Thursday, October 05, 2023

Paper Cutting in Łowicz!

Łowicz (Pronounced WOVE-itch) is a small town conveniently located on the gentle banks of the Bzura River in the very center of the Masovia region of Poland. It is known for its triangular Market Square – the only one in Poland and one of only three in Europe. 

In Łowicz folk traditions are still alive through multi-colored clothes, folk dance groups, and exceptional cut-outs made of paper. 

With a little luck, you can even meet a lady dressed in a traditional folk outfit! (We did!)

In the Łowicz Museum and open-air ethnographic park, we saw exhibits related to the history of the region, Masovian folk costumes, 19th-century cottages, and examples of baroque art, as well as a Memorial to the local Jews. 

The interesting history, rich culture, and folklore, as well as amazing traditions - everything speaks in favor of getting to know this delightful Polish town.

We traveled to Łowicz by bus to spend our day in this beautiful place - including a special workshop on paper cutting held at the museum.

Isn't this traditional outfit beautiful??

Our guide on the left interpreting for our host.

THESE are the scissors!

All of this delicate paper cutting is done with old sheep shears.  Incredible!

This paper cutting is a dying art - the younger generations don't seem to want to take time to learn the time honored tradition of paper cutting.

Since the 19th century, paper cut-outs have adorned peasant cottages belonging to Księżacy, the inhabitants of the former duchy of  Łowicz.

The art of cutting paper started to flourish with the import of colored, glossy paper from the paper mill in Konstancin-Jeziorna by the neighboring villages.
Lucky for us - our kits were already cut out and all we needed to do was let our inner 3rd graders out to play with some glue sticks.

All of our kits were hand-cut - not die cut!

Getting right into it -

This was a fun quick project - and we loved it!

We had several travelers with us of Polish decent - and this was their first trip back to the land their grandparents came from.  

There were many bitter sweet and happy moments - loads of tears from time to time as they connected with their heritage.

Friendships are formed and strengthened while we travel together.

Watching this rooster come alive.

The rooster is a symbol of courage, strength, and vitality in Polish folklore.

Some of these pieces are tiny!

Getting all the pieces into place.

This one is mine!

Another happy finish.

Many paper cuts were for sale -

Isn't this beautiful?

Paper, glue, and imagination.

Designs went from simple to complex -

Can you imagine if this was applique?

The bright colors have really inspired me.

There is not a color that does not go -

All cut by hand - with sheep shears.

There were farm scenes of daily life.

And of course, more roosters.

Fantasy flowers - everywhere.

We gathered around to watch our host give a cutting demo, and I couldn't help but get some close ups of her beautiful costume.

All of this is hand embroidery!

And what was she cutting?

Roosters of course - without a pattern.

Click to Play:

5 minutes long, but worth it -

Just listen to the sound of Polish being spoken. Love it!

Two in mirror image - because she cut them together.

Luckily her daughter has been learning the paper cutting techniques from her mother - I hope they can keep this paper cutting tradition alive.

Traditional costumes in the corner of the room.

These flowers are beaded!

This is what you would find on a festival day in Łowicz.

Oh the colors!

After class we were able to wander through the museum, and the outdoor museum park to see what old traditional cottages were like (More on that to come) and then have some time to wander through the town square (triangle!) before meeting up at a restaurant on the corner for lunch.

My best take of my trip to Łowicz?  My floral sneakers!  I love them!

They capture all of the feel of our day gluing paper cuts and learning about the history of this Polish tradition.

Back in the rail world:  Yesterday's dentist appointment was a gold star.  No fillings need replacing, nothing needs a new crown or a root canal.  Just shiny clean teeth and a good bill of health.  Yay.

Irene's Sewciologists started arriving yesterday around 4pm - and all were settled in by the time I headed home for dinner.

I'm looking forward to spending time with them today.

You have made Starshine a hit! Thank you so much, everyone.  I can't wait to see your projects in progress and down the road - finishes.

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Creativity isn't always easy, but keep working at it.
Look for the possibilities.
Have a terrific Thursday, everyone -



  1. Anonymous9:49 AM EDT

    Thank you for sharing all this prettiness! Can’t wait to see how it influences your quilts.

  2. Anonymous9:59 AM EDT

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely handcraft with us.

  3. Looks like another fabulous trip, love the video and all the beautiful colorful costumes. Safe travels

  4. Another fabulous pattern...gotta have this one I can see it as baby quilts and or table runner gifts :0) So amazed at your creativity and how you keep coming up with even more terrific patterns year after year. Happy Sewing Bonnie!

  5. Sharon Morris4:16 PM EDT

    I love those sneakers! Also - there is a small town in China called Foshan who does paper cuttings with teeny, tiny scissors. I saw that when I was there - pretty cool!

  6. Thank you for sharing, so beautiful and amazing !

  7. WOW!! I must say when I first saw that first picture I was immediately taken back to my grandmother in her Polish outfit! Such beauty... and listening to her speak brought back even more memories! I know she would have enjoyed this trip. Thank you so much for continuing to share.
    So happy to hear you have passed the dentist test! It sounds like you have certainly gotten back into the routine and swing of things. Looking forward to a long weekend and getting another quilt going on the longarm.

  8. Sent photo of those shoes to my son in Poland..another place to visit next time I go

  9. Anonymous11:55 PM EDT

    Love your new shoes

  10. Anonymous5:13 AM EDT

    Thank you for these Polish reports. It is my heritage but these skills lost in U.S. after many years. Beautiful artistry in many different forms!


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