Saturday, March 10, 2007

T is for Talula.....

One of my favorite "pioneer" quilters is Talula Gilbert Bottoms. I first learned about her "Legacy" (and the book by that name) somewhere around 1990. Two books were written about her, one more of a history, and then the second book, Family Ties, had patterns for her quilts.

She had an amazing life! She was born during the civil war. Lived an incredibly hard life...and quilted her way through hundreds of quilts into the 1940's. So you can imagine the types of fabrics and styles of quilts that passed under her needle.

I often find myself looking through pictures of her quilts for inspiration on settings,etc.

This is how I came upon the sashing I wanted to use for these murky double T blocks. I have had these for 4 years or more...worked on them at a couple retreats...they weren't getting any better! I was inspired by an antique quilt..but I think that antique's double pink background was not as dark as mine, and my T's are lost in the background. What to do?

I asked Talula! And I turned to a quilt she made that had red and green striped sashings, and big green cornerstones and I knew that was what I wanted to do. Originally I was going to just set the blocks together side by side so they all touched, but the T's were lost in the sea of dark double pink and it wasn't making me happy.

Talula..if you are out there, this T quilt is thanks to you!

On the homefront here.....Sadie's stitches were all inflamed and she was oozing between her sutures :c( She seemed to be itching really badly scratching and licking herself non stop, so I spent this morning at the vet with her. Got some meds, a shot...and a funky clown collar to keep her from licking herself! SHE HATES IT! I don't blame her. But it is doing the job, she can't lick herself at all...



  1. Poor Sadie! I hope she heal up quickly. I can't imagine that she feels comfortable in her new "outfit".

    Good choice on the sashing, Bonnie. They really set the blocks off nicely.

  2. I'm glad you turned to Talula for help, she's one of my favourite quilters too.I think those blocks would be really hard to set, but the triple sashing is a great idea, makes them something special.
    Poor Sadie, she looks like a creature in Australia that's called a Frilled Neck Lizard. They have a great big ruff around their necks like this,it's even folded that way. Hope she heals soon.

  3. I just ordered a copy of the book - looking forward to a good read. Poor puppy, but at least the collar is fashionable - love that color.

  4. Ohhh Bonnie, I just love the quilt, the sashing was the perfect choice. Poor Sadie, I'm sure she feels like a fashion victim right now, but it will be worth it in the end!

  5. Wow, that sashing sure woke things up!

    What, no quilted ruff for Sadie?

  6. Poor puppy--hope she's on the mend soon.

    I love the quilt top. I say call it good and whatever happens happens.

  7. I love the history book about Talula. I never knew there was another book with the patterns for her quilts! Hope Sadie is better. Poor thing.

  8. I have that same collar in kitty size!! poor babies just can't leave those stitches alone. Good luck that it heals quickly. 15 days out and she will be all good!

  9. Poor Chesty is wearing one too - he had a growth removed last week and his it to keep him from scratching it.


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