Friday, September 02, 2005

Early Morning Quilt Top...

First Denim Quilt for Katrina Refugees. The blocks were all finished last night, but I woke up about 5am this morning and spent the past 3 hours sewing them into rows and sewing the rows together. Top done! And it's only 8am...I wish I could get more of these energy spurts. I like what I can accomplish with them.

The crazy thing is, this did NOT make a dent in the bin of denim I've been saving. So there are going to be more denim quilts for Katrina Refugees. I like how quick this pattern sews up. It's an interesting phenomina. No matter how you arrange the blocks, it always comes out different. Almost modern-arty, which is funny for me because you know I don't "do" art-art quilts. But I like this. Abstract, but functional :c)

The top is a bit heavy, but I think it will be good as a pallete on the floor even. It's sturdy, it can get dirty without being ruined....all those good things about denim will apply to this quilt. I'm trying to think of something nice to put on the label without saying too much, you know?

Gotta get a backing together, and I am going to meander it to hold it all together with a light batting inside to keep from feeling the bumpy seams through the back side. I've done lots of denim quilts, and the batting/backing really do NOT add alot of weight to the quilt, and I think it makes it nicer.


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  1. Bonnie -

    As usual I love it! Are you going to quilt it on your long arm or tie it? It is going to be so heavy and warm!

    How is your son feeling?

    Sarah N

  2. Jeff is doing better health-wise, I wish he were doing better school-wise! He is unmotivated, and this is his 2nd time through 9th grade. Can't make the kid care :c(

    As far as the quilt goes..I'm going to meander it with a big meander, because I can avoid thick spots where the seams do meet. I've done lots of denim quilts this way and it works great. They are tough to pin into the longarm, but the quilting part is easy...denim sews and quilts like butter.

    Easier than breaking needles and fingers trying to tie the thing!


  3. Bonnie, It looks wonderful and I think a perfect solution for all those poor people who were effected by Katrina.

    Oh you make me wish I had a long arm! :)

    Or heck, your energy spurt!


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