Monday, October 24, 2022

Scrappy Sisters Seeing Stars!

These gals were sewing string star units from dawn to dusk and beyond - all weekend long!

Did the scraps go down in volume?  Of course not!  There are always more scraps where these came from - I haven't been able to figure it out yet, but there you have it.

And I LOVE the attempt of sewing them down..even though I know it's a losing battle! (Which is really a WIN, right?)

I took a little trip on Friday afternoon to get Ivy her last shot, and while I was out and about, the quilters hit up the local quilt shops in search of more background fabric options.

How do you choose what you want for the background -

When all of the choices look great?

The green looks so good -

But so does this blue!

Green it is!  And things are coming together!

The gold piece?

It ended up here in someone else's star!

And all of those Y seams are  so sharp and pretty!

I adore Pam's light neutrals on blue!

Her mom's star uses an antique tan - it's gorgeous!

When asked about her background she said "It's been on the shelf forever."  It's PERFECT with her reproduction scraps.

Toasty neutrals on red!  Yummy!

I walked in Saturday morning to see this -

Turn into this!

And before I knew it:


It was really fun teaching Santa Fe String Star from my book String Fling to this group.  So much so that I've now got a hankering to make a different one!

While posting progress photos to our Quiltville's Open Studio group on Facebook, Kim shared her finished Santa Fe String Star for us all to see:

With red!  Ooh, la la!

Thanks for sharing, Kim!

In Ruby Jubilee progress - Lola was holding down the bin of purple string parts - and I continued to play with block placement.

I know I said this was genius in my last post - but the way that Denise has us making this quilt in sections is brilliant!  

Each section is a road map for block sizes and placements, but so easy to move blocks around within that road map.

It made it easy for me to sort my blocks by block size, and then move the blocks around so I didn't end up with too much of dark purple in one section or the other - and I love how the leftover string bits are filling in as the filler strips.

It's been quite the task of Quilter's Yoga on the design floor.  Good for keeping me limber!

On the homefront - 

Dogs 1, Duck 0!


They'd only been left alone for about an hour - Hubster went to archery, and I came home at dinner time.

GIRLS!  And yes, they knew they were in trouble but they didn't care.  They showed that duck who was boss.

And in Bristol news! 

Bristol has been out for a week and OH MY GOODNESS! 

Gift-Away entries are over 4,100! That's such a good indicator that I'm not the only one in love with star quilts, or plaids or plaid star quilts!

Thank you!

If you haven't gotten your entry in, please visit the Gift-Away Page and do so!  We will draw for our two winners THIS Saturday 10/29/22.

I will be drawing for 2 lucky winners that will each receive a Bristol PDF pattern from me and a Checks & Plaids Color Roll from  Cotton to Quilts!

Quilt Details:

Plaid Paradise!

For the star quilt lovers everywhere - Whether you sew with shirt plaids or scrap stash, Bristol is bound to be a favorite!

Easy to follow instructions, optional construction methods, full color photos and graphics to guide you from beginning to binding!

Quilt Size: 75'' X 75''

Optional but helpful: Bonnie K. Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool and either the Simple folded Corners ruler, or the Simple Folded Corners Mini.

Traditional rotary cutting methods are given for those who don't have access to these rulers.

Introductory Special: I have placed the PDF pattern for Bristol at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.  No coupon needed!  Sale price good through 10/31/22.  Hurry now and save!

I've also placed the PDF pattern for Spider & The Fly  at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop - no coupon needed!

The price is good through 10/31/22 and will revert back to full price on 11/1/22.

And do you know what happens ONE WEEK FROM TODAY?

Yes, Halloween.  But you know what else that means?

Quiltville Winter Mystery Introduction with colors, yardage and more!

Are you in?  Woooot!  I can't wait!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This has been the most beautiful colorful fall that I remember. 

My goal is to take in as much of it as possible, every gust of wind with falling leaves, every morning sunrise with temperatures hovering above freezing.

We've a beautiful fall day ahead and I'm ready to be out in it.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone!



  1. All the Star quilts are wonderful.
    The dogs probably don't like to be left alone. Spoiled. Ha.
    Hope sweet Ivy gets all better.
    Enjoy your day ❤️

  2. Love your blogs!! It shows that you put much time and thought into every one. 💕

  3. while the west Coast of southern California isn't quite as cool or colorful, this morning I thought, ooo, i might have to don my robe for coffee & breakfast... during the past few months (summer), i've been spending my mornings in jammies at the computer! This morning needs a robe!! computer says we're at 54* it is a little brisk!!! and meanwhile in my quilt studio, making an attempt to clear away to prepare for the mystery... i have yet to begin RhodoTrail, and i love how it turned out!!! there are piles of "to do" on my dining room table!!! Not a good feeling, having these projects breathing down my neck... it's supposed to be fun!!!! So, that's my lesson to me this morning from a very brisk Carlsbad CA, I've been so enjoying the pics of pumpkins and fall -- hope Ivy is all better now... and your foot continues to heal... love, prayers & blessings, Cats.

  4. The star quilts are spectacular! Each one made from years of quilting scraps has it's own personality. Nature has put on an amazing show for us here this autumn... the colours have just been the best!

  5. I think your Ruby Jubilee will have to be an Amethyst! Thank goodness the girls don't eat quilts! I think this duck is beyond repairs. Waiting for the mystery patiently.

  6. So impressed with all these Star quilts!!!!! Beautiful!!!! Great job Ladies!

  7. Many people talk about using up all their scraps, but I would never want to do that! They are treasures to me--long may they multiply. 😊

  8. I agree that they are all looking fabulous! All the scraps in the choir make beautiful music! I have the book and I printed myself a dozen starter templates - for future use.

  9. When I first looked at the mutilated duck I thought they had chewed a quilt up. lol My cats like to hide things and the duck head coming up in the middle made me shake my head. Love the fur babies. I also love the string stars they each are so beautiful.

  10. Was the duck a decoration you had for Fal or a Dog toy? They are naughty girls. Sew fun to see the stars come out on the design walls so many background choices to play. Waiting by the Computer for the Colors! Lowe's trip on the calendar. I do have the color tool so I can pull fabrics as soon as I see your post. Have a Great week. Getting cooler in the PNW - Quilting Season is here.

  11. I'm so dazzled by all the string stars, and the amazing progress the quilters are making!

  12. Oh! I can hardly wait for next Mondy. I am so excited to go shopping in my stash. Love all of the colors of the star quilts. While I am patiently waiting for next Monday, I am working on a mini Dresden plate wall hanging. I just need to add the border that needs to have scalloped edges. A mini Periwinkle block quilt top. I only need 2 more rows of 15 blocks and a log cabin top made with 1 1/2 strips with red centers. I am not a very patient person so I am trying to keep busy. lolol Happy Monday Everyone.

  13. Purple Jubilee looks fantastic!

  14. Where do I find that pattern? I know you told us but I didnt think I'd want to do one. BUT - these are so pretty and I can paper piece and do Y seams so I think I do need to make one -- oh, and I have a ton of scraps. I can't throw it away. I think you were the one that said - years ago - save the scraps. You paid for them so you might as well use them!! (or something very similar!

    1. Santa Fe String Star is found in my book String Fling.


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