Sunday, January 08, 2012

Home Again!

Noon came.  We packed it up.  We left ---- each going our separate ways.  Camp Dogwood 2012 is history, and we wait for next year’s dates to be settled on and we will start plotting and planning again!

As with any group, some years more people are able attend, and other years --- there is a skeleton crew ---we know that quilting is what happens in and around our lives, and family things do come up. 

This year?  BONUS!  I think we had 12 of us there!  The only one missing was Sharon, and she was out of the country, so that is understandable ----but she was missed!

I took more pictures of projects to share ---but even more important than the quilts finished, are the people behind the needle!
campdogwood 054
Lisa and Karen both remembered their trolls!  So did Laura!  Mine?  Uhhhh --- well remember the NEW DESK space?  I cleared off a bunch of stuff, set it in a box until I could put everything back where it belonged, and my troll got left home in that box.

 Whhhhhhaaa!  Next time!  I promise, next time it will come!  You will notice that Karen’s troll has her signature “Slime Green” for hair, and matches her shirt.. ;c)

campdogwood 050

Mrs Goodneedle, and Muriel visiting and laughing during our last couple of hours…I should have taken more photos, but I was chained to my machine!  We did take time to take a group photo, hopefully that turned out, and Mrs G will post it for us!

campdogwood 051
Carolyn was a busy scrapper!  It’s always fun to spend time with her. She is our coordinator and as usual, everything was taken care of for us to a T!

campdogwood 053
Holly, do we have to confess to everyone that it took three tries to get you to stop talking while I was taking this picture? I think you look great!  So fun spending time with you at retreat too!

Everyone else had left…..but next time I’ll be better with the camera.  Projects worked on this weekend:

There are more that DIDN’T make it in…either because I was not quick enough with my camera, or just too busy to remember to stop and take photos! 

  • The sampler at the top is Laura’s – she worked on putting borders on. 
  • Muriel was doing beautiful faux trapunto on the applique batik quilt ---
  • The storm at sea belongs to karen!
  • Karen also finished the Christmas jacob’s ladder variation.
  • Lisa has been hauling around this appliqued leaf and star confection for so long we can’t remember WHEN she started it!  She put the last stitches in the top on Saturday!
  • Holly put together her wonderful spinning stars top --- the stripes in this are SO FUN!
  • Karen also worked at hand stitching her hexagon medallion to a black background piece.  It’s fabulous!
  • Lisa finished up this fun 9 patch variation quilt on Sunday morning, putting the last pressing in as it was time to UNPLUG the iron!
Such a great group of ladies and so much talent!  I just hope I can go again next year!


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM EST

    Ooooooo, and a good time was had by all. They look wonderful.

  2. Does Karen have a blog? I want more details on her Storm at Sea! I'm making one next since Orca Bay sadly barely made a dent in my blue scraps. (Oh, and the other projects look great, too!)

  3. What a talented group of ladies. This retreat looked like so much fun!

  4. Wonderful projects--fun women--good times. I'm jealous! : )

  5. Great photos, a GREAT time it was!!! Thanks for convincing me to go - you're the best!!

  6. Just beautiful! Storm at Sea has always been one of my favorites too and Karen's is just lovely. They all are really. It would be hard to choose a favorite.


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