Friday, October 20, 2023

Quilt A Little, Hike A Lot!

The day started out here - with scraps and a bit of vision.

I knew what I wanted - I just didn't know what it would look like in real time.

Is this small?  YES! But then I knew that based on the size of the Star of David blocks presented as Part 1 in our Star of Hope Sew-Along that began Monday.

I am invested in what my own heart is telling me to do with this quilt.  

I'm not designing for anyone else's preferences or skill level.

This is why I presented a second possibility (Or would that really be the third?) in this photo:

If you don't like my alternate block - just keep making stars.

This quilt will wind up about 50'' square depending on what you do with borders.  My thought is this - Hannukah starts the evening of December 7th this year. 

While not everyone wants a bed quilt - this is something that could bring some comfort during this first hard Hannukah after someone has lost loved ones and friends during this conflict. 

It could be hung on a wall, put over the back of the couch, cover a table. It has more possibilities than just on a bed, but do what you want with it.

You can even change the size of your blocks if you wish, orient them however you want.  Just make a quilt if you feel so lead. Go your own direction.

I reached this far by lunch time.

I am using 2 consistent blues in the 8 pointed star in the center to give that some focus. The other triangles are dark and light blue scrappy - I've pulled out my squares from the Scrap User's System to dig for things to use here.

The string bin may also come into play for the diamonds in the center. I just need strips that are long enough to get 4 that match per color.

I like where this is going.  I like how the 8 point stars are going to hang back a bit and let the Star of David blocks be the focus.

I'm going to keep going.

Directions for the alternate star will be presented in Part 2 on October 30th.

I have been asked if I will provide regular "non paper piecing" directions for the alternate block.

I'll provide templates and traditional rotary cutting, but I won't be doing demos of specialty rulers or anything like that. It's going to be a go your own way type of thing if you don't want to jump into the paper piecing.

Remember - you can always just make stars.  Or find a different alternate block to make if you wish. It's okay to go your own way.

The paper piecing is meditative and I find it soothing and easy. I don't have to work so hard to get cutting and seam allowances perfect.  

After lunch I grabbed three adventurous gals form the Brown Bird Bee who are retreating at Quiltville Inn this weekend - and we headed up to Grayson Highlands in search of color and wild ponies.

We found both!

The color was magnificent!

I believe this is our peak weekend coming up.

4 quilters (me included!) and two dogs on the Appalachian Tril!

Well, I didn't get all of me in there...but fun fun fun!

The dogs loved it too!

And yes - we saw ponies.  Seven of them.

The pony just kept on grazing.

And grazing!

I love this part of the trail as we head back down toward the parking area.

The addition of autumn color just taking my breath away.

I love the evergreens amidst the hardwoods -

Thanks ladies!  It was a great afternoon!

Evening hand quilting -

Hand quilting stitches add a texture that no machine can truly duplicate.  I'm still working my way down the first long side of this border.

The blue dots of wash-out pen are to mark where my elongated X's need to hit in the inner border.

Will I be turning the first corner this weekend?  We'll see!

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain.  I'm glad we got that hike in as it is definitely going to be a stay inside and sew all day kind of day.

Are you doing the same?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Thinking on this one a bit.
Never lose your enthusiasm in spite of failure!
Wise man, Winston!

Happy Friday Folks, however you spend it.



  1. Truly lovely! Thank you.

  2. SUch a beautiful post to start the day with. I love seeing the hiking pictures as much as the inspiration! Today is my birthday. I am spending it with the kiddos at school then hopefully this evening I can work on some pineapple blocks for my great-nephew who was born on Sunday! Enjoy the fall scenery and weather for me! Here in South Central Texas it's the return of summer!! UGH....
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. goodmess pgracious glorious...being in SoCal and only one visit to the east in my adult life i have never seen such beautiful fall color... so far my favorite is the evergreens among the color, what a beautiful contrast... thank you so much for sharing... of course the poinies are always a treat, but the fall colors are spectacular, thank you for sharing all your many talents with us... Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. Anonymous2:41 PM EDT

      I know…..those evergreens seem so much more vividly green when they are surrounded by the orange and yellows around them. Such beauty, only in the Fall!

    2. Anonymous2:47 PM EDT

      Yes! Those evergreens are so vividly green with all of those gorgeous hues of oranges and yellows surrounding them!

  4. A perfect day: a beautiful walk and beautiful quilts. I plan the same, but will probably be dodging raindrops.

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM EDT

    I would love a hike too !! Quilting and a little hiking go together!

  6. I needed that quote today. Thanks Bonnie... relevant as ALWAYS.

  7. That comment spoke to me, too. Yesterday I bound a quilt and had a very frustrating time doing it because either my machine or the walking foot just didn't work right, so I was really down. We took the machine and the foot in for service today, and we looked at a new sewing machine. My husband told the shop owner that I have outgrown the simple one I bought ten years ago before I really knew if I'd like to make quilts. Oooh, the possibilities! Right now I have three quilts kitted and ready to start and eight to ten in preliminary stages. I'll be busy all winter! So frustation, be gone!!

  8. Anonymous8:26 PM EDT

    Your fall colors are glorious, such beauty in contract with our 90 degrees and almond farm dust here in Central Valley, California. Rain forecast for Sunday will take us to 70 degrees and clean the air. Printed my paper piece patterns today, gathered my blue fabrics and ready to piece stars tomorrow along with continued prayers for the innocents in all that suffering. Bless them. Thank you Bonnie for your heart warming sharing. Blessings, Dawn

  9. Pat Price8:39 AM EDT

    I enjoyed seeing your progress on the stars. They are beautiful and soothing in color. I’m glad you got out for a walk and saw the ponies with some some quilters from VA.

  10. Life is full of failures among our accomplishments, learning from our failures is part of growing to become a better person , don't let failures defeat you :0) Thanks goodness for quilting to keep us on the happy side of life.


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