Saturday, February 08, 2020

Quilts of Valor Day and More!

Quiltville Inn was a busy bee hive yesterday!

Quilters from the Alleghany chapter of Quilts of Valor in nearby Sparta, NC and surrounding areas gathered at the Inn and filled the Quilting Quarters with the hum of machines and quilt production.  ALL going to a good cause!

Many of the members live as I do, straddling the state line between North Carolina and Virginia.

NC Quilts of Valor groups.

This group may be small in number but they are mighty!  They constantly sponsor work days and members are also working on their own behind the scenes to produce the quilts that find their way to well deserving veterans.

I’m not one who likes to discuss politics – especially not here on my page, but I can say that no matter which side of the fence you find yourself on – Quilts of Valor and the veterans who receive each and every one is something we ALL agree upon. These men and women fought for our country no matter their own political beliefs.  And working together on things like this unifies and reminds us of what is really important.

Some machine sewing, some binding and putting on labels!

Making blocks!

Cutting stations getting a work out!

Red white and blue strings!  I’m in love!

Adding sashing.

Someone is going to LOVE this quilt!

The more stars, the better!

For a special veteran who loves dogs.

Find the one facing the other way!

I don’t know the pattern name or designer.

If you do, could you leave it in the comments below? Thanks!

Nine of us for a delicious chili lunch!

This was absolutely perfect as it was blowing and snowing and extremely cold outside.  SO MUCH SNOW. Blowing sideways.  Crazy bipolar show globe outside.  It really didn’t start to stick until evening time, but the wind was brutal and that made it all so much nicer to be warm and toasty inside.

I kept the wood stove fired up in the Hen Den.  The gas fireplaces were ablaze in the Quilting Quarters.  Warm chili in our bellies and it was PERFECT in every way!

It’s coming together, growing with every row!

Fabulous!  And ready for quilting!

I enjoyed the comradery that this group shares, and so happy these folks are LOCAL and that I am getting to know them better.  Hopefully they will be back for another Quiltville Inn work day in the fall. We are checking on dates!

Is there a Quilts of Valor or veteran's quilts organization near you? I bet they could use your helping hand.  Contact them and see what you can do from where you are. The side benefit is being in contact with the other folks who love quilting as much as you do!

As for me?

Sugar Loaf blocks!

Since there was an open table due to a few folks not attending due to weather, I brought my 301 over from the QPO next door and enjoyed a sew day with the ladies.

These blocks ARE like Potato Chips – you can’t just have one!

Sunrise and iced over rain chain!

And since today is a balmy 25 degrees with ice and snow – I’ll be staying in and making more. I have no need or desire to go anywhere, be anywhere. Just here with my machine.

Yikes! That’s cold!

I am also remembering my Grannie today.  It’s her birthday.  It was always mine on January 23, Grannies on February 8th, and Dad’s on February 11th and we would celebrate them together.  I am missing her!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This goes without saying. Focus on what you have, not what you don't.

In other words, Keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole!

(Love these vintage plaids!)

Happy Sew Saturday, everyone!


  1. cheers for the qov sewers everywhere...our guild presented to a WWII vet in 2019 and sadly he passed one week before christmas in 2019...so glad he was awarded his quilt to enjoy beforehand....patriotism has no political affiliation...

    1. Hear, hear, cityquiltergrace! It boggles the mind what these veterans have seen and endured, especially those that have been in combat. My heart swells when I see someone receive a quilt that acknowledges their sacrifices and appreciates their efforts.

  2. I joined a local quilt ministry at a church close to my house. We just celebrated making 75 quilts for the veterans in the congregation. I am so proud to have been able to quilt many of them on my long arm and make a couple myself. Grateful to be able to say “thank you” for their service!!!

  3. My dad, a WWII vet, was awarded a QoV 3 years ago, when the whole family was gathered for Christmas. The QoV quilter came to our house, since he cannot leave the house easily, and did the presentation. Three years later, that quilt is still on his bed! Love QoV!!

  4. We have a Vietnam Vet who lives year round in the woods. This is upstate NY, it gets very cold! One guild member knows him and our community service gifted him with a Quilt of Valor. His living conditions at best are challenging but I hear that quilt meant a lot to him.

  5. I always look forward to Quilts of Valor sew days. I can't think of a group more deserving of a beautiful quilt to wrap them in love.

  6. QOV is a group that I am proud to be a member of here in Benton, Arkansas. Bonnie if you are ever invited to a presentation please consider going. It will never be forgotten. Your Irish Courthouse that was 1/2 price pattern last month would be fantastic for a QOV.

  7. Oooh...y’all are getting the storm we had Wednesday night. Thankfully, it wasn’t that bad here. The quilts are gorgeous! Thanks so much for letting us peek into the goings on at the Inn. Hoping so much to be able to attend a meet together there someday. Stay safe in the bad weather and enjoy the sugar loaf blocks. They are looking amazing!!

