Friday, December 12, 2008

What's on your player?

I have very eclectic music tastes. I like everything from classical to 1970's hair bands, and everything in between including jazz, standards, disco, country, folk, celtic and instrumental. Oh, and don't forget the show tunes :c) I generally like stuff I can sing along with.

The car is permanently on a station that is playing Christmas music 24/7 right now, and I definitely want..urmmm..make that NEED...the Michael Buble' Christmas Album! That man's voice can melt butter, I swear!

I've never gotten into the new fangled way of just downloading 1 song at a time from I-tunes, and I prefer hard copy CDs...but I do find them used, either on Amazon, or secondspin.com

I've been on a celtic kick lately! And I love the group Celtic Woman. You want to talk about "ethereal voices?" These gals have it nailed.

They do some fun folksy stuff, but their version of Pie Jesu and Panis Angelicus just take me away to another land, another time,nearly bringing tears. I don't know why latin does that to me, but it just does.

Here is Cloe singing Ave Maria

In fact, if you do a search on you tube,you will see just WHY I am just so over the moon with Celtic Woman!


  1. Have you ever heard of Hayley Westenra? I like her stuff, too.

  2. Love those CD's! I just put on a Steely Dan to help me clean the Kitchen....

  3. I just watched a PBS special on Celtic Woman last night! Have you heard of Celtic Thunder? Its kind of the male version of Celtic Woman. My mom loves them and we bought her their CD for Christmas! Happy listening!

  4. I love Celtic Woman. Hayley Westenra toured with the group so is on one of their albums. I have her stand alone album Celtic Treasures

  5. For me, today?

    Point of Grace, A Christmas Story


  6. ooooooo...this week it has been Tina Turner (simple the best cd)......if this cd can't get your groove going...nothing will!

  7. I love those cd's! I have the Celtic Woman Christmas one in my player, plus Harry for the Holidays, Kenny G's Faith and two others that I cannot remember the name of the choirs!

  8. My sister and I went to a Celtic Woman concert in Nashville last year - heaven on earth!!! SO understand your comments about their voices!

    I, too, have eclectic taste in music - check out Snow Angel by Over the Rhine and Andrew Peterson's Lamb of God...

    Here's to the power of music!

  9. Your tastes in music sounds like mine. I blame or credit my father for always playing so many different types of music. I love Celtic Woman and have watched their PBS specials several times. Have you listened to Enya?

  10. OMG I just saw them the other night on PBS and promptly downloaded all of their stuff on my I-Pod!! I love Celtic Woman! I also like Enya. :) Great minds...

  11. Of course we like all different kinds of music, we are women of many interests and moods. I'm a Michael Buble fan and I also like the songs from The Great American Song book. Haven't heard of Celtic Women so will definitely check it out - I really like Enya.
    Merry Christmas!

  12. I have the New Journey DVD, very spectacular. Hayley is my favourite, her voice has such a lovely quality.

  13. well my playlist has only 82 songs on it.. and it is quite a mix of groove,rap,rock,disco,country,I have sirius on my satellite and my car,and on the net.. so I bounce between 70's,classic rock,and top 40, so I can hear what is new and hip.I will def. check out the celtic women. thanks Bonnie, have a great wknd.

  14. I have the Dolly and Kenny Christmas cd in my car and I sing along to all the songs on the way to everywhere like I said yesterday it is my revenge for all the weird music my kids and daisydad listen to all year!!!


  15. Love your blog.
    I also love Celtic Woman.

  16. I love Celtic music and Celtic Women is one of my favorite CD's. It just so happens that Keith booked us tickets to Dublin today - we're going for our 20th anniversary in April and I can't wait to visit some Irish pubs and listen to some music in person.


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