Thursday, September 01, 2005

AUUGHHH!! Evil-comment-spam!!

I can't believe that I got comment-spammed on a post for refugee quilts to send to Houston for the people who are being relocated there? Being spammed by someone for DOG CARE PRODUCTS?!!!! *shaking head*

Hahahahahha! I have found out how to do the anti-evil-spam-comment protection! I see the little word thingy and the first one on my page is

There! HA! I dare all you evil-spam-slammers to dare try to pronounce that! :c/

And now I will get back to cutting. I have this huge bin of denim jean pieces. I've been wanting to bust this stash anyway, so the urge to purge, and the desire to help victims have collided. I am cutting pieces for yellow-brick-road style quilts out of all this recycled denim. We have cancelled our plans to go to Myrtle Beach because right now gas is hard to come by in South Carolina with the pipeline issues due to Katrina.

I have a full tank as of this morning, but it was $3.00 a gallon or more. Most places were sold out of regular (if not everything) and if they had anything, it was only the premium which could be as high as $3.60. UGH. Lots of stations aren't open at ALL....because they are out of everything.

So I am using this opportunity to spend labor day weekend at home laboring over refugee quilts and happily busting stash that needed to be used anyway.

I have my home, my health, my family, my furry-purries, my happily napping golden retriever, my home, plenty of food, lots of fabric to play with, and as long as we don't lose the electric, I feel connected to the world. I am blessed beyond measure.


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  1. DearHeart, so sorry you got hit by the evil spammers ! I suppose it was too good to be true that we would be spared..ug !! I had read your post from AQS and then the offer to join you..which I am!! Now I'm back..at nearly 9, having gotten the youngest son off on the road back home (4 hr. drive) with abit of Mommy gas in his tank. We put gas in his car at about 2p.m.($2.99), and when I ran back down to get some much needed ice cream it had jumped to $3.25.

    But you are right, we have sooo much to be thankful for. Do you need backings? I have some huge yardages left from when I had the quilt shop. More than I can ever use, and not really necessarily stuff I love. Quite abit of rust, and kind of cantelope colors. Not sure what all is in that box. I think many of the yardages are 8 yards or so. Let me know. I can send it down, but probably wouldn't arrive fast. Maybe for the future even..*G* Anyway, give your golden a hug fo me.


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