Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Early Morning, San Diego Bound!

It was SO SO SO early when I had to get up to head to San Diego!

3:30am and I do NOT get along!  The only time I come face to face with 3:30am is when I don’t want to.

I either wake up with a bout of insomnia when I don’t want it, and can’t get back to sleep no matter how hard I try,  or I have purposely set my alarm to go of at 3:30am because I am heading to the airport, and that makes me not sleep so well because I am afraid I am going to sleep right through it and miss my flight – so I roll over about every hour, check the clock…..and eventually 3:30am rolls around just when I am finally getting into deep sleep.

3:30am Monday morning was no different. But I drug myself out of bed, hopped  CRAWLED into the shower, packed the last of my toiletry stuff  into my suitcase and off we went.

DANG that’s early! Leave the house by 4:15 am so I can get to the airport by 4:45 to catch a flight that boards at 5:45 OY!

The picture above is the sun coming up as our small express jet flight headed toward Chicago. What is WITH this weather, EVERYWHERE?! I mean I’m glad Chicago is quite balmy, and not wet or snowed in –that is my big worry about winter travel, but it’s unsettling to have it be so unseasonably warm!

I had enough time to get to my gate for my flight to San Diego, and when I went through the check point to board, my boarding pass beeped!  Turns out I was upgraded – first class again!  But before you think it’s so wonderful, look at this photo…LOL!

socal_jan_2012 021
757 Bulkhead! Those are my feet up against the wall….that pocket is almost in my lap! LOL!!  There was a movie, but I couldn’t see it from where I was sitting, the tv thing came down in the aisle, and I was directly sideways from it. No matter! I did get a breakfast, and even better….I finished the hexie background section I have been working on since the August Alaska Adventure and it is now ready to join to the “Mother Ship!” I’ll get pictures of this later ---

I arrived in San Diego, Sandi met me at the baggage claim and we were off!

Let me tell you, this girl knows how to show me a good time, knows just what I need!  We dropped my bags off, and then out we went – for manicures and pedicures….girly time!

socal_jan_2012 031

It was only 11 am after all ….((4pm NC time, and I’d been up since 12:30am California time, my body clock is completely screwed up so just go with the flow!)) Here’s Sandi enjoying her pamper time to!

This was SO relaxing and so much appreciated! What a great idea to unwind before doing some sight-seeing!

socal_jan_2012 036

I’m being double timed!  I had one gal working on my hands, and one working on my feet…I said – “just wake me when you are all done!”

socal_jan_2012 030

Pretty toes in January!  Nothing better! And of course, with toes comes the need to walk around in flip flops in the beautiful California sunshine.  Sandi even let me borrow a pair of hers ((I didn’t even think to pack sandals….silly me!)) and off we went with our new pedicures and feet open to the soft January breezes to find some lunch.

socal_jan_2012 039

How about THIS for a place to sit? We had lunch at a place called “The Beach House” and it was wonderful!  We sat in the open air on the back patio and enjoyed watching people walk their dogs….there were people surfing and kayaking just within view.  Of course, WE were being watched too! Look at this guy!

socal_jan_2012 037

I haven’t posted food pics in a while…but how can you beat Jamaican Jerk Mahi Mahi tacos for lunch on the beach?  YOU CAN’T! These were yummy, and healty too..not breaded and deep fried, just seasoned and grilled and oh, so good!

socal_jan_2012 046

We drove down to La Jolla and took a walk to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  Daisies in January!  SO beautiful!  This is my favorite picture from yesterday…it was so pretty out!

socal_jan_2012 047

There were all kinds of birds and seals along the cove….fun to hear the seals barking!  They love to sunbathe, and they just laid there….occasionally they would stretch and roll over..I knew exactly how they felt. By this time I was needing a nap too!

socal_jan_2012 053

Seals sunbathing….they know how to make the best of a good day --- just enjoy it!

socal_jan_2012 055

What a super day!  And today we are doing it again.  Sandi has plans to take me around ---Balboa Park was on the list, some other things too.  We are meeting up with the guild Ladies at 4:30pm and I have a lecture tonight and the rest of the week will be a blur. I’m glad we had a bit of extra time to enjoy the sun!
((Look closely --- I’m wearing FLIP-FLOPS!  In January, Y’all!!))


  1. Oh goody!! Balboa Park...get your camera ready!
    Ahhhhh Paradise, isn't that a beautiful part of our country?

    Happy Sewing, enjoy San Diego

  2. Nothing weird about wearing flip flops in January around here (Australia) LOL!!!

  3. Anonymous3:48 PM EST

    Haven't been to San Diego in 16 years, that is when my grandson was born there. Enjoy the sights, the weather, the sewing!! Safe journey.
    Faye in Maine

  4. Katie Walters3:58 PM EST

    I am in palm springs area- this is our "cold" time of year...you can distinguish locals from visitors by their choice of clothes: visitors = tee shirts and flip flops; locals = sweatshirts and sneakers. Wish I could drive down for the events, but with two small kids, there is just no way! ;-) have fun.

  5. Anonymous4:21 PM EST

    You go girl. Dana and I noticed the flip flops in this morning photo. Wonderful. Have a blast and know I'm thinking of you.
    Hello Faye in Maine.
    Maryella in Maine

  6. Love the color of your nailpolish! Have fun an ddon't forget your sunscreen! hehe

  7. Enjoy San Diego. I wish I could remember the name of the quilt shop I went to there...somewhere just south of Rancho Cordova. Rosie's maybe? It was great!! Large and tons of beautiful fabrics...and a 50% off table, to boot. Enjoy Sunny California! Lane

  8. Oh, that looks so beautiful!! Love the seals, love the daisies, love the pretty toes!

  9. I think you need an assistant, Bonnie, and I know just the right person...:)

  10. I so wanted to be with you two, I know you are having a blast. Sandra really knows how to have a great time. Enjoy!!!

  11. I'm a California native born in Coronado, California. I totally get your enchantment with San Diego. It's basically my home town. I haven't been there in so long. I want to go to San Diego.

  12. You are so lucky to be in San Diego. I saw a news story this morning about Cordova Alaska where the were just covered with 18 feet of snow this past weekend. I only took notice because you visited that area last summer. I hope that the snow stays North of them this weekend. I'm sure you will have an awesome visit to CA. Get some sleep and check back in tomorrow.

  13. I've seen people in shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops here in Nebraska some days over the past couple of weeks. Absolutely insane for this time of year! Suppose Al Gore was right about global warming???

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  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Have a great time Bonnie...Thanks for taking us alone with you too. It sure is appreiciated.

  17. Anonymous8:22 PM EST

    I lived in San Diego YEARS ago and it was just as beautiful then as it was in your pictures. Makes me wonder (sometimes) why I ever left...LOL Enjoy ... it'a beautiful place!

    Flatlander (Linda)

  18. Anonymous11:15 PM EST

    When the ice and/or snow coats the plains of N. TX, I'm coming back to this post. No wonder you keep traveling; enjoy...Stephani in TX (Tomazec@aol.com)

  19. What a great story to share, looks like a fun day except the 3:30am part. Have fun...

  20. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing the sunshine--we had a little snow over the weekend and our forecast high tomorrow is 25 degrees.
    You two are having too much fun!


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