __sigh___


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