Wednesday, October 18, 2023

A Weekend with the Muddy Creek Misfits!

Just because I had other things to post about, doesn't mean there wasn't a wild weekend of wonderful women creating amazing things at the inn!

The Muddy Creek Misfits are my hometown Winston-Salem group - I don't see them often enough!  100 miles is just long enough to get in the way of spending as much time with them as we'd like - but they do come in March and October so we get to catch up at least twice a year.

Completed sampler bock quilt!

Many of these blocks come from Tula Pink's 100 blocks book.

And just like potato chips - you can't make just one!

There were lovely star happenings in blue over here -

Something gorgeous in purple and aqua over here!

And definitely something Halloweeny over here!

So super cute, Shelly!

More sweet little stars -

A Burgoyne Surrounded in holiday colors.

Everything is coming up Barn Stars!

But Elizabeth Hartman's Pandas in Sweaters take the cake!

Muriel was found muttering and cursing to herself over this cross body purse.

The story went round and round - I walked in and heard gals talking about "Muriel and the Body Bag..." and you know where my mind went.  LOL! 

It's a Cross-Body PURSE! Not the kind of zip from the feet to the head body bag.  It was so fumy.  I couldn't imagine WHY she would be making a body bag.

I think I've watched too much NCIS and CSI.

And we had a visiting show and share!

On her way home from visiting her daughter in Tennessee - she stopped by to show us the finished  Tulip Time top she had started on retreat earlier in the year.

Yes, there was a porch photo!

And do you see these short sleeves?  This was the LAST nice day.  It's been cold since - our highs won't leave the 50s today.  Bye bye short sleeves with no sweater.

But I love the impromptu reunions and a chance to see finished retreat quilts and get those over the rail photos taken.

This is where I am.

Just a handful of blocks to make yet. I'll be ready to move on to the alternate blocks.

Yes - I've been sewing like a maniac.  Keeping the innocents on both sides in my heart. This situation is beyond awful. So we keep sewing.

At some point, I'm going to have to take a break and finish the writing up of Silk Path - 

That release is coming SOON!  And good deal - no specialty rulers are needed.  Just a new sharp rotary blade and your standard ruler.

Today we are welcoming the Brown Bird Bees to Quiltville Inn - their first retreat here, and I'm so excited to open the doors for them.

They are coming down from Northern Virginia and I wish them a beautiful autumn drive as they make their way here.

I want to thank everyone for your kind messages over the past several days. It really means a lot. I can't thank you enough.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Easy words to say, sometimes harder words to do, but we keep at it!
And I just noticed that I took this photo without knowing the price tag was still visible – just above my signature line. Funny!
Some days you just go around with your price tag hanging out!
Have a great Wednesday, everyone!



  1. oh yes! I have a special friend who has moved away up north to Visalia! and I miss her so much with my latest health challenges... the other day i didn't know whether to laugh or to cry and she "happened" to call... we exchanged miseries and in no time both of us were laughing at our situations!!! Love and hugs and shared miseries make challenges easier to overcome... thank you Bonnie I know your heart is sore as is many of ours; God Bless... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM EDT

    You are like Minnie Pearl and her price tag. I love the Silk Path! Enjoy your changing season and beautiful colors. We are supposed to have frost next week so leaves will be falling here.

  3. I think I've listened to 4 audio books since Sunday, no tv, just can't open my eyes, thankful for you.

  4. mm, that Silk Path is a beauty. Put it on the list!

  5. Vicki Adams5:27 PM EDT

    Looking forward to Silk Path. My purple stash is waving its hand and shouting, "Me! Me! Use me!"

  6. Anonymous7:23 PM EDT

    Shall we start calling you 'Minnie Pearl'?

  7. That Tag means you got a Bargain! Fun to get Retreaters back to show and share. I've worn a jacket since last week. Time to switch out for the Fall Quilts! Gonna try a few Star of David blocs next week. I had 2 sew days downtown this week. Keep stitching!

  8. Looking forward to making Silk Path. Another beautiful design. Can't wait to see how some of those quilters quilts turn out and hopefully get the pattern names. I especially like the jack-o-lanterns with windmills, the Barn Stars that look like tulips, and that beautiful purple & aqua one. Thanks for sharing so many lovely things to brighten the day.

  9. I love the Star of David blocks....at least that's what I see in them. Shalom.


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