Tuesday, October 25, 2022

October Sunshine and Scrappy Sisters!

You'd never guess we'd even HAD temps below freezing earlier in the week with the jacket-less bliss in this photo!

We need to soak up these rays, baby - because it can't last for long!

It was a beautiful weekend and I'm so glad I got to spend it with Pam's Scrappy Sisters as they retreated away at Quiltville Inn.

The camaraderie just swooped me right in and as they talked about future stitching events in their own corner of Tennessee, I wished I could join in too!

I love it when a group makes me feel like one of the girls. 

And yes, they can do a straight pose too.  LOL!

We were lucky that the wind cooperated for our over-the-porch-rail photos!

Let that sun shine and soak it in!

Rhododendron Trail, Midnight Flight from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders, Rivanna (in Purple!) and another Midnight Flight.

This group did Midnight Flight as a workshop last year, and I am so happy to see the return of finished quilts this year!

Indigo A Go-Go from String Frenzy, Two more Midnight Flight quilts, and a Rhododendron Trail!

Rhododendron Trail variation, Midnight Flight, Straits of Mackinac from String Frenzy, and another Midnight Flight!

Of course, we had to take a photo of all of the Midnight Flight finishes together -

And the Rhododendron Trail finishes as well!

A full out Straits of Mackinac!

Love that sunshine - look at that quilting texture!

Indigo a Go-Go in the sun as well -

Such a happy smiley photo!

And yes, there is even a Ruby Jubilee Top finish!


Thank you so much Scrappy Sisters!

We'll see you again next October!

In my own Ruby Jubilee progress -

More sections are coming together, being moved around and final placements being decided upon.

I have so many shades of different purples that I am trying to balance everything without being TOO caught up in things being "just right"  It's a random sampler quilt - it needs to be somewhat random!

The orphan box has come to my rescue a time or two - I've found some other purple blocks left from other projects or Addicted to Scraps columns.  I also found a baggie with leftover units from our earlier En Provence mystery.  There were purple and neutral 4 patches, some hour glass units in neutral - I made some of the filler units from these leftover pieces.

I'll share more photos as it comes together.

In OTHER GRAND NEWS: The circuit board for the long arm machine arrived - and we get it installed last night.  I ran some simple test stitching without thread as I have a quilt partially installed.

Today I may get to work on that quilt and watch it really up and running.  I'm still somewhat holding my breath and waiting for the sky to fall - but hopefully we are all systems go.

The toss up is - will I quilt today? or will I continue to work on finishing the purple jubilee top - so I can get it off the floor?

We also have an interesting scenario happening tomorrow - We were told that the power will be out at the inn and QPO addresses while they replace some power poles in the area.

The inn is on a whole house generator, so that isn't a problem - but the generator does NOT power the QPO so I will be without power tomorrow there.

No power means that the internet modem and cell phone boosters will also not work, so there will be no cell phone at the inn or QPO because without the booster running off the modem we are dead in the water.

And retreaters will be arriving around 4pm - so hopefully all will be back on by then.

It's always something isn't it?

And in Bristol news! 

Bristol has been out for a week and OH MY GOODNESS! 

Gift-Away entries are over 4,300! That's such a good indicator that I'm not the only one in love with star quilts, or plaids or plaid star quilts!

Thank you!

If you haven't gotten your entry in, please visit the Gift-Away Page and do so!  We will draw for our two winners THIS Saturday 10/29/22.

I will be drawing for 2 lucky winners that will each receive a Bristol PDF pattern from me and a Checks & Plaids Color Roll from  Cotton to Quilts!

Quilt Details:

Plaid Paradise!

For the star quilt lovers everywhere - Whether you sew with shirt plaids or scrap stash, Bristol is bound to be a favorite!

Easy to follow instructions, optional construction methods, full color photos and graphics to guide you from beginning to binding!

Quilt Size: 75'' X 75''

Optional but helpful: Bonnie K. Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool and either the Simple folded Corners ruler, or the Simple Folded Corners Mini.

Traditional rotary cutting methods are given for those who don't have access to these rulers.

Introductory Special: I have placed the PDF pattern for Bristol at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.  No coupon needed!  Sale price good through 10/31/22.  Hurry now and save!

I've also placed the PDF pattern for Spider & The Fly  at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop - no coupon needed!

The price is good through 10/31/22 and will revert back to full price on 11/1/22.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I find it hard to create when I am stressed out or feeling pressured.
It's times like these when I need to take a long walk, pet the fabric, and work my way back into creativity.
Do you feel this way too?

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone!



  1. I was smiling from ear to ear looking at the porch quilt photos! I loved that they were all Bonnie finishes and I could name every pattern from memory! The Midnight Flight collection was stunning and inspiring! Wonderful to hear that your quilting machine could be repaired so quickly and you're up and running again... well, if actually have any power to run it! Thanks for the inspiring blogpost this morning!

  2. Doncha know? Just when I said, "I do not need another thing, another pattern" -- and passed on collecting Ruby Jubilee,... now I'm seeing all the wonderful ideas, esp. for "orphan blocks" --- would you mind telling again, how we could collect the pattern for this very enchanging quilt??? Thanks, Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. I'm feeling the same way. I really love how this Ruby Jubilee is looking.

    2. The pattern has been included in each addition of this year's Quiltmaker magazine. The most recent issue (Nov/Dec) has the assembly instructions. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how you would go about collecting these issues....maybe visit the Quiltmaker site and see if you can purchase individual copies??

    3. thank you ladies, that's probably why i declined, i didn't want another bunches of magazines... since i'm overcome now with projects-in-waiting! But this Jubilee is so inviting! sigh... Cats in Carlsbad, CA

  3. Awe, all the Midnight Flight and RT finishes! So fun.to see. You're right, it's always something. Had to get rescued by my local family when my car wouldn't start. Thank goodness SIL is mechanical and knows his stuff. Thanks for sharing your Purple Jubilee progress. 💜 and THANKS for fast shipping, before power goes out.

  4. Gorgeous over the porch rail display. Lots of inspiration.
    The power outage is only for a day.
    You'll get by. Make it a personal spa day .
    Love your new block in the Quiltmaker.
    Have a wonderful day ❤️

  5. I'm so happy you do porch photos! It's so much fun to see the different quilts and colors. One day I hope I can convince my friends to take a ride to the middle of the country and join you! Meanwhile, your blog in the AM makes me really happy!


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