Friday, February 14, 2020

New Kids on the Quiltville Block!

Things in your Organizing World are about to get more QUILTY!

There are a couple of things we have had going on behind the scenes that I haven’t talked about, because I didn’t know when they would finally show up on my door step after many months of waiting!

These two little spiral bound babies may be small in size at only 5’’ x 7’’ but they will make your life SO MUCH BETTER!

Why would you need a hand written password keeper?  Because not all things in life are safe in digital.

Take for instance the password keeper -

Dresden! I’m trying to take photos here!

Do you mind?

When my father-in-law’s health got to such that his 3 sons came together to stay with him and to care for him at the end of his life in the comfort of his own home along with hospice care, it was by necessity that family needed his passwords.

Passwords can be many – no longer is it safe to keep them all the same in case of hacking.  But neither is it safe to have them all on your phone, tablet or computer.

If the phone goes dead and broken (or you do) or it becomes lost - no one can access them without knowing the password for the phone and then a different password to access the password app, and so forth.

While I was in Arizona, one daunting but necessary task at hand was sitting down with my 80 year old dad and updating his living will with me, my sister in law, nieces and nephews in attendance.  

And along with that, we need to know where to find his passwords so we can take care of things for him.

If something were to happen to me, my kids and my husband need to know where to go for my passwords.

They will be found in my password keeper, locked in the safe. (They all have the safe combination.)

What about all of those changing passwords?  I giggled with the quilters on retreat at Quiltville Inn yesterday – here’s a place where those frixxion pens may come in handy!  Just iron the page you don’t want anymore and poof!

Or what about keeping one of your Quiltville Quilty Pencils in the spiral for ready pencil use that is easily erasable?

As for the “This book belongs to” and it has all of your passwords?  Just don’t leave it on the bus! LOL!

You will find my new Password Keeper both in the New and  Gifty Items section of the Quiltville Store priced at only $9.50! 

It also makes a great gift item, so pick one up for yourself – and one for a friend!

This is more than just a coupon keeper!

You can label these pockets however you desire!

There are 16 pockets – and this small 5’’ x 7’’ volume would be great for holding different sizes of needles, fabric swatches, applique pieces, embroidery flosses,  English paper piecing papers, quilting templates and a variety of other needful things.

Each page has one of my favorite quotes – destined to make you smile.

Inside front cover.

Inside back cover – suggestions for categories.

What would you put in these pockets?

You will also find my Quilty Coupon Keeper also in the New and Gifty Items categories in the Quiltville Store, also priced at just $9.50.

The fun has begun at Quiltville Inn with the Pieceful Hearts girls!

They got busy right at the get go – and there is no stopping them!

Paula getting a binding on in the Hen Den!

I came back last evening after dinner to check on things, and settled myself into a comfy chair by the warmth of the wood stove and enjoyed some chat along with my stitching – I was working on a binding myself!  

I love passing the time it takes to hand stitch a binding while in the company of other quilters doing the same.

And I stayed for dessert!

Oh, I wish you could have smelled these apples baking -

The house smelled deliciously wonderful!

Catching Pat a bit animated from where I was sitting!

Lights were on at 6:30am when I arrived!

Quilters were up already!

Check out that moon!

And how often do you see a navy blue sky?

It was almost better than a sunrise.

It may be cold outside -

Temps are dropping and it is supposed to be a brisk 16 degrees overnight tonight.

But the quilters are warm and happy inside!

And as soon as I get my work done at the QPO -

I can go play!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

For looking past my faults and flaws, for all the time you spend

For all the kind things that you do, thank you my Quilty Friends!

Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

May you find for yourself the gift of time with fabric and thread.


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Today is my first grandchild’s birthday. I thought his parents should have named him Valentino but they did not agree. Lol. May I ask: what is the of Paula’s quilt pattern?

    1. Pretty sure that pattern is from Missouri Star Quilt Company and is called Rickrack. I think it is all made with 2 1/2" strips.

