Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boxy Stars!

In this case, I'd say the students were the stars!

And for once, this was an EASY venue for me to get to! Smith Mountain Lake is just South East of Roanoke...a 2 hour drive for me! PIECE OF CAKE! North Carolina and Virgina are not the smallest states, especially if you are talking about state WIDTH. Even tho there were other teachers from NC at VCQ....Annette had to drive from Fayetteville (4 to 5 hours maybe?) And Pepper from the coast, so that was 6 hours or about the distance that I am from DC. I've said before how much I love driving up through Virginia, but this is all back highways, straight up 220..and boy was it green and lush and lovely!

The Boxy Stars class had 25 students! We were plum full up with a waiting list. That always excites me. And it is always so fun just to see the wide variety of fabrics, the stories behind them (Like, you have had this for HOW LONG!??)and who the quilts are maybe being made for.

By lunch time we were pinning blocks to the design wall (aka...display quilt for the next day's class with a piece of flannel hung over it!)and it was just amazing how many blocks were being turned out in nothing flat!

I tell you what, quilters will also come to your rescue when you need them most..because...*cough*...guess WHO showed up with her walking foot on her machine and NO 1/4" FOOT AGAIN!?? (*&@#($*&(*&! (Yes, that would be ME...) The last thing I did was put on a binding, and when it came to put the machine in the car the night before leaving I just up and packed it, strapped ole shotgun the bernina into the frontseat with the seatbelt and didn't even LOOK to see that I had my trusty #37 foot with me.

One sweet quilter loaned me her whole MACHINE! I was working on piecing a project for the next book in my room in between classes, early mornings, late nights, and I needed that machine. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Another student (who is a glutton for punishment because she just took 2 of my other classes when I was up in DC the week before!! :cD)had a #37 foot that she wasn't using and since that fit MY machine (You know how we are about sewing on our own machines?)I switched gears and turned out chains after chains of 1/2 square triangles all ready for pressing! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I have it on my list, the next time I'm near a Bernina shop, I'm buying an extra #37 foot and just keeping it in my STUFF for travel!

This student had big plans and brought her whole sewing room!! :cD We NEEDED her too! If anyone was out of anything, she had it! (It always amuses me how much we can bring to an 8 hour class...we might need it!)

Pedal to the Metal Baby!! This is no time for lolly gagging, we run a sweat shop in here! Loved these pinks/greens. YUMMY!

Pieces, parts and blocks everywhere!

Don't you love it when big long chains of block parts are streaming out the back of your machine....production, production, that's my function!

This is Bonnie Timm's sweet baby quilt in pinks and blues...hurry Bonnie, the baby has already arrived! :cD

Cool blues....The theme for VCQ this year was Quilt's Ahoy, a lake type nautical theme...perfect!

Blocks on the floor...looking good, with or without sashings!

Some quilters are SO organized! (this is NOT me...lol!)

We really did have the BEST TIME! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of VCQ!


  1. That class looks like it was lots of fun. I love the block. Wish I had been there. I think we are going to have to tape an extra 1/4" foot to you! LOL. Glad it all worked out.

  2. Looks like a fun class. I love how all the blocks from different people can go up on the wall and look like they belong together!

  3. wow the blocks look awesome!! it is amazing how prepared we all are and what we don't have gladly share.
    I love how the blocks look so different with the placement of the different values

  4. LOVE that pattern and don't the samples made look great! Love how some look like stars, some like boxes and other more random. Great fun :)

  5. Bonnie,
    Wish I could have been there. The blocks all look great! If you come to the Chattanooga area, please let me know.

  6. Oh Bonnie, that just so makes me want to see all of the finished quilts, especially the nautical themed one. Loved the lady who brought her whole house. I've never been to a retreat but that is probably what I would do. You know we don't want to forget something so we take extra, extra, extra.

  7. I love driving in Virginia but it's been years since I've been in the western part of the state and one of my sisters even lives out that way.

  8. Bonnie, that foot is tax deductible, you know!?!? Get TWO more! lol
    sorry, couldn't resist, it's the old business owner in me! lol
    Oh goodness, great fun was had by all! I really like this pattern! It has a LOT of possibilities! hmmmm I'm going to have to put this on my list... :) Is this in your new book? I NEEEEEED your new book! Can I order it from you so you can sign it like I did w/scraps & shirtails? I'll go look right now...

  9. I found quiltville.com in January when looking for a new quilt pattern to make my nephew who's getting married in September. LOVE boxy stars! It went quick and easy and looks beautiful. Thank you VERY MUCH!


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