Friday, September 09, 2005


DH is out of town for a triathalon this weekend. I'm trying not to be glued to the Weather Channel for reports on Hurricane Ophelia that is said to come hit SC after the weekend. Sheeesh...don't we get a break from these hurricanes? I'm inland about 2 hours drive from the coast, but we still get bad storms from the hurricanes that tend to knock down trees and take out powerlines and just make a mess in general.

I quilted a bit on a customer's quilt today, but late this morning the school called. Jeff (15) is suspended from school for 3 days :c( He gets provoked, can't control his temper, says stuff to another student he shouldn't, and whammo...he's out. The student that did the blatant provoking didn't break any rules, and other than a talking to from the teacher, is fine.

I had to give Jeff another talk about letting other people push his buttons because it always backfires on him. Luckily while the calls from the school were going on I was talking to a dear dear wise friend...we also exchanged a couple more emails through the day that encouraged me to tell jeff stuff like "Poking a rock with a stick is nowhere near as interesting as poking a cat with it." (Thanks for the visual words of wisdom JH...let's hope it makes an impression!)

They poke at him because they know how he will react. I think he sees this and hopefully can find a way to not give them the reaction they want. Maybe they will get bored of poking the rock? He's still grounded though! I told him that those other kids were not in charge of HIS mouth, and he still has to follow through.

Then I quilted a bit more.....when I wasn't peeking back at the weather channel watching Ophelia go from hurricane status back to tropical storm status and then back to hurricane again...ugh.

I did upload the bricks pattern to my website! I actually probably spend too much time on that website dibbling at this, dabbling at that...and I'm not sure anyone ever notices a difference, but its an obsession....in progress!



  1. Actually, I did notice the changes on your website. I was going through all your patterns to write down all the scrappy strip sizes I'd need and putting down how many stars by each pattern to indicate how interested/appealing it is to me. Most of them got 3 or 4 stars from me. :)

  2. Bonnie,
    I also notice your changes and it always feels a bit like Christmas when you have a new one posted!

  3. Bonnie, I was about to say I'm positive changes are noticed, but looks like I've been beaten to it. It's great and only gets better.

  4. Hope Ophelia does not cause you any problems! Will be thinking of you. Jen

  5. Bonnie, I know how much time it takes to keep websites up (and mine is nowhere as good as yours!) but I notice your updates and I hear from quite a few on various quilt lists who really appreciate your site and your patterns!

    And, I hope your son remembers the wise words! Being a mom is not easy.


    Judy L.

  6. I notice!!! Please don't stop! I love your website and your blog! Ok - enough exclamation points from Sarah. I'll try to calm down.

    Sarah N

  7. You guys are so sweet. It wasn't the big changes I was referring too! I know you guys see those...its the insane obsessive compulsive editing I continue to do, rearranging words, rewriting paragraphs and sentences, that are probably not noticeable to the average person....I just need to leave it alone as "good enough" instead of rewriting everything to get it 'just right' a bazillion times! I should be quilting..instead of pouring over and over text!



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