Sunday, January 29, 2012

Evening iPhone-O-Gram!

A trip to High Point NC for dinner---making good use of time by unstitching a wrongly matched border!!

Good use of daylight too!! It's 5:30pm and the sun is still shining!!


Cathy said...

You are just having so much fun with that phone of yours. LOL!! It's fun to see little "snips" of what you are up to.

Linda (Petey) said...

A seam ripper! Guess it happens to the best...I thought it only happened to me.


First--Happy Birthday to you--
Happy Birthday to you--
Happy Birthday to Bonnie, a new friend--I hope--
Happy Birthday to you!!
A wee late--but I like, like you, love to drag out the Birthday thing! I love all your little updates and photos!!
and you even know how to Frog!!!!!
Hugs,Di and kitty Miss Gracie

cityquilter said...

only you can make ripping seams look like fun...

Lee D said...

Wish I was going to High Point for dinner. Then I could see my HPU and all its changes and stop to see U too. Maybe homecoming this year.

Flatlander said...

Wish I could do handwork in the car or read ... I get "motion sickness" if I try ... all that extra time being "wasted" {{{sigh}}}