Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday Stash Busting

Today's scrappy refugee quilt :c) Someone want to explain to me WHY I get such a kick out of sewing really ugly fabrics together? I'm sewing 3" strips together with glee, whizzy-whacking the panels into 3" subcuts, and arranging them bargello style. I've got 1/2 of this top together already. Some of the fabrics have been in my stash/scrapstash for up to 20 years? It's like playing "hey, I remember you!" and it gives me such a great feeling to have them find a home in a quilt that will go to someone who needs it. Quilt center will be 60"X70" before borders.

The latest news is that refugees are being relocated to here in Columbia, SC. So....the question of the day is, do I save on shipping costs from sending quilts intended for Houston, and deliver them where there is an immediate need here? South Carolina has a state quilter's guild, so things are under way right where I live to establish a drop off/collection point. My heart tells me that I should support the effort HERE at home, because so much attention will be going to Houston/New Orleans by the rest of the world. So that is my plan.

DH is off to watch the Georgia Bulldogs vs Boise State Broncos game. He is a Boise State alumni, and this is a BIG game for him. He has had tickets for months, so I guess the skyrocketing gas prices aren't going to stop him. Besides, driving to GA is going to be cheaper than his flying back home to Boise ID? He borrowed my car. I'm embarrassed to say that my little white PT Cruiser is now covered in Bronco memoribilia, including floormats, flags flying, big football helmets with Boise State Bronco mascots magnets adorning the side panels. :c/ Poor PT!

I have some comp passes to the movie theatre, so I think Jeff and I will go catch a matinee later, but in the mean time, it's back to sewing more panels!


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  1. Hey...you're gonna get a ticket for speeding...LOL. I can almost see the smoke coming out of your sewing machine !

    Seriously tho, it's a great scrap quilt. Almost seems like we can't go wrong with all those odds and ends. But definitely not a task for those who need creative control.
    I'm still plugging along with the 6 strip stratas for the Trip A.R.T.W...I'm thinking I should get 2 from the number I am sewing. But it's taking longer than I thought it would. Oh well, taking a break and then off to cut up more scraps..at least that pile is going done.

    Oh yes..Poooooooooooooor PT cruiser, but hurray for a movie with son..*VBS*

  2. HUMPH tell him GEORGIA STOMPED Boise...my son went and said it was a great game....

    Maggie in SC mother of TWO UGA alums, an alum herself..half my family graduated from UGA...

  3. BYTW Bonnie...how come you never come to Whiteoaks retreat?? You should..you would have a blast...we are taking up quilts there ...
    I have been posting on my blog whats happening with Katrina quilts...counting 51 quilts now...YEAHHHH

    Maggien in sc...


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