Sunday, September 11, 2005

Trip Around the World, Helping Katrina

It's boring, but it's done! This is a demo top I made while figuring out how to do a trip around the world in a twin size, perfect for katrina survivors. The red cross wants twin size....and there are absolutely ZERO websites out there with a simple trip around the world strip pieced quilt pattern. That is until NOW. This was donated fabric, about 10 years old I think. Heck, the selvedges don't read www.cranston.com so it had to be before then. However, someone will like it, and the instructions are up on my website if anyone has the desire to try a trip around the world for a katrina quilt
Trip Around The World
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  1. Hey Bonnie, have you ever checked out Quilt In a Day's Trip Around the World? Yours and Eleanor's methods seem to be pretty identical. She also does the tubing/unsewing. Her book covers 7 different sizes (baby to dual king). You also can use anywhere from 5 to 10 different fabrics.

    But it's still nice seeing a page with such a visual description of how to do this quilt. The QIAD version is all black and white. :)

  2. Of course I know aboue the quilt in a day books. I just wanted to do my own thing with my own sizes of strips, focusing on no waste, no leftover panel parts, and soley for the size needed for katrina quilts. In searching for "trip around the word" online....there was NOTHING available that didn't have you cutting individual squares! AUUGHH! So...this quilt was for those searching online for a better way, with things explained in my own words the way I do them :c)

  3. Makes perfect sense - you've got the math all figured out for them too. I'm getting tempted to try it out myself. :)

  4. Bonnie! Thanks again for such great patterns to make fun looking but easy quilts! I love this one!

  5. Thanks for your instructions! I was looking for exactly what you provided with your Trip Around the World instructions. I thought this would be a great quilt for the Hurricane Katrina survivors.


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