Friday, March 23, 2007

Cabin Fever Quilting!

I'm quilting a bit on the tiny log cabin quilt that got big... :c) Picture is worth 1000 words or so they say, but blogger isn't cooperating with uploading pics. Is anyone else having that problem? I tried yesterday, I tried this morning...and it won't let me upload a pic....and I tried all three different browsers..whaaaa...

So instead, I'll send you a link to "Cabin Fever!"

It is machine quilting beautifully, even with all the thicknesses of the seams. Need I say this top weighs 1/2 a ton?

Gorgeous day out here in SC! Reports say we should be close to 90 degrees this weekend...I tell ya...it's either freeze or roast, there is not much time for in between....better get the A/C ready!



  1. OH it is beautiful! I just love your quilting! You are my FAVORITE quilter in the world!

  2. Your work is so absolutely gorgeous! What talen you have! Not to mention, dedication, patience and love.

  3. Ohhh Bonnie, I love the quilt, and your quilting is just entirely wonderful! Please show more pictures as you can, I love drooling over your quilts!


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