Wednesday, October 11, 2023

How's That Sewing Going??

It's getting to the exciting part around here!

I don't know what else to call this block - I've only ever known it as a Signature Block - but something is going to strike me when I've finished the quilt, and the quilt as a whole will have a new name.

But still - do you see how sharp and crisp all of these points look?

Pinning to match points is the only way to be happy with the result when pinning is required.  There is no skipping it.

It takes longer - yes.  I know we are in a hurry to get things together so we can move on - but it's worth the time.  I tell you!

The top center before borders.

The plan for this quilt came about after "rediscovering" several jelly roll strips that had been given to me - and they have languished quite a while.

1930s fabrics are not my "thing."  I think they are pretty, but also harder to work with because they have such low contrast, and they are also very busy - so setting 1930s fabrics next to other 1930s fabrics gives kind of a color-wash blendy thing that is only solved by adding solids.

Perhaps that is why we have so many wonderful solids in 1930s pastel colors? They make the busy prints stand out.

In this case - the challenge became 3-fold.  I had a few yards of a barely-cream solid that needed using and would work against the 1930s.

I didn't have enough of the 1930s fabrics to just use those, and I find them kind of over powering (like too much icing on a cake as far as the sweetness level goes) so I added in plaids and stripes from recycled fabrics that looked like they may as well have come from the same era.

And then my fun turned to this - BORDER TIME!

You guys.  I am loving my Sew Q Laser for doing things like joining lengths of borders or binding on the diagonal!

This is probably the most valuable tool I've added to my quilting must-have arsenal this year.

I can see exactly where I need to sew when doing things like stitch & flip - I have a straight line to shoot for, and I can tell exactly where that straight line is going to hit at the other end of the line I an sewing.  


Thanks to the Sew Q Laser my seams are straight and true. And I can see where I'm going.  

I can see through this white inner border that the seam will hit the triangles underneath right where it should.

You can also move the laser into any position, so it can mark the edge of your presser foot for your 1/4'' seam as well.

If you are reading this post on a regular computer or tablet where you can see the right hand side bar, you 'll find a photo for the Sew Q Laser that you can click and get to my original post where I first started sewing with this.

If you are reading on a phone or mobile device where the right hand side bar is not visible, you can visit my original post with all of the details HERE.

I would say something like "The holidays are coming and you should add this to your list...." but the truth is you need this thing NOW. 

What's going on here?

Short Jelly Roll strip ends.

I don't know what you do with short jelly roll ends, but my plan was to use them up in a checkerboard border for this quilt.

Those short pieces were long enough that I could get 2 units from each - and so I loaded them on the Accuquilt Studio to trim them to strip width first.

Bye-bye thready edges!

Making short and stubby strip sets.

They look so much better when trimmed up like this!

Carrying on the plaid theme -

I am using these as my alternate units.

Yep! This is going to work!

Sewing and pressing, more sewing and pressing.

(The blue and white triangles underneath are a cheater-cloth ironing board cover. Not a quilt!)

And this is where I left it last evening.

I should be able to get those checkerboard borders attached today before the Muddy Creek Misfits arrive for retreat.

My batting also arrived (Quilters Dream Request for hand quilting.) and that will just leave piecing a backing so I can get everything machine basted by long arm so that the long winter nights ahead can be filled with something to stitch on in my lap.

Stitching on something this bright and happy will hopefully keep those seasonal winter blahs away.

Last night waiting for the gate to open -

Yep, leaves are falling. Everywhere.

Trail cam photo - flock of wild turkeys!

You have made Starshine a hit! Thank you so much, everyone.  I can't wait to see your projects in progress and down the road - finishes.

Quilt Details:

Let Your Strings Shine! String Piecing by machine made easy – and a great way to use up an armful of favorite scraps in a rainbow of blossom colors! Full color photos, step-by-step instructions and many helpful hints included.

Quilt Size: 83’’ X 92’’

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Even more:

I'll be drawing for 2 winners who will each receive a Starshine PDF pattern from me and a Star Bright Color Roll from Cotton to Quilts.  The fabric rolls are a great way to add sparkle to your own scraps.

And yes, they have neutral rolls and blue rolls too.  Check them out!

Enter to win on the Gift-Away Page.

We will draw for our winners on Saturday, 10/14/23.  Good luck, everyone!

Other goodies going on (If you've made it this far)

For fun, I've placed the PDF pattern for the Punkin Patch Runner at $5.00.

Let's celebrate the changing of the seasons with some fun string-pieced pumpkins!

And if you've got this one as a UFO - it's time to pull it out and finish it up.

You'll also find Appalachian Autumn at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop. No coupon needed.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sometimes we have to face it, we can't control creativity. It needs to follow its own direction!
Nine in the Middle quilt from my book Adventures With Leaders & Enders .
I gave this quilt to my sister in 2017 during a family reunion.

