Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Spokane Smith Mountain Morning Day!

Let your Quilty Love Shine!

And we surely had the Quilty Love flowing in our Smith Mountain Morning workshop yesterday with the Washington State Quilt Guild in Spokane!

I love the dedication that quilters embody.

Who else would drive all the way from Whidbey Island ---a 375 mile jaunt one way to spend a couple days sewing together?

Who else would come from Calgary, Canada?

Or Montana?

Or La Grande, Oregon?

Or any other far away place just to gather together with a bunch of strangers for a couple days workshops…

Only we aren’t strangers anymore!  That’s the BEST thing about being a quilter –we aren’t strangers for long!


International Friends!


Fun around the ironing board!

We had several lovely vintage babies in class today:


Jane brought her vintage Morse in a lovely sea foam green!


Sweet featherweight in baby lotion pink!


Becky was treadling on her national 2-spool!

Yes, it is called a 2-spool because it actually sews with a whole spool in the bobbin, and a spool on the top – imagine how far you could go without running out of bobbin thread?  Why don’t they make machines like this anymore?

Becky’s video on the National 2-spool!

Yes, I’ve got a machine like this on my bucket list – no hurry, but I will enjoy the treasure hunt of finding one!

She also showed us during a demo time how her Davis Vertical feed works!  No feed dogs, the action of the needle moves the fabric along -- best walking foot machine ever made!


So much to learn, know and appreciate!


Amazing blocks coming together!


In so many color ways!


SO many beautiful blocks!

You can find the pattern for Smith Mountain Morning in my book Scraps & Shirttails II.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Smith Mountain Morning, Spokane WA 2015

It’s off to the airport for me today.  Home to my own bed by tonight.

Let’s see – lunch in Minneapolis, Dinner in Detroit, and a hot tub before bed in North Carolina? I’m ready!

Thanks again, Spokane for the wonderfully warm and fun welcome – I hope it isn’t long before I’m in your midst again!

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  1. Love Becky's treadles and want one of those spring belts for my treadle. Then it would be easy to change machines.
    The color combinations for this group of quilters is awesome!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. I wish I could have been there as well! I love all the color ways shown - such beautiful blocks. Enjoy your own bed tonight.

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM EDT

    I also have that sea foam MORSE machine and have been unable to find any information for it, including a manual. LOVE the National 2-spool machine. Thank you so much for sharing the machines as well as the gorgeous piecing and happy faces.

  4. Oh yes! The National 2-spool machine that takes a spool for the bobbin! I've long said that manufacturers (especially of longarm machines) need to invent this feature. How wonderful would it be to have a full cone of thread for the bobbin while longarming a quilt?!?

    I actually spoke with some technicians of a large longarm company, asking why nobody has done this yet. They said it can't be done. The National has proved them wrong! :)

  5. Thanks Bonnie for the great class! It was so much fun and made some new friends. I was lucky to sit next to Grace from Canada what a wonderful lady! Take care and thanks again.

  6. Hi Bonnie-
    I just stopped at that gold and black set... breathtaking! I have a grandson named Ramses and some Downton Abbey Egyptian charms and now I know what colors to put them with!!

    Thanks for sharing. Be safe.

    And thanks to that talented quilter.
    Now, which blocks to use...

  7. It sure was a fun day full of quilty love. I especially enjoyed the older machine demos and all the color combinations in the blocks. Sitting next to my good friend Theresa and working at our own pace to figure out the tips and tricks to make the Smith Mountain Morning blocks. Also enjoyed all the admiration for my Morse "Mrs. Howard". Best Quilt Class Ever!!

  8. Brenda T.10:50 PM EDT

    Bonnie - You are truly a remarkable lady... Mom and I had a great time in your class, it was a delight to meet you, be inspired by your work and spend the day learning alongside kindred spirits and new friends. Thank you to all. We have come home with two projects... 1. Finish our Smith Mountain Quilts and 2. Figure out where we can next cross paths at another workshop!
    Enjoy your upcoming travels!


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