Sunday, September 04, 2005

Movie Madness

Last night was interesting. We aren't safe from terror ANYWHERE. We went to the theatre in the mall...and we got there early because we weren't sure what we wanted to see. We bought tickets for "dukes of hazzard" (Jeff's choice....go figure! He didn't want to see the penguin movie!) and then because we had about an hour before the show started, we opted to go eat dinner at the chinese buffet, which turned out to be about the same price as a large popcorn and two drinks at the movie! We always try to eat before, because spending nearly $15 on two drinks and popcorn is ridiculous.

I'm also not beyond hiding contraband snacks in my purse.....I'm a regular movie smuggler!

Anyway...on the way from the other end of the mall where the chinese place is, back to the theatre..we saw this area all blocked off with that "crime scene, do not cross" yellow plastic barrier tape. I asked a shop owner who was standing outside his cellphone shop what had happened?

While we were eatting dinner, a woman was shot. He didn't know any more details than the fact that a woman was shot. :c( We hustled to the movie and didn't loiter around. There were cops thick everywhere.

Sometimes I just don't know what this world is coming to.

I've cleaned up the quilting room this mroning, trimmed down some scraps from the last few backings I've trimmed...the extra border pieces and binding strips are all trimmed and stored in their bins, and small pieces have been cut down into squares of different sizes.

I've got to vacuum...you should see this floor....especially from the denim quilt..icky! *LOL* I can only go a few days before I have to stop making a mess, clean it up so I don't feel claustrophobic, and then can start freely creating a mess again. I have a sign on my door that says "Quilt Room...Creative Mess in Progress!" And it is so true!

Today I'm going to quilt and bind the scrappy bargello I pieced yesterday.


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