Sunday, October 14, 2007

The $1.00 a pound dress!

You asked for it..here it is!

This was a fun dress...easy fitting (loose) and it is two layers. The top layer is sheer and crinkly (ie...no iron, no wrinkle!) and the bottom layer,the under-dress is cream. It felt so feminine! Oh, I love weddings.

The shoes....anyone remember the old Steve Martin joke about "CRUEL SHOES??" I think these shoes were the next runner up in the cruel shoes contest! Oh well....

It's a lovely day here in SC, windows are open, breezes wafting in. It's a good day for quilting at the machine, and that is just what is on the agenda today! (minus the cruel shoes!)


  1. Bonnie--When I first read the "Dollar a Pound" phrase I thought the dress cost you as many dollars as the number of pounds in your weight. Now I know you are pretty frugal, so I wondered what would make you spend at least $100 on a dress. Now, reading the previous entry, I get it! Good for you--that is a great dress!
    Eileen in Ohio

  2. You look great and the dress . . what a find! I think I had the twin to those cruel shoes last night. I had the perfect pair to wear with my outfit, put them on, walked around the house for a few minutes and said no way! Took them off and put on a less than perfect pair but they were fairly comfy and I doubt anyone looked at my feet anyway!

    Have fun quilting . . that's what I'm doing today too.

  3. You look beautiful! I love the second hand stores and thrift centers. It is like going on a treasure hunt. Sure, most of the stuff you don't need, but occasionally you'll find something gorgeous that you'd never be able to buy at regular price! Right now I'm wearing something nice from Coldwater Creek that I found this summer at the thrift store. $3?

  4. Bonnie, what a GREAT find! The dress looks gorgeous on you. I love good bargains like that. Hope you got some quilting done today. I'm heading in my sewing room in just a few to put together 1024 hst's.....lol. well, to start on them anyway!

  5. It's a beautiful day here in SA, too (South Australia, that is, so it's spring!) and I'm about to spend it quilting at the machine and playing with my 3-month-old.

  6. Hey Bonnie hon, that is such a pretty dress, I can't believe the bargains you find. I'm loving your latest string project too, you're amazing! I'm hoping to give you a call this week, I hope I catch you at home.

  7. I can't believe it was only a dollar a pound! It is beautiful!


  8. Oh Bonnie you are lovely in that dress! What a find! Glad you had fun! But I have to ask - I"m curious about the quilt over the fireplace.....

  9. That dress is just lovely and you look so fine in it! - someone tell me why the shoe manufacturers can't combine comfortable and pretty?

  10. That is what we get for only putting on dress shoes a couple of times a year...sore feet! Love the dress. The string stars look great too!!

  11. You look stunning in your fabulous dress. Foot problems keep me out of pretty shoes . . . which gave me the foot problems to begin with! At least my feet don't hurt in these little orthopedic numbers! Haven't checked in for a few days. I'm just dumbfounded at the copyright violations. I will be sure to NEVER buy any of her patterns.


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