Thursday, October 13, 2022

Random Quick Time Outs & Goings On -

This is the field of white pumpkins ready for harvest just down the road from Quiltville Inn.

I have driven past this field several times a week watching them sprout from seed to seedling to vining plants of bushy green- always in the driver's seat.

Tuesday morning in between wash loads, friend Martha stopped by and kidnapped me for a quick run before the spin cycle ran out just "for a coffee and something sweet" at our little Corner Market, about 4 miles from the inn.

This put me in the passenger seat on the same side as the pumpkin field!

Even better (or slightly worse)  They are getting ready to repave this 4 mile stretch of road and they had everything down to one lane with a pilot vehicle so there was some stand-still happening.

The spin cycle can just end and sit a bit longer - we had some chatting to do, and I could snap a couple of shot-gun seat photos.


And we were moving too fast for me to zoom back out - or is that un-zoom? Anyway, this little old Methodist church sits right at the edge of the road and for the longest time I have wanted to peek inside to see if there are in fact pews still in there.

Martha commented that she remembers visiting this church for a service when she was young.

Notice the two front doors.  One for women.  One for men. And yes, primitive Methodist churches had men sitting on one side of the congregation, women on the other.

Oh, the patriarchy. Maybe it made it easier for women to discuss womenfolk things.  Like recipes.  And baby birthing. Or widows could sit with other widows. Keep the smelly men on the smelly men side.

Come to think of it - it might be more fun than sitting as family units.

At what age do the men folk get to take the unruly sons to THAT side of the chapel?

At any rate - it's a fun piece of history on the way to Corner Market (With paving going in front of it all the way for four miles) and I wish I knew more.

This also happened!

Remember the trip I took to Abingdon on Saturday HERE? Right on schedule the folks from Kiser Furniture drove up the drive in front of Quiltville Inn, and the Hubster was there to meet them with the flat bed trailer, ready to take our new seating home.

YAY!  No more sitting on lawn furniture and porch rockers!

When I say we've been looking for a long long time, and dealing with supply chain issues over the past year, you know we have searched everywhere.

I wouldn't just order something online without being able to sit in it and try it out.  And I didn't want anything in an IKEA box that I had to assemble.

These are perfect.  My, how swanky furniture has become.  Not only do they recline, but they are electric and adjustable.  They even have a USB port in the arm to charge phones and tablets.

The other hard thing?  I didn't want cup holders.  I just have this thing about furniture NOT needing cup holders.

Finding furniture WITHOUT cup bolder center consoles is nigh to impossible these days.

So we found these.  And they are wonderful.

And this is the reason we had to do the big furniture pass-off in front of the inn.  

There is no way that truck would make it to the top of our drive and be able to turn around to come back down.

But isn't it gorgeous?  Fall has outdone itself this year - and my only wish is that it could last a bit longer so we can enjoy the beautiful change of colors before everything falls to the ground in one stiff wind.

Fall evenings are for apple crisp!

I had some apples that were starting to get a bit wrinkly looking around the skin - and this was a fast and easy way to cook them up.  They made the house smell so delicious!

For crisp recipes I always DOUBLE the topping amount as we really like the crunchies.

Someone was caught digging!

There must have been a squirrel or chipmunk in that hole at one time - because Mabel must have had her whole head half-way to China as evidenced by the dirt caked on her nose.

Where were you digging baby girl?  She doesn't look guilty at all, does she?

Digging?  I haven't been digging! Who, Me?

It wasn't me either - and I'm staying out of this! LOL!

Whatever they got up to, they are still tired 2 days later!

And don't worry - that's a Chinese made (And not well made) quilt on the bed that gets washed OFTEN.

The one Zoey is on is a quilt I made from swap blocks "back in the 90s" and hand quilted. I have to wrap up my pillow because the first thing she does is snuggle into my pillow as soon as I leave the room. Not the other side of the bed.  Just mine.

And I make no apologies for letting dogs on the furniture. And it's okay if you don't.  No judging either way.

In other "Where is the hoop now?" news:

The hand quilting on the center medallion is DONE!

(applause, applause, applause!)

I started the hand quilting in May.  We are half way through October.

I'm now filling in the background triangles.

There is still so much to go.  But if I put all of those triangle corner areas side-by-side I think I can safely say that I am past the half-way point.

Four corner triangle areas.  And the border.  And a knife-edge binding to come.

Will I finish it by New Year's?  Doubtful.  But we'll see.  Forward is forward, progress is progress.

And because everyone wants to see the back.

Just a lot of texture!  But I love it!

My job today is getting as much of Bristol written as possible - in an effort to leave myself more time to play this weekend.

