Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Waiting For the Wind to Stop!

Saturday was a Mary Poppins Day.

The kind of day where Mary would undoubtedly say "I feel a change coming" Grab up her enormous bag of everything, point her umbrella skyward and lift off to who knows where.

It was THAT kind of windy.

Windy enough to blow all of the porch stuff off the back porch tables...salt and pepper shakers rolling while paper napkins took flight.

"Let's wait it out and see if the wind doesn't calm by evening..." was said with hope in our voices.

We wanted to get these photos taken over the porch rail - we were just waiting for the wind to go away.

It finally hushed about 6pm!

"Ladies! This is NOT a drill!  Grab your quilts and head to the rail before it starts up again!" 

There is a definite Halloween vibe happening here!

At the far left is a Scrappy Trips in Halloween prints finished on retreat! Next to it is a Lozenges Leader & Ender, worked in neutrals with orange and black corners.  Both from the Free Patterns tab. I love the fabrics in the far right quilt, no pattern info.

Gorgeous quilts from 4 gorgeous gals!

Shelly finished the binding on her Rainy Days and Sun Rays BOM by Sarah Fielke.  We are all in love with the detail she put into this gorgeous quilt!

And just look at that sky!

There was more going on inside the Quilting Quarters:

I believe this is a Sew Kind of Wonderful design -

And the stripe project is growing!

Remember this photo from the other day?

I had mentioned that Gina had shrunk down Lisa's Old Souls pattern to make this exploding card trick variation in mini size.

Some emailed that they couldn't find the pattern - or the Lisa's Etsy shop was down.  It was only on "Time Out" because she was here on retreat and couldn't do mail order until she returned home.

Her store is now back "ON" and you can check out this pattern and others HERE. You'll find more of her wonderful quilts under the "Patterns for Sale" category.

Saturday Evening fire pit!

Fire pits can be enjoyed with just a cup of hot cider and a piece of leftover dessert from the previous evening's dinner.  S'mores or marshmallows are not required for fire pit enjoyment.

Besides - we were all stuffed from such a grand meal I don't think we could have even found room for a marshmallow anywhere.

My thanks to the Muddy Creek Misfits who made our time together sew much fun!

We'll see them back again in May!

Thanks, Ladies!  It was wonderful spending time with you!

And in Bristol news! 

We started our Gift-Away with the release of Bristol just yesterday - and already there are over 2,700 of you entered to win!  

What a great way to start this week!

If you missed it yesterday, head over to the Gift-Away Post and get your entry in.

I will be drawing for 2 lucky winners that will each receive a Bristol PDF pattern from me and a Checks & Plaids Color Roll from  Cotton to Quilts!

And for those in the Louisville KY area - be watching for the grand opening of the Cotton to Quilts brick & mortar store to open mid-November!

I've also placed the PDF pattern for Spider & The Fly  at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop - no coupon needed!

The discounted prices for Bristol and Spider & The Fly are good through 10/31/22 and will revert back to full price on 11/1/22. Hurry now and save!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

t's official. Temps dropped into the 20s last night.

Time to wrap up in buffalo plaid and look somewhat like a lumberjack.

Have a Terrific (And WARM!) Tuesday, everyone!



  1. I think the far right quilt pattern is called 'Circle of Nine'.

  2. Lovely over the porch rail Quilts. Cold morning here. Put the heat on kind of morning. I'm plugging away on The Spider and the Fly quilt still. I think I need more neutrals... never thought I'd say that. Halloween neutrals. Unless I can find something that resembles Autumn or Halloweenish.
    Love your Wonky Log Cabin layout. Outstanding. Hope you get to sew today.
    Have a good one.

  3. Lovely quilt show! Thanks for the giggle with the quote of the day :)

  4. i love how the yellow makes Bristol just glow... and axe or no, imma need some flannel or wool shirts very soon! Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Love the Tuesday quilt shows! Glad Mother Nature finally cooperated. Love the quote of the day!

  6. I went to Walmart yesterday and meandered around the women's section to see if there were any button down shirts in pretty flowers or stripes or leaves etc...all I saw were enormous plaid lumberjack shirts. I don't know anyone who would look good in them. P.S. The wind usually dies down for an hour around sunset time. Very pretty quilts!

  7. Beautiful quilts ladies! Bonnie, your skies are really gorgeous. I am a sky lover. We got our first frost Tuesday night. 31 Degrees here in Mebane, just east of Greensboro. Brrrrrr.


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