    2. So sweet my good friends son was born on Valentine’s Day and he’s called Frankie Valentine ( his first name is really Frances ) hope your grandson had a wonderful birthday

  2. Happy Valentines Day, Bonnie, to you and yours. So glad I have your blog each morning to have my first cuppa coffee! May your day be great, maybe I can finally make it to the Inn some day!!

  3. Lovely! Your dreams and hard work in action. You must be so proud! Happy Valentine's Day to you! Love the keepers! Sharon

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! How fun to have the retreat in full swing for this special day of love!
    Thanks for all the scrappy quilted love you spread around the world Bonnie :)

  5. What a thrill for these ladies to come and enjoy this quilting haven at the Quiltville Inn. Congratulations Bonnie for making a vision come true. Your new books are going to be a hit.

  6. Wish I had a hot fire going here in Iowa. we set a record low from 1905 . it was minus 17 overnight.Today'plan to get the fabric going thru the machine and some binding action tonight. Too cold to go anywhere.Flannel quilt making today. Happy Valentine's. Day.

  7. The moon looks like a heart! Love love your blog, Thank You for sharing.

  8. Happy Valentines Day to all! 💜
    It looks like a great time being had by all!

  9. Happy Valentines Day to all my quilting friends! I hope you have a blessed day with lots of stitching going on. So happy the Quiltville Inn is in full swing with lots of sewing, fun and laughter and everybody is staying warm.

  10. Miss Bonnie, I sometimes use removable labels in my password book that I have had for years. Some sites I might want to change passwords more frequently so this helps keep my book neater. I just got a new book recently & have not used it yet & now you come out with these adorable books! Hmmm, maybe I will give my daughter my new book so I can buy yours, hmmm, works for me!

  11. It's so nice to see ladies who are having fun and quilting. Happy Valentine's Day from another happy quilter.

  12. Thank you again for allowing us to "join" you at Quiltville Inn. Have a question, you have said that the current groups have first dibbs on same dates next year. How do we new groups get to have a chance to come because who would want to not come back year after year after year lol?

  13. Bonnie, thank you for all you do for the quilting community. How exciting that your dream has come to fruition. What an awesome journey. Happy Valentine's Day. Today is also my birthday and because the restaurants are terribly crowded with V Day on Friday, we stayed in. My wonderful hubby brought 4 entrees and 4 different appetizers from a favorite Chinese restaurant. He set the table with our good china and had purchased a tablecloth, napkins and napkin rings, candles and crystal candle holders and made our favorite drinks, complete with "smoking" dry ice. I was so surprised and joyful. He is ery thoughtful and a real keeper. He doesn't care how much I spend on quilting and bought me a computer programmed longarm last year. I am very lucky and grateful!

  14. It is so wonderful to read of the fun and laughter echoing through the quiltville inn! Oh, if those walls could talk! I’m sure if they could, they’d be so happy to have such activity in them again! Bonnie, how you are blessing people!

  15. The password keeper is awesome. I have one, it is very small and a mess, all those changes! I love how pretty your’s is and the size. Buying one today. Thank you!


  16. Such a fun day at Quiltville Inn! And I love the extra level of security Dresden is providing!!

  17. Oh my it gave me chills (in a good way) to read this post. What a great way to spend Valentine's, spending time with quilters in "your dream come true". The Inn looks wonderful with the moonlight. And those smiling happy faces enjoying their time at your Inn. Thank you for all you do for all of us, and there are a lot of "us" and only one "you". Stay warm

  18. What a beautiful, beautiful place you have built.

  19. We have watched you do this and it is amazing. How fun to have your first group. They look real happy.

    A word of caution on keeping that wood so close to the stove. We just had a chimney fire in our town. Please be careful.

  20. What fun the retreat looks - would love to attend one but its an awfully long way from New Zealand. Is Paula's quilt the Jenny Bowker Shimmering Triangles quilt?

  21. Your retreats all look so much fun, I wish I could be at each and every one lol.
    Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx


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