Friday, October 14, 2022

Well, Isn't THAT a Pretty Sight!

I had a couple of visitors yesterday afternoon!

Jeani is part of the March Quiltvillians and stopped by to show me her quilts and get an over the porch rail shot!

I just love her En Provence in blue - in fact it won a blue ribbon in a recent show!  Contracts, Jeani!

She also made a scaled down version of  Rhododendron Trail, a great lap size.

But of course, the best of all was her supportive hubby who didn't mind driving a bit out of the way to encourage his wife in doing all that she loves.

What's that saying?

Oh yeah - Happy Wife, Happy Life! That's about right!

Thanks for stopping by, Jeani - it was great seeing you again and I look forward to seeing you in March!

Things from the cabin side-yard.

I can ALMOST see the mountains in the distanced through the falling leaves!

But look what I saw on my way to work yesterday.  ACCCKK!!

Are they harvesting boughs already??

Yes. It's time.  Boughs are used for wreaths, swags, garlands and arrangements. They will last months if kept cold and moist.

Those who say "too early!" have no idea what it takes to run a Christmas tree farm, nor how far these tress will have to travel, and how, for them to reach their world-wide destinations in time.

I took a little video....click to play:

It looks like tree harvest season has begun!

Once the truck full of boughs pulled off, I followed this empty tree trailer the rest of the way to the inn.

And as it turns out - this is right on time.  

If you want to know more about how big operations take care of their tree harvest, watch:

This operation isn't in Virginia (The land is too flat!) But it's much the same.  Harvest can't happen Black Friday weekend - there isn't enough time to get everything to where it needs to go.

If you want a fresher tree - plan on visiting a farm yourself and cutting your own.  

Things are going up on design walls!

And I love that there are plans in progress for the bonus triangles those big blocks leave behind!

Something wonderful is happening here!

And these stripes are just fantastic, aren't they?

Shelly is sharing her Rainy Days & Sun Rays BOM by Sarah Fielke!

Her applique skills are incredible!

I even got some afternoon time to do some sewing myself!

I'm up to 14.  I need 6 more.

I am using my NEED to sew these blocks as a reward for getting the Bristol pattern ready for Monday's release date.  Computer time is TORTURE when I'd rather be at the machine sewing.

And because I think you need a sneak peek -

This was when quilting was in progress.

Monday is right around the corner!  Yes, there will be introductory pricing!  Yes, there will be a Gift-Away of the pattern from me, and plaid fabric rolls from Cotton to Quilts!

It all begins MONDAY!

Which means that I need to finish some things up - more desk work - before I can get back to sewing log cabin blocks today.

And Ivy has a vet appointment this afternoon for shot 3 in the 4 shot series she needs.

What is on your to do list for today?

I've placed the PDF pattern for Spider & The Fly  at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop - no coupon needed!

The price is good through 10/31/22 and will revert back to full price on 11/1/22.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Star Quilt found in North Carolina.

This one brought about a lot of contemplation.
Thank you, Rumi!



  1. Good morning Bonnie. Fascinating to see that machine working on the trees ... I bet that truck smelled wonderful. Love that scent of evergreens.
    I'll be working on 🕷️ and the Fly quilt today assembling block A. I have 10 made .my goal is to make 10 more.
    Have a Sparkling Day.

  2. Hello this beautiful Friday! Went to Rite-Aid at 9am to get my covid booster. Work 12 to 4 today. I plan on trying to make a tater-tot casserole for supper ( never made it myself before) Off Tomorrow and plan on cutting out my fabric for a Quilt of Valor for my Cousins Husband. He served in Vietnam and has lung and heart dam-age from Agent Orange. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for the sneak peek at Bristol! I'm looking forward to Monday.

  4. Love the Dutchman Tree Video...who knew what was involved in get a tree to market!!! Amazing. Thanks for all you share with us. You are a very Special Lady. Have a great weekend and give your pets a hug from me.


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