  8. I went to our local Quilt of Valor Day on Feb. 1st in Dover, NH. What an honor to be a part of this! And we had sew much fun, a lot of laughter was happening! Happy to hear you hosted the sight for it! Thank you Bonnie!

  9. Yay for QOV! I received my quilt, a Carpenter's Star, last March!
    I Love the Carpenter's Star here. I would like to make one like that. I do donate blocks, but our local group is quite a ways away, out a long winding road to boot!

    - Oh- I want to tell you I acquired an 1881 Singer Treadle machine a week ago. I do not know if it is a model 15 or model 27. But it is a Sphynx head, and the repair shop has one identical to it. I took it there before I brought it into the house for a complete cleaning, oiling, going through. It needed a new belt, spool pin. Other than that it was complete; to include the shuttle, bobbin case and elongated bobbin. This is almost identical to the one I learned on, other than the cabinet. I need to get a manual for it also, so I can maintain it here at home.

    Kasilof, Ak
    Where it is a balmy 34 degrees, sunny and very windy. We have had snow, rain and wind today. I am staying in, other than I may go out and do a little shoveling, but I doubt it! Time to head for the sewing room!

  10. Bravo ladies. I belong to a small group who does this as well. The need is great. We have a large Veterans hospital here and multiple assisted living homes where are veterans live. I applaud your effort, your friendship, and your dedication to the project. Quilters bring happiness, warmth and compassion to the world. Thanks for sharing Bonnie!

  11. Such beautiful quilts for deserving veterans, looks like a lot of fun was being had. Your sugar bowel blocks are beautiful the quilt will be gorgeous, waiting with interest to see how you put these cute blocks together.
    So pleased you were able to have a sew day with these lovely ladies, the ice on your chain looks so pretty, but I’m sure the icy roads near you are treacherous, keep safe and warm.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. I just love those Sugar Loaf blocks!! Can't wait to see how you put them together!!

  13. We have a QOV branch about 35 miles from our guild. Last year our guild took on QOV as a challenge. Our quilts will be gifted to the veterans on March 15, the 100th Anniversary of the local American Legion. I'm sure we're going to need to make more.

  14. Bonnie, do you have a tutorial for your Sugar Loaf blocks? If not, are you planning to write one and share it with us?

    1. Not yet - likely a future publication so stay tuned. :)

  15. What a gem! Have you found the serial number and looked it up on the ISMACS wensite? If you can, I'm sure you can find the manual

  16. We have a very active QOV group here in Central Texas near Fort Hood. There have been over 200 quilts awarded in the last two years. I am honored to have quilted some of them on my long arm. My father was a World War II Navy veteran, my husband was a Navy veteran and my daughter is an Army veteran with a tour in Iraq. Proud of their service.

  17. I showed the rain/ice chain picture to my husband. He said he hoped that chain was secured to something strong since the ice is heavy. I said it would be fun to see the pile of ice at the base of the chain as the temp warms and the ice lets go of the chain. Fascinatingly uniquely formed ice in a pile.

  18. I will be traveling to the Denver,NC area this weekend to visit my brother and wife. I do I get a hold of the QOV group in that area? By the map at the beginning this group is in my sister-in-law's area. Their son just past away and she does quilt. Maybe this group could help her during this time.

    1. Red Rose Quilter's Guild is in Lancaster County. President of Guild and QOV member is Dottie Shuman. DTS0809@comcast.net

    2. Lancaster County is not close to Denver NC....FYI

    3. this is the closest group to Denver I found one the QOV website.
      Grateful Quilters, Mooresville, NC, sharonbormann@yahoo-dot-com

    4. I looked up on the map, and it looks like https://www.quiltedthimblecottage.com/ is about an hour southwest of Denver. I would call them and ask about QOV groups in that area. You may have to follow a rabbit trail, but I bet eventually you would find someone within a half hour!

  19. Good job ladies..from Canada my Dad recieved a AOV 2019 .. so proud of Dad and all Vets ..

  20. Our small club has made a commitment to award QOVs each month to WWII, Korea,and Viet Nam era veterans at monthly American Legion and Senior Center veterans breakfasts. Quilters can check with their state quilt guild or qovf.org to get involved. Working on these quilts together emphasizes our common beliefs and has nurtured many new friendships in our group.

  21. I have never heard of an ice chain. Exactly what does it do? I live in Michigan and could hang one just about anywhere. I bet that it is beautiful as it melts.
    I truly wish that I had a group of 12 quilters to come and quilt at the Inn.

    Also, love your Jack's Delight blocks--is this pattern available?

  22. Great works, Ladies! Our Delaware Quilts of Valor groups are working right along with you!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²


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