So happy it is being loved and used.

What's instore for your own Wednesday?

Have a great one, everyone!



  1. Anonymous9:32 AM EDT

    Really like the new quilt top, even more now with the borders.

  2. I'm up with the turkeys! It's a Sew Day with my friends. Gotta sash my Blocks on a current Quilt. No ufo tote for this one. Counting days until Mystery colors. My Chilhowie is almost a flimsy. Happy Wednesday!

  3. I shared my Punkin' Patch and Appalachian Autumn at my guild meeting Show and Tell. Many were already knowledgeable about Quiltville and Bonnie Hunter designs. Now I'm trying to think through a design for a unity quilt for Israel, like you did for Ukraine.

  4. creativity! how i'd love to chat with you and a henden of retreatersabout this mysterious attribute. My heart aches for the poor soul who proudly claims, "Oh I'm not creative at all!" Silly "girl" .. has neatly "blocked" the creative genie from working in her brain,,, ut;s beeb my experience the more you relax and let it flow, follow it and dabble in it, the more it grows and develops... just looking at the improvement and growth in tnot only my sewing skills, but piecing and color coordination and the whole gamit of creativity, and looking at items in different ways... thee really is no limit to quilting, except what we place on it... "Oh, i don't like browns" right there girlie... LOOK at what you've done to that creative child who not only runs browns, but tans and right into orange!!! sigh... Have a creative day, all y'all. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Anonymous9:43 AM EDT

    I received a Sew Q Laser last month for my birthday. It's certainly a game changer for me....love it!!!

  6. Loving the new quilt. Perfect hand project to take you into the spring!! Have a lovely day!

  7. That border is just perfect for the quilt! A solid 3" (or 4 or 5 etc) was not going to work on it.

  8. Perfect blend of fabrics in your signature quilt, have you decided on your quilting pattern yet? Happy Fall and then mystery season :0) my happy time!

  9. Anonymous10:59 AM EDT

    I met the Sew Q Laser folks at the Grand Rapids show and told them I had heard about the product from you. He said "she's a great lady!" They had great prices at the show and I'm now enjoying my new set-up.

  10. I started making that block when I saw it in one of Lynn Roddy Brown's books. I want to go back in your posts to see if your construction is easier....the bias edges got to me.

  11. Jolene from Texas11:48 AM EDT

    have you thought about writing some of your Quiltville Quotes of the Day in the center section of those blocks. I love your QOTDs . You could do one every night as you're quilting that lovely quilt.

  12. Anonymous12:04 PM EDT

    Love the new quilt and the border is perfect. Hope you will be putting it out as a pattern in the future. I got the sew laser. Haven’t put it to use yet maybe this weekend. Can you set it up for scant 1/4”? Have a great day. Annette Austin

  13. Love the new quilt! It reminds me of the Tilt-A-Whirl from years ago. Cheryl

  14. Anonymous1:02 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I see chain pieces in your blocks. How about Broken Chain or Unchained Melody for a name.

  15. Anonymous1:04 PM EDT

    I just added the Chain comment and forget to sign. Sorry. Beth Holcombe

  16. I really like 1930's prints, but I agree with you - sometimes you have to break them up a little. I have a Pinterest board of vintage feedsack quilts, called 'Likeable Hot Mess.' It's full of super busy, humbly imperfect, but utterly charming vintage scrap-bag quilts that all mix plaids or gingham with feedsack florals. The plaids temper the sugary pastels a little bit, and the combo just sings for me. I absolutely LOVE the mix you chose for this quilt, and the soft white solid was the perfect calming note. It's lovely!!

  17. When you showed the first blocks of your latest creation, I thought it was going to read BOO, except the colors did not seem right for that, but that is my name for your quilt. There's so much sadness in the world, am thankful for quilters, they are the helpers and I so needed your encouragement today, I love Rumi's words.

  18. I love to see all the ideas popping out of your head ! That is such a cute quilt and I love the border. Thank you for always inspiring me. You really help me challenge myself and push my limits and I LOVE it when I see the same fabrics that I have in one of your quilts. Gives me courage to just DO IT!

  19. I love that border! Perfect--and I think I may use it on a quilt I'm planning....

  20. Anonymous6:19 PM EDT

    I immediately thought of a potential quilt name when I saw your checker board border. I’d call it “Game Day” as the center blocks could be chips, slots or game tokens and the border is a game board. Just my two cents worth. Barbie Z

  21. Even though the orientation is all wrong, I think of hard candies with I see this block.


  22. The Signature block reminds me of buckles

  23. Anonymous7:42 PM EDT

    The border you have chosen is absolutely perfect and it make the whole thing shine. Good tips for working with 30’s retro’s. I have some but haven’t used them yet. I’ll keep these tips in mind. Thanks. FranSak in Pa


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