Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Oh, Those Sewciologists!

We had not just one - but FIVE Straits of Mackinac finishes over the porch rail this past weekend!


Here we are capturing a bit of afternoon sun (and shadow) on this glorious Sunday afternoon.

Of all the quilts from my book String Frenzy, this quilt is undoubtedly my favorite - and the one I tore my hair out most over.  But it was so worth it!

I was excited to see them all side-by-side for our photo op on this gorgeous October day.

Here are two of them along with Idaho Square Dance from the Addicted to Scraps book and a lovely Rhododendron Trail.

These gals have sure been busy in the stitching department!

Patti is sharing her crumb creations (Not sure what the fantastic argyle one is - anyone know?) and Jean has Good Fortune, Frolic and Pinwheel Fancy from the Addicted to Scraps book!

Along with her Patches & Pinwheels from the Free Patterns tab, and her En Provence!

More of that sunlight is streaming in.  We'll take it!

Irene's quilt Talavera Azul can be found on the Cotton To Quilts Website HERE. Next to her is Sherry's Garden Party from the Addicted to Scraps book.  

Where the sun is streaming, is a gorgeous Grassy Creek top (sans strings!) 

And because we were running out of room and filling in, a diamond quilt top made by Patti!

Talavera Azul unfiolded!

Risë is sharing her multicolored Straits of Mackinac - wow! And Michelle fills up the last corner with her Boho Heart with Sherry's folded Jared Takes a Wife Free Patterns tab  folded in the sunshine.

Unfolded and out of the sun.  I love her colors!

One more look at this gorgeous Straits of Mackinac!

I love how the quilting texture stands out in the afternoon sun.

Up for quilting next!

Thanks for filling the porch, ladies!

And even funnier: While all of this was going on - this was happening on the road out front and to the side of us:

They are beginning to resurface the road.

Which blocked traffic in all 3 directions for miles.

(Photo taken through the window inside the QPO.)

So this waiting traffic got a quilt show over the rail to occupy their waiting time!

And yes, the ladies did get comments yelled from open windows to much cheering.  How fun is that?

Still - our roads in front of the inn may suck for the next couple of weeks as I understand they are repaving a 4 mile stretch in front of the inn.

We'll see you next October, Sewciologists!

Thanks for a wonderful retreat week!

In between loads of laundry -

I have moved on to greens!

I know not everyone is attracted to wonky log cabin blocks.  I adore them - how different each one looks.

As I have studied antique quilts for more than 3 decades now - those quilts that were just that much off kilter always fascinated me.  So I am running with this project wherever it takes me.

I am picking up pieces from the recycled shirt strings and just sewing them on, no trimming.  Pieces can be wide or narrow, or taper and lean. Round and round and round I go until the block is big enough for me to trim to size. It's set me free!

This is the calm before the storm season, right?  Do you know what happens in just 2 1/2 weeks?

Mystery colors and yardage requirements and background information for this year's Quiltville Winter Mystery come out!  My head could just explode with excitement over what is coming.

But for now...the calm.  I need the calm.  For a couple more weeks.

And this is where I'm finding it.

Where do you find your own calm?

I've placed the PDF pattern for Spider & The Fly  at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop - no coupon needed!

The price is good through 10/31/22 and will revert back to full price on 11/1/22.

Today I'll be greeting the Muddy Creek Misfits when they arrive this afternoon.  There are just a few finishing touches to do at the inn to get everything ready.

And in between - more log cabin block sewing!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I Love Audrey Hepburn!
Carolina Crossroads quilt from my book Scraps & Shirttails made by Carrie from Delaware.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. That was one spectacular quilt show! The Mackinacs were amazing! WOW!

  2. Glorious over the porch rail display. Must be very cool to drive by as this happens. Love 💕 Idaho Square Dance quilt and the Mackinac quilts too. Such dedication.
    Trees are just spectacular here now. Big storm coming tomorrow with high winds and 🌧️. That will take down many of the leaves.
    How do I get my calm on? Hmmm, I think when I get to sew for a few hours.
    Have a great day.

  3. The Argyle quilt looks like Diamond Detour from Sassafras Lane Designs. Love to see the quilt displays over the railings. Many thanks.

  4. I recently finished my "Jared takes a wife" that I started in your workshop held in Sioux City, IA (I believe around 2016???). I LOVE Sherry's colors! I may need to make another. Thanks for a great, free pattern!

  5. I too love Wonky Log Cabins!!!!!! Always done mine in solids for the contrast but I may have to make a few with prints and shirtings now.

  6. wow the straits of Mackinac are beautiful. i would love to see a close up of the multicolored one too. it was to small for me to get a good look on the rail. they all are wonderful.

  7. I LOVE that Jarrod Takes a Wife quilt! Great colors.

  8. Thank you for all you do Bonnie. Love the quilt show.

  9. Amazing show for the passersby, waiting for the flaggers to let them to start back up. Or maybe they have those Solar Stop lights that take a while to turn Green. .
    Log Cabins are NOT calming for me, maybe the wonky ones would be. Waiting and watching for the Mysery, even though my last 2 are in time out again. No room to lay it out and see if I have enough Flying geese. Don't want to put up my design wall that isn't big enough for RT. Quilt Show this weekend in Spokane. I'll see if there are any Quiltville sightings. I will have a Susan Blumenshein sighting, she was at the PNW Retreat when you came. Excited to visit with her.

  10. Wow, Love the quilt show. The multicolored Straits of Mackinac is Beautiful. I also love Irene's quilt. Happy Sewing Everyone

  11. As a quilter from TRAVERSE CITY (2 hr south) I visit the straights several times a summer...particularly taking my bike to Mackinac Island each time for a fabulous ride or two around! I have thought many times how I would love to take my quilting machine, supplies and a few totes full of fabrics to one of those beautiful old homes...and stay for the entire winter, disconnected with the main land and connected only to my projects!! Who knows if that will ever work out, but you ladies have shared such a precious part of your lives and I thank you for the inspiration.

  12. Beautiful quilt show. I too would like to see a close up of the multicolored Straits of Mackinac. I have been trying to get up the courage to make one. You said it was a challenge for you. What was challenging about it? How did you overcome it? I still have Grassy Creek on hold. Maybe this winter will see some progress. Thanks for sharing your world with all of us.


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