Monday, September 19, 2005

My hands, on the news :c)

Yesterday I worked at the school clinic.....as a fundraiser. All money from massages went towards people who have been relocated to Columbia after Hurricane Katrina. Little did I know when I went into the clinic that a news crew would come in! After getting home, I tried as best as I could to stay awake to see the 'film at 11'....but I was too exhausted from the day. I hope someone has taped it!

However I did find the article online!! They didn't mention me by name, but these are my hands...I was the only therapist that they taped :c)

The article reads:

(Columbia) - Thousands have put elbow grease into doing what they can for Hurricane Katrina's victims. One group of students is taking that task literally."I'm getting a massage and relaxing while donating some money to a good cause," said one massage client.

The Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy opened it's doors Sunday for a special fund raiser."We're having students come in on their own time and give treatments in a student clinic," said Elan Schacter, the school's anatomy and physiology instructor.For each massage, the students get educational credit and the hurricane victims get a $25 donation.

"We're gonna have money go to specific families that are in need that are in the area, here in Columbia," said Schacter. "And we're hoping to be able to try to help as many people as possible yet without spreading it all too thin."

All 24 time slots were filled for a total donation of at least $600, since some people gave a little extra."It's a terrific idea. You feel doubly good about spending money to help other people and yourself," said a client.

Schacter said this is one way to keep donations coming, "At some point, we've gotta jump back into life, do what it is we do and if we can do it at the same time as donating, that's fantastic." After 50 minutes of relaxation, the school's clients probably agreed.The Southeastern School will have another fundraiser in two weeks. To learn more, call 798-8800.
Ashley Yarchin, Reporter


  1. Bonnie,

    What a wonderful thing to do!! Wish I was closer but I've seen those who you have massaged and they are too gelled for that 1+ hour drive back home...lol..

    see ya soon,

  2. Just think of all of the healing you are doing, Bonnie...with your hands and your heart!
    So proud to "know" you!

  3. Oh how cool Bonnie! And just think - not much school left for you!

  4. WTG Bonnie! Now that you're in print, you can probably get all those hand commercials on tv, too!
    That was a nice thing to do -- give massages for donations.

  5. Bonnie: Those hands! Think how many quilts they have made to heal and comfort hurting people and now the massage . . you are one special lady and I am proud to be your friend!

    Judy L.

  6. Bonnie -

    I think you should take this massage thing on the road! All of us Mavericks would be happy to donate for a massage!

    Keep up the good work!

    Sarah N

  7. found your site by clicking from a blog comment on another site.... glad I did.. love your blog and will visit again.

  8. Where, oh where, is our fearless leader?

    We miss you!


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