Saturday, February 15, 2020

A Valentine’s Day of Fabric Play! (Pattern Sale!)

Bright and sunny, but oh so chilly!

We gathered on the front porch at Quiltville Inn as late afternoon sun moved to this side of the house, hoping to warm our faces and avoid shadows and breezes!

What is a Valentine’s Day without heart antennas for all?  Can I just say how thrilled I am with how HAPPY everyone is?

Oh, there have been some minor things – like the front door knob falling off.  (Lock-tite has been applied, we will see how it goes now!) A towel hook on the back of the downstairs bath door was requested – frankly it never entered my mind!  The other baths have hooks. This one didn’t because it had never been a full bath before.

The dining room rug STILL doesn’t want to lay flat and we will be looking into alternatives, but for now – that spot at the back edge? Just know that it is there and be careful until we can do something about it.

Just LITTLE things!

And the food – oh, my goodness!  I never thought that my diet would be in danger from all of the invites to enjoy meals and goodies!  Believe me, I’m not complaining – I’m just going to have to step up my walking routine and get more active – but temps need to climb a bit higher first!

Hearts for ALL!

I love seeing things up on design walls!

As I left last night, the ladies said “Don’t come start the wood stove in the morning, we’ve got this!” And I thought – OK!  The 21 degrees on the thermometer this morning said “be glad you don’t have to rush over there at 6:30 a.m.!”

I’ll head over in a bit – after this is posted.

How can I not want to jump in and play here!?

Binding done – sleeve to go!

I did finish the binding on Courthouse Square.  It won’t take long to stitch that sleeve down – so I’ll be hunting myself down a Hen Den chair to sit and stitch by the warmth of the wood stove.

In other big Quiltville News:

Digital Pattern Sale!

While the retreaters at Quiltville Inn stir and awake to another day of stitching their brains out, I am here to let you know that our Frolic Mystery has officially retired from the blog and is now found in the Quiltville Store as a full-color 21 page digital tutorial, ready for download!

As previously warned and emphasized, all parts for Frolic have now been removed from the blog, along with the printer-friendly versions of each clue and are now in pattern form.

For two weeks only - 2/15 to 2/29 this pattern booklet is available at 50% off for only $6.00.  No coupon needed.

And while I was at it - I also placed ALL previous Quiltville Mystery patterns at the same price.

Allietare, Celtic Solstice, En Provence, Good Fortune, Grand Illusion and On Ringo Lake are all included in this sale!

You'll find them all in the digital patterns category of the Quiltville Store.

While there, don't forget to check out the NEW category to get a look at my new Quilty Password Keeper and Quilty Coupon Keeper!

More about them found in yesterday's post.


For those who were interested in the Free Motion Quilting Academy last September, but needed to put it off until the New Year, guess what?  

Spring 2020
Free Motion Quilting Academy registration ENDS TODAY – the Course starts February 17th, so don’t delay!

You can find all of the nitty gritty in my previous post HERE.

While it can be difficult to learn something new while sitting next to a stranger, it is also valuable to learn in community. 

The course Facebook group allows you to get to know and share your work with FMQA Rockstar alumni and your fellow Rockstars-in-Training so you never feel alone as you learn.

The course begins Feb 17, 2020 and runs through May 9, 2020 ending with a very fun & rewarding graduation!


That’s right-- for the cost of sending just ONE quilt out, you can learn to quilt all of your quilts forevermore.

It’s time to turn your tops into completed quilts – YOURSELF.  You can do this!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in North Carolina.

I keep this posted where I can see it often.

Quilting is more than a simple home-dec item or a bed spread for warmth.

It is an expression of who we are.

Express yourself in Fabric and thread today!


  1. Congratulations on seeing your dream fulfilled! A big round of applause goes to The Hubster, family and friends who supported your dream and took the journey willingly with you. From your photos of the past two days, looks like you started with a great group of quilters who are enjoying the inn.
    Connie W.

  2. Oh my goodness... I love that design wall photo and the sewing tables with the wonderful vintage machines and piles of scraps.... ***WWWwwwwweeeeee*** so fun!

  3. Congrats on the First official retreat hosted at Quiltville Inn! Door Knob, Robe/towel hook and carpet in dining room, Oh! to be so lucky as to have only those minor things be an issue! Yay Bonnie (and Hubster and Son!) Just wanted to let you know also that I am enrolled and anxiously awaiting Rockstar Free Motion Quilting Academy with Holly-Anne! Can't wait! Thank you for introducing her to me/us!

  4. What are the wire grid and purple bag thing shown on the photo of the two sewing stations?
    sueclive at aol dot com

  5. What darling women find their way to Quiltville Inn! May all of them and you be blessed this day!

  6. It's been a joy to watch your dream unfold, but even greater now to see its fruition! Congratulations, Bonnie. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

  7. Congratulations! You, your family and friends have made your dream a reality. What are your design boared S covered with? Flannel or batting? I now have a place I can install one. Thanks. Schomaker711@gmail.com

  8. What a busy looking retreat. The design. Wall looks fabulous.

  9. Gorgeous ladies full of fun with their bobbing hearts lol. Love this quote and it’s so true.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx


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