Monday, September 12, 2005

We are growing again!

I hope everyone has had a terrific monday. I've been fighting with what I think is a tummy bug here...tummy has been queasy since mid morning, and I haven't accomplished as much as I thought. You know how certain smells can get at you when you feel the slightest bit "off"?? Jeff burned some pancakes just a bit ago, and oooooh boy....that makes how my tummy feels worse!

I'm very excited about a new Notification List I've added to my website. I've always added patterns and then waited for people to find them :c) Now, people can sign up for the notification list and voila...all I have to do is send one email and everyone on the list gets the address of the new pattern. There are already 263 people on my notification list!

We've also added two new Mavericks today.

Check them out!
Judy is at Sunshine Quilts


Carolyn is at Lakeside Quilting

Welcome Ladies!


  1. Well, maybe you're .. . no, I won't even say it! Hope you feel better tomorrow!

    Judy L.

  2. The notification list was a great idea! Thanks for making it easier to find your new patterns.


  3. Great idea on the notification list -- not that I don't already spend too much time at your site! Hope you get over this tummy stuff fast.


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