Saturday, October 28, 2023

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Porch Time!

There is always something good cooking in the kitchen at Quiltville Inn!

Everyone's best tried-and-true recipes are served to quilty friends with flair.

Even new treats are tried in hopes that the recipe will pass with family this coming Thanksgiving. Hanukkah, Christmas or New Years.

I love walking into the hubbub of a busy kitchen - in this case brunch was about to be served.

No one goes hungry, that's for sure!

Soaking up the blissful sun late afternoon.

The trees are all just about bare. And our afternoons have been glorious.  Things will take a turn here quickly but that doesn't stop us from stepping away from sewing machines and projects to enjoy some time together on the porch with some afternoon snacks.

Wine & cheese, anyone?

Even Tula Lou joins in - she loves being around people - or should I say she loves taking her rightful places as the center of attention?

There was some knitting going on in this corner - again, just enjoying every moment of every day.

Back at the machines while dinner cooks!

Earlier in the day I was up to this:

Two hunkss of giant brown paisley (Who knows where that came from?!) became a pieced back.

The margin of batting left from basting my current Signature block project was just wide enough to use as batting without any franken-piecing required.

How far does this scrap go back? 1982?

I know this one does!  Good old VIP.

And this always shows up somewhere.

Will the world ever run out of this?

Will people stop giving it to me? LOL!

This was a quick quilting job using Hyacinth Grande by Patricia Ritter of urbanelementz.com.

Joining lengths of binding on the diagonal is a breeze with my Sew Q Laser. Love this thing! 

If you are going to be at Quilt Festival in Houston - search them out. My diagonals turn out so much straighter with this laser to guide me.

A few nights of feet up and hand binding ahead!

I'm a bit more than half-done.

And I loved the way the morning light was highlighting the quilting this morning.

Yesterday - a lot of THIS.

Getting ready for Monday's Star of Hope, Part 2.

Did you get your entry in on the Summit St. Box Gift-Away yet?

Lola says - You gotta be IN it to WIN it! LOL!

I want to thank everyone for diving in to Silk Path with me!  Holy Moly!

Both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop were hopping all day long.

The October Quiltvillians all headed out to Quilts on Main in Galax to stock up on browns & neutrals.

There are going to be wonderful quilts happening over the winter as you make this project!

Silk Path is easily constructed from strip-sewn panels: Sliced, mixed and matched, rearranged and sewn back together! No triangles required. 

Introductory Special: I have placed Silk Path at 25 % off in both the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and in the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop

Full color photos, step-by-step instructions included.

Quilt Size: 84’’ X 84’’

Sale price good through 11/15/23.  Hurry now and save - no coupon needed!

And yes - I'll be drawing for 2 winners who will each receive a Silk Path PDF pattern from me, and a Facets of Brown Color Roll from Cotton to Quilts.

Enter to win on the Gift-Away Post!

Of course - you'll be back here on Monday, right? I'll be releasing Part Two of our Star of Hope Sew-Along.

And Tuesday?  Quiltville Winter Mystery Intro goes live!

Wednesday I'll be drawing for our winners in the Summit St Box Gift-Away

My weekend will include more sewing, more desk work and a fire-pit to end fire-pit season on Sunday night.

How about your plans as October draws to a close?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

My life is so much richer when there is a seat for everyone at the table.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



  1. I think Silk Path is one of prettiest quilts you have ever done. So beautiful!

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM EDT

    All those wonderful recipes. Gee, wouldn't a Quiltville Inn Cookbook be great? If only someone had time to put one together! Barb Seely

    1. Anonymous1:53 PM EDT

      I think it could be a best seller. I know I’d want one for myself, and several for gifts to quilty friends.

  3. I have that VIP fabric!!

  4. I smile every time I see Silk Road!

  5. Barbara Dieckmann1:33 PM EDT

    Tula has gotten so fluffy! Looks like she enjoys her treats as well as all the attention. Who gets to cuddle her when no retreaters come to the Inn? My neighbor's kitty sure lets me know when her cuddler-in-chief is away from home, lol. Fun to see old bits of previous projects as I work thru my bins of
    1 1/2" squares of 1930's repros and sherbet colors for what my leader/ender project has morphed into

  6. Anonymous3:50 PM EDT

    Can't wait for the Mystery Quilt - I've had to resort to UFO's in the meantime!

  7. Anonymous12:31 PM EDT

    Love that quote!!!


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