Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Before The Rains Came -

It started out bright and sunny - and even a bit warm as jackets and sweaters were left on the porch as folks came down the front walk for our group photo op.

"Oh, it's nice out here!" was the response.  "Oh, hurray!"

We'd counted on it being colder - that is what was predicted anyway.  But look closely - see those clouds?

It ain't over until it's over - and just like anywhere else "Give it 10 minutes, the weather will change!"

But in the mean time - we'll take this bit of morning sun.

The over-the-porch-rail photos were to happen after lunch - and there was still much sewing going on in the Quilting Quarters as quilters enjoyed their last retreat day.  I love the colors of this one!

Leader & Ender tumblers growing on the wall -

Tutorial from the Free Patterns tab.  Have you made one?

Right on time - something is happening here in autumn orange!

I love the secondary designs that happen as blocks are placed side-by-side.

But those clouds - they kept on coming.

We rushed out right after lunch to get our porch photos in - that rain was starting to sprinkle as we quickly spread the quilts over the rail and hoped for a few good shots without too much wind.

The breeze was lightly lifting the quilts as we quickly too photos.

A beautiful Chilhowie is displayed next to a lovely floral quilt, followed by En Provence and a stunning floral sampler.

Two Ruby Jubilee finishes, one green, one red! A lovely sampler quilt with a strippy setting and a Scrappy Mountain Majesties as blue-grey as the story skies above us.  Pattern from the Free Patterns tab.

I'm unsure what the striking Shoofly variation is at the far left, but it is followed by another Chilhowie finish and a Scrappy Trips Free Patterns tab.  Irene's newly finished Wrapped Up top she has made for a shop sample at Cotton to Quilts.

At last check - there were still a few kits left in the shop, so give  Cotton to Quilts a call to see if they have one available.

Fantastic Wild & Goosey variation from the Addicted to Scraps book.

Two more gorgeous quilts -

If you know the names/designers please post that info in the comments section.

The Last Supper!

We stopped by last evening to say farewell - especially to those who were heading out at the crack of dawn.

Spaghetti and all the fixin's!  Irene is a fantastic cook.  Did you know she hosts 3 retreats each year at Quiltville Inn?  And provides lunches and dinners for the whole retreat?

If you (and a friend!) are interested in attending in either March, June - or next year September, please contact Cotton to Quilts at cs@cottontoquilts.com

We'd love to have you join us!

Tula is already wondering where all of the ladies went.

Laundry is running as I type this from the warmth of my QPO office next door to the inn. 

I've got today and part of tomorrow to flip the house and get it ready for the Muddy Creek Misfits who will be arriving mid-afternoon.

What's up for your Tuesday?

You have made Starshine a hit! Thank you so much, everyone.  I can't wait to see your projects in progress and down the road - finishes.

Quilt Details:

Let Your Strings Shine! String Piecing by machine made easy – and a great way to use up an armful of favorite scraps in a rainbow of blossom colors! Full color photos, step-by-step instructions and many helpful hints included.

Quilt Size: 83’’ X 92’’

Introductory special:  I've placed the PDF pattern for Starshine at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop. No coupon needed.  

Pricing good through 10/15/23. Hurry now and save!

Even more:

I'll be drawing for 2 winners who will each receive a Starshine PDF pattern from me and a Star Bright Color Roll from Cotton to Quilts.  The fabric rolls are a great way to add sparkle to your own scraps.

And yes, they have neutral rolls and blue rolls too.  Check them out!

Enter to win on the Gift-Away Page.

We will draw for our winners on Saturday, 10/14/23.  Good luck, everyone!

Other goodies going on (If you've made it this far)

For fun, I've placed the PDF pattern for the Punkin Patch Runner at $5.00.

Let's celebrate the changing of the seasons with some fun string-pieced pumpkins!

And if you've got this one as a UFO - it's time to pull it out and finish it up.

You'll also find Appalachian Autumn at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop. No coupon needed.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

No matter what life is throwing at us: we are still laughing and stitching and wondering what will happen next! 

It's all in how you look at it!

Still - there may be some unstitching involved.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Vicki Adams10:17 AM EDT

    I'm pretty sure that the quilt with the floral panel and owls in the middle plus all the Mariner's Compass blocks is called Urban Owls by Wendy Williams of Flying Fish Kits. I love her stuff!

  2. Looks like Lula is getting ready to explore the "great indoors"!

  3. Oh, I always love the Tuesday porch photos! There is always so much inspiration there! Tula is turning into a beautiful porch kitty. We have finally gotten a taste of Fall here in South Central Texas, but that only leaves us wanting more! Today we are just getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend. Safe travels home and those coming for the next group!

  4. Anonymous11:03 AM EDT

    The last quilt over the rail is Urban Owls by Wendy Williams. Debby rsvp15atshaw.ca

  5. I think the orange Quilt is Antique Lace by Jenny Doan. Lovely over the porch Quilts. Keep on Stitchin!

  6. Anonymous1:25 PM EDT

    Today’s saying reminded me of what happened to a friend of mine. In 1977, she and her husband were all set to go on a trip to Europe. The night before they were to leave, they went for a walk on the rocky beach near their Los Angeles home. Her husband fell and broke his leg, and they had to cancel their trip. The plane they would have been on collided with another plane on the runway at Tenerife, and most of the passengers were killed. It was the deadliest crash in aviation history. Dot in NC

  7. I always enjoy seeing the pictures of the quilts your guests have made. Always such a variety. And I must say that Tula is just the most beautiful cat!

  8. Love these mini quilt shows, what a talented group :0) Thanks for taking the time to share these quilts with us Bonnie :0)


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