Yes, I need NEED to set those log cabin blocks aside so I can get this pattern release ready for Monday!

I spent the day at my desk drawing out quilt graphics and editing photography.
And also spending time redoing some step outs needed for Bristol's pattern release!
I can't wait to have this grunt work done so I can do the fun part - writing out the instructions step by step.
Be watching for the release post on Monday, October 17th!

The Muddy Creek Misfits began pulling in about 3pm yesterday afternoon.  We've got a full house of fun happening and I'm so happy to have them back again.

Okay - who had Dancing Bears on their trail cam bingo card??  

The Hubs pulled these photos off the trail cam memory card on Tuesday.  Oh, goodness.

Not sure how old these guys are - but is there a mama close by? Are they young adults or younger?

And where is dad?

Luckily the dogs have put enough scent around our property that they don't come near here.  The camera is set way at the top of the mountain at the high spot of our property.

But it sure makes for interesting trail cam viewing, doesn't it?

Don't forget!

I've placed the PDF pattern for Spider & The Fly  at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop - no coupon needed!

The price is good through 10/31/22 and will revert back to full price on 11/1/22.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Most of all - BE YOURSELF!
And remember you don’t have to explain yourself to those who don’t understand your journey. It’s not theirs.
It’s okay if they don’t get you!

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone -



  1. I agree about the trees being very vivid in colors this year. Spectacular.
    Congratulations on your Hexie quilt progress!
    I made baked apples last night!! Nothing as fancy as apple crisp though.
    The dogs couldn't be happier living there. Doing what dogs do best.
    I like how they lay down together.
    Have a great day.
    Debra in Ma.

  2. Such beautiful photos of the scenery and your gorgeous hand quilting... a visual feast for the eyes!

  3. Your epp quilt is absolutely beautiful. You are the reason I started to epp and am now addicted . All summer I have been making units of various designs and sizes and eventually they will go into a sampler quilt to hang on my wall. I am 100% addicted and am sad that I have to put it away until after I finish up a few large projects that have time limits to get them done. I am having such fun with this project and listening to all my friends tell me how crazy I am, I reply maybe I am but i am totally enjoying it and I feel it is my sanity. Happy stitching every body.

  4. Your hexie medallion is the ultimate long-term project!

  5. oh my, such a busy busy neighborhood... and i had no idea Mabel was so much bigger than Zoey, it really shows with them napping together... wow. Looking to the next 'reveals' -- you are a great tease, Miss Hunter! and the funnything is, i have no NEED for yet another pattern, project, !!! but i do get all in a lather waiting for fabric choices and Mystery steps... thanks, Cats in Carlsbad CA -- oh BTW we don't have as many color changes here on the west coast, so i really, REALLY, enjoy your sharing of the forest, flora and fauna.... xo

  6. I am so excited to see Bristol finished. Bonnie, you are such an inspiration! You've given me the nudge to use up all (43) of the deboned shirts in my stash!

  7. re: the Methodist Church just following Jewish tradition. The women sat upstairs in the Orthodox synagogue.

  8. Yea, for Martha. That's quite the story about the Methodist Church. I have a Pew on my back porch. It didn't fit in the Grandma house anymore. Congrats on getting half-way on the Quilting. Mable does look a bit guilty. Happy Thursday!

  9. I learnt an enormous new-to-me fact over the last couple of days. In America, two-seater sofas are called love seats. Sitting here in the UK I couldn't understand why the two joined chairs but facing in opposite directions popular in Victorian times (for propriety's sake) would now be so popular on your side of the pond. But doing some research I find it is now in common usage here too. An example http://www.windsorchair.co.uk/loveseat.jpg but the antique ones were usually padded and probably a lot more comfortable than this one.

  10. Your new love seats look great! Clearly, you sis a lot of research. Please post the manufacturer so I can check if they are available in my area. Love your doggie stories!!!

  11. such dense beautiful quilting...that'll hold it together for generations...

  12. Your hexie quilt is gorgeous , thanks so much for sharing your quilting progress . Love the bears.

  13. OH that hexie quilt with all your hand stitching, what a treasure, what memories it must hold! So wonderful to see it again!!

  14. Perfectly understand the "covering of the pillow." My cat snuggles up on MY pillow during the day. We took the pillow shams that came with the bedspread and cover the pillow. That way I don't get a face full of fur at night!

  15. That hand quilted quilt is really very special. Its beautiful and it will get done when it gets done. No rush. That is, unless you want to send it to me for Christmas (ha, ha) You're on my bucket list. Someday I'd love to do a retreat. That trail camera must be fun to watch! You can see what your four legged neighbors are doing! Enjoy the rest of fall!!


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