Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sister’s Choice in La Habra!

I am going to miss sights like this greeting me every time I walk outside and look UP!

Palm trees have always been a favorite, and I love all the different varieties you can find in California.  Another thing I love and have fond memories of? Eucalyptus trees!  I love how they smell, especially after a rain.

I remember walking the beaches at Santa Cruz when I was young.and collecting the little seed pods – filling my pockets. I’m sure mom hated to find them in the laundry….SURPRISE!!!

 But they were nothing compared to the time I put a salamander in my purse and then left it in my closet…for weeks…LOL!

We gathered to quilt --- hosted by the Friendship Square quilters ----and welcomed those who had come from surrounding areas to join in too.

Not all workshops need to be “killer quilt” status.  Sometimes a traditional block with time honored appeal can be the catalyst to get us to dig into scraps, play with colors, swap strips with others, and just simply enjoy a day sewing, laughing, chatting, and getting to know one another.  This was THAT kind of class.

We had several ladies sewing blocks with the intention of putting them in donation quilts, either for Quilts of Valor, or other local philanthropic efforts.  I love this!  It just touches my heart so much.  To sew and sew and sew so we can give is such a wonderful thing.

The day was sunny, but cool --- and we gathered outside seating ourselves around picnic tables to enjoy our lunch with the sun on our shoulders.

Something I decided that I need:

socal_jan_2012 351

A featherweight extension bed---with decals!  This one is featherweight black! Isn’t this cool?  Ummmm..do you think they have one in  magenta metallic with ghost flames to match MY Magenta Metallic featherweight!?

It’s also really neat to see ladies who take designs off into their own direction..look at what Carolyn did with her bonus triangles from the block corners:

socal_jan_2012 352

Whoooo baby! These are tiny!!

socal_jan_2012 369

THIS is how they are going to look with her red sashing…WOW!!  And this is for a Quilt of Valor!
Take a peek at the other ladies and what they accomplished in class!
This morning I’m on my way home ----please send quilty warm wishes for safe flights and safer baggage handling!!

Catch you from NC!


  1. I love how different each block looks, based on the colors and fabric chosen. That is one reason that I love the photo gallery on your site, it can really help me decide how I want to set-up a quilt before I start sewing!

    Wishing you safe travels, good luck at the baggage claim, warmth and good health today!

  2. These all look wonderful. Finished a Sister's Choice for our daughter (who has FIVE girls....seemed an appropriate quilt) for her Anniversary and Christmas gift. Loved your method, especially for the nine-patch. Used tons of my blue scraps with cream and taupe neutrals. Have a great trip home; looking forward to seeing you in April at VCQ Celebration!

  3. Anonymous8:09 AM EST

    Lovely blocks. I love your slide shows. Safe trip and happy home coming awaits you.

  4. Anonymous8:19 AM EST

    I love scrappy quilts! I too enjoy getting together with others and just sewing. Soooo looking forward to my workshop in Feb. with my guild :) (my husband will be watching our 2 one year olds for the day) Bonnie, about the dropping of your blog list. Don't listen to other people. I admit, you follow a couple blogs I also follow so it was easy to just click over, but, I enjoy following YOU!!! You are my first click of the morning because you are always pretty upbeat.

  5. Anonymous8:35 AM EST

    Safe journey, Bonnie, and may it be TSA tag free!
    Faye in Maine

  6. Anonymous8:51 AM EST

    Safe and relaxing journey home to your own quiltie nest. Thanks for sharing with us. Love to see what can be done by many quilters using the same exact block! Using scraps encourages creativity. You won't see your quilting going-and-coming! Each is a singular treasure.

  7. Love seeing the different blocks ... serves as inspiration to me as I approach a new job. I LOVED the extension table for the Featherweight ... wonder where she got it! Travel safe and as Faye in Maine said ... hope it is a TSA tag free trip!

    Flatlander (Linda

  8. Sister's Choice is one of my favorite Quiltville patterns. I have a box of precut strips & squares just for my blocks but I guess I need to get them out of the box or they will never get finished :)

  9. How inspiring it is to share your workshops; I always feel like I'm right there with all the gals and you! Safe travels.

  10. Angels on your body Bonnie! =^..^=

  11. Oh, I love the Sister's Choice block. Such a great way to use up some uglies. Love all the variety shown in class. Fun stuff! Safe travels home and best of luck with the baggage fairies. Sending warm hugs...you are going to need them!

  12. Love all the scrapppy blocks!
    Looked back at your featherweight post.
    I saw painted ones in PigeonForge last year and owning one is definitely on my bucket list!

  13. Just goes to show how much quilters like to get together to sew with you, they don't need any fancy stuff!
    Good times with quilting:0)

    Happy Sewing

  14. Did you get the source for the featherweight extension? I tried a google search but no luck. I'd love to have one for my featherweight.
    It looks like the workshop was fun. I printed the pattern for Sister's Choice but got distracted by another project so haven't started it yet. Thanks for all the free patterns!

  15. Love the blocks and thanks for the pattern, too. Safe travels to you Miss Bonnie! Let us know when you are safe and sound! Pam

  16. I love the sisters choice block! And I really love how eucalyptus smells! Have never smelled it after the rain since they can't grow very well in VA.

  17. Always wishing you Safe Travels through the Wintry weather happening. I had to see the cost of flying to Glendale when you mentioned it this week. I would love to stitch with you and the VA Retreat will probably fill up before I can afford it- DARN Bills and Payments...I'd rather spend my $$ on fun stuff like you. Still dreaming of owning a Featherweight, too!

  18. I love the Sister's Choice, and they way you do it scrappy, but with different shades of the same color on the corners--wonderful! I have to make this one! Maybe this year. : )

  19. I'm planning to do a Sister's Choice this year. It's a favorite. Seeing the photos makes me want to start NOW! lol! Must finish Hawk's Nest for son's coach, and Smith Mountain for ME!! Safe travels Bonnie!!

  20. I am sure that guy would pink an extension to match your Magenta Featherweight. That would look so nice!
    Having a great day here in Indiana. I actually finished my second quilt using your Freehand Bapist Fans technique.
    Hope you are resting up after your flight home!
    XOXOXO Subee

  21. Anonymous7:42 PM EST

    Was part of the group yesterday and we had so much fun !! So nice to finally get to meet you. Safe travels...

  22. Where did the extension table come from??? We really must find out.

  23. Me too.
    I have a featherweight, would so enjoy a featherweight extension bed.
    Now you have to post on your blog the contact info, please...K

  24. Ditto on that...who makes those extension tables and where can we get them?! Yes, put it in a blog if you find out!!

  25. Here's a listing on ebay - he still has "more than 10" left.

  26. Anonymous11:14 PM EST

    The extension table was purchased from allbrands.com about a year ago. I checked their website today and they currently have no listing for the size shown on Bonnie's blog which is 12" x 15.5". The removable legs make it easy to take along for classes and it fits nicely in my rolling sewing bag.

    FYI: the extension table does not fit snugly around the featherweight sewing bed; there is about a half inch gap.
    Mary in So Cal

  27. Anonymous12:16 AM EST

    CORRECTION ON PURCHASE OF EXTENSION TABLE -- I bought it from sewforless.com. At this time they still have them in stock for $69

    Mary in SoCal

  28. It was so good to meet you on Monday evening....Both my husband and I enjoyed the trunk show.
    I hope some day you are close to MN so I can take a class from you. That would be such fun!


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