Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Mayhem!

Today is the day I give notice to the chiropractor that I quit! This will be my last week. I've given them a month to find someone to replace me, but so far nada, and it is just NOT working for me. Isn't it funny how you think something will work great, and then you try it and it turns your life upside down, and you feel like a machine, and it just doesn't fit with your life?! I liked things better the way they WERE...where I could quilt in the mornings, schedule my clients in the afternoon and make it all work around MY life...so everything is a learning experience.

Here are some pics! I am calling the red/black/butterscotch quilt "Road to Camp Gravatt" in honor of putting the whole thing together at retreat. :c) I figure if there is a Road to St Louis, Road to California, Road to....? That there can be a Road to Camp Gravatt. No other names worked....and everything else I could come up with reminded me of food. I really don't like quilts that are named after food...*LOL* I really like how the wonky star points in the sashings turned out. Fun fun fun!

The other quilt is a maverick basket that I finished for a customer. It was her husband's great aunt's quilt top or something...and let me tell you this thing was not only wavy in ALL directions and had poofy spots in each and every block, but was a trapezoid as well! The only way to work this thing was to square it off, and add borders hoping to stabilize the whole thing. I squared it....added the top and bottom pink borders, and then the two green ones. I just thought you would get a chuckle of how EVERYTHING goes down hill on this quilt. Truly a happy ending for it. Spots were SO puffy that I had to use thick poly batting to suck it all up. It worked!



  1. you'd never guess looking at the basket quilt you'd had so much to accomodate... you did a great job!

  2. Quitting today? Good luck and I agree with you -- if it's not working, get on with your life. The job I wanted MOST a few years ago, and got, was the only job in my whole life where I was 'shown the door'! LOL - Thank goodness I was 'out of there'. Live and learn.

    Really like that "Road to..."

    Basket Quilt? well uhhhh.... it's done!

  3. WOW, the basket quilt was a challenge. Looks good to me! Some unfinished quilts from past relatives can be challenging. I wonder sometimes if there wasn't a good reason for not finishing! Have you decided how you will be quilting the Road to Camp Gravatt? That is a sweet quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have a GFG quilt top of a GreatAunt that is trapezoidal. It will be easy to fix tho because it is hexagons. I just love the polka dots in the basket quilt.

  5. Oh Bonnie, What a great surprise! I hadn't read about your preparations for quilt retreat - or maybe I missed it... but I’m so glad I stopped by this morning for the show-n-tell! :c)

    I love the Road to Camp Gravatt! Those colors work great together and really make that top sing! That was another surprise today too - b/c you hadn't shared any progress with us on this one - just Walla there it is - B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Will you be sharing your pattern on quiltville.com anytime soon? ~Bonnie in SE Texas

  6. You're a wonder with 'challenging' quilts, great resolution on that one. I love the "road to..." quilt, those wonky star points are inspired!

  7. Once again you've worked your magic! You are wonderful!

  8. That solution to the trapezoidal problem could almost look like a deliberate technique that people cd give seminars in, i.e. quilts that go out of the frame! I like it and also love the dots.

    p.s. i put my two hidden spools quilts up on my blog, with two different borders. I would love opinions on which border was more successful www.quiltingbear.blogspot.com/

  9. I love "Road to Camp Gravatt". The yellow makes it so yummy. I have to laugh because I have looked at this post at least three times and I can't help but stare at the polka dots on the baskets quilt. I like them so much!

  10. I love how the pink border goes from skinny to fat, to skinny! It's a rememberance of her and that's what matters most.

    The other quilt is great. Very bright and very scrappy! Love the work you do!

  11. Although the colours of the basket quilt are not mine, the wonky cutting and the half blocks really make it interesting. I love the yellow of your "Road to...". Well done!


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