Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Getting Out & About!

I had a 5pm appointment for a Covid booster and Flu shot on Monday.

And I knew that if I got the inn laundry "Mostly" taken care of (Down to the last load in the washer) that I could skedaddle to town a bit early and take a quick peruse at the antique mall before they closed and then head on over for my appointment at CVS.

When we go to town - we do ALL the things.

For my vintage sewing machine lovers - have you ever seen a SINGER machine with a leaf tensioner?

I find this so odd! Everything I have seen does not show a leaf tensioner (the three pronged thing at the top with the thread plates fastened by the tensioner screw) at all in the Singer brand line up.

Is this a case of brand misappropriation?

Not a real Singer?

Likewise - there is nothing about the body of this machine that attributes it to Singer.  Not the decals, and not the transverse shuttle.


Even the stitch length selector at the bottom right of the machine base is not one that I've ever seen the REAL Singer Company use.

If you have any info - those of you who are machine fanatics - let us know in the comments please!

I didn't have a lot of time to wander, but I'm always on the look out for sewing notions, quilts and machine.

Pickings were slim.  But it was so nice to be out.

Winged Square!

This is definitely a North Carolina quilt - check out the homespun backing - pieced - Alamance plaids maybe? Dan River?

Of course I love the Baptist fans - 

And this was expertly pieced - those diamonds meeting just where they should.

The thing I was most excited about:

Nesting bowls!

We had a little accident a few retreats back where the largest bowl of a set just like this broke, along with another glass salad bowl as they took a tumble to the floor.

it was not a big deal - I won't have anything in the house that can't be used and I want my things to be used and loved and to have a life.

But in the mean time I've been on the look out for just that ONE bowl to replace the broken one in the set of 4. (the large one I still have is just larger than the largest one here.)

The whole set was only $12.00!

I am so tickled.  I have the completed set of 4 at the inn, and the 2 extra bowls came home with me.  I love the wide rims and how easy they are to hold on to when mixing something.

Yesterday's Outing with Martha!

We finished making beds by 11am and set out to see some color.  It's still early - we haven't hit freezing temperatures yet, and the leaves won't really be at peak until "The Frost is On The Pumpkins" but it was a beautiful day for a drive.

Oh, it's definitely starting!

Pay no attention to windshield splotches -

This tree is putting on quite a show!

Give it another week or so and this will be magnificent!

I just wish fall lasted a bit longer.

It seems that all the leaves are on the ground just as it reaches the best part.

Do you get to enjoy autumn color where you are?

The blue sky and sunshine make all of the colors so much more vibrant.

Click to Play:

Where did our route take us?  From Southwestern VA westward to the outskirts of Damascus, VA through Laurel Bloomery, TN over to Mountain City TN. cutting across on a dirt road REALLY named Shortcut Road! back to highway 16 and crossing back into VA to return me to the QPO by early afternoon.

It was a 3 state day! All in a matter of a few hours - including lunch.

Passing through the tree tunnel.

When was the last time you got out for a long drive?  Maybe it's time you take one and just clear your head.  It works wonders! I promise!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Wherever it is that you find your peace, find more of it.

I'm so glad I did!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Good morning. So much to do at the Inn. It will keep you young Bonnie. Pretty bowls!
    Busy day here assembling the LA.. can't wait! I'm. Currently working on Triple Treat so that will be my first quilt on this machine. I'm not starting another quilt before the mystery.

  2. Love your little trips to the antique stores!!!!!! So many goodies! Thanks for the road trip too. Have not been to the mountains in a month so I am due a drive up.

  3. Found this old Singer, Acanthus Leaves Industrial, that is similar. Check out the site https://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/decals/industrials/acanthus_ind_vars.html. Can't seem to leave a picture on here.

  4. Your questions about the Singer machine intrigued me and here's what I found on Google search (originally posted on the Sears Roebuck page at Needlebar): "Featured in the 1894 catalog were copies of the Singer Models 12 and 48K and a vibrating shuttle model made by the Goodrich Sewing Machine Company of Chicago, Illinois. The two Singer machines were marketed as the 'Improved Singer' and 'Improved High-Arm Singer', in blatant violation of trademark laws. The 'Improved Singer' would appear in later catalogs as the 'Success' ­ probably a result of threatened or actual litigation by the Singer Manufacturing Co."

  5. This machine was sold by Montgomery Ward, tried to send you a picture of an old ad.

  6. that blue blue sky sure sets off the foliage ........

  7. Love the photos of the changing colors in your area. We're in somewhat of a quandary here in Albuquerque, NM this week. It's the 50th Annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Normally we have gorgeous fall weather and incredibly blue skies. This year we have rain forecasted for most of the days of the Fiesta. We love our balloons and the many visitors that come expecting to see the sky full of them. However, we are in a desert so rain is always welcome! Hoping our visitors get to see the incredible balloon display while they are here.

  8. Good info on the machine, folks! Fun to look at. I love the particular color of blue of an autumn sky. Here in Michigan we are having lovely blue sky days but very little color change so far. We may get a frost this weekend and then the leaves will drop.

  9. Gorgeous fall scenes to enjoy... thanks for sharing them with us!

  10. The machine looks like an early New Home transverse shuttle.

  11. Great finds at the Antique Store. The machine is an interesting shape. I love my vintage machines. Need to give them some TLC soon. The Fall colors are gon too soon. Hubby blew many Midwest leaves in to huge piles in Nebraska. Ach-oo
    Happy Wednesday! Glad you get get away and ride with Martha again.

  12. The weather has been beautiful here in Jonesborough, TN too. The first trees turned overnight last Friday. This morning woke to a house that was 62F. Time to get some heat going. The mountains were absolutely gorgeous yesterday as my son and I ran a few errands.

  13. I live in central AZ and we know fall is in the air by the changing colors of the license plates ;). No real foliage to change, so thank you for the trip through the beautiful country side!

  14. I pulled up a map of you road trip and discovered that you are only 2 hours from where my son lives!! Seems like I'm due to visit him!!

  15. What an interesting post! Always love your antiquing adventures, but this machine and the comments about it have been extra interesting. Love the glass bowls. We are just starting to see some changing leaf colors here in the MIssouri Ozarks. Bonnie, would you share an update on how Ivy is doing?

  16. I love a good drive on the Parkway. I nee to get back up there while it's so pretty.

  17. Looks like your fall foliage is at the same stage as ours here in Olympia, WA. We're still having summer weather which is very odd. Usually by now the drenching fall rains have hit and stay with us into next year!!


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