Monday, February 24, 2020

All the Beautiful Showing & Sharing!

This is Karen and her Punkin’ Patch Table Runner!

There is nothing more fun than sitting back while OTHERS share what they have made – I don’t care if it is from one of my designs, something they have made from a class with someone else, or something they have designed on their own.

It is so inspiring to see the abundant creativity coming from every corner when we gather.

I started doing an “impromptu” show and share at the end of our lunch period many moons ago – and it has since become a tradition of sorts.  I look forward to it as I know so many others do –and we had two days of terrific quilts to enjoy and savor while we were with the Peaks & Pieces quilt guild in Bedford, Virginia this past weekend.

“I think I’ll take up quilting!” she said -

And Katherine dove right into Frolic as her FIRST QUILT EVER!!

And she pieced this mini from her leftovers!

Isn’t retirement GRAND?  We get to explore new avenues and take up new hobbies and learn new skills while making new friends!  Katherine was DOCTOR in her previous life as a pediatrician.  Welcome to the Quilting World, Dr. Katherine!

Kevin's Frolic quilt – using grey as a neutral.

I love how this came together!


I love the turned border triangles and the additional border!

Gail’s Frolic!  Full of plum goodness!

This is also a reminder that Frolic has now been retired from the blog and completely rewritten into standard pattern format.  You can grab the 21 page full-color PDF pattern booklet in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store at HALF-PRICE through February 29th.  It's a bargain at $6.00.

Along with Frolic, you'll find all of our other previous mysteries also on sale for the same low price of only $6.00 each.  No coupon needed - but prices go back to normal on March 1st so hurry!

Gail brought so many show stoppers!

Take a look at her Wild & Goosey from the Addicted to Scraps book!


I love her use of black!

Chris and her Pineapple Blossom from the Free Patterns Tab!

Yes, there is this much fun happening!

(I wish I could remember what was said, we were laughing so hard!)

Vintage hexagon with a special story.

I hope I don’t screw this up as it is coming from memory, but Chris was asked to make some repairs on this special vintage quilt owned by a friend who was dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

The quilt was made by the friend’s grandmother, and she had received it as a birthday gift in her teens and it had been with her for many decades, showing signs of wear and tear from so many years of loving the gift the grandma made with her hands.

The friend unfortunately passed away while the quilt was in Chris’s care being repaired.  The plan now being to finish the repairs and present it to the friend’s husband so the loving hugs this quilt gave to his departed wife may continue to bring him comfort as well.

And so the quilt will live on to comfort others.

There are SO many more quilts to share, so pour yourself a cup of your favorite and enjoy the show.  Click to Play:

Does that inspire you to head straight to your machine and sew something?  It does me!

Beauty from the cabin’s front porch.

I arrived up in Virginia yesterday afternoon – a lovely drive with temps nearing 60 up here.  NICE!  Trees are still bare of course, and it was hard leaving the daffodils back in Wallburg that had started to bloom – it will be several weeks here before we catch up. 

That’s so amazing to me as I am only 100 miles away, but much higher in elevation.

This happened while I was away!

The Hen Den at Quiltville Inn is now cooking with gas!

Click to Play:

At the end of our first winter of actually hosting retreats (Okay, one beta test retreat, two charity quilt sew days and one official retreat!) we have come to the conclusion that dealing with the wood required and always wondering if there is enough, and having to start up the fire in the morning, feed it through the day, empty the ash, deal with the soot and the mess and debris – we are getting TOO OLD FOR THIS!

And so are my guests. 

This is a Napoleon stove and it was installed by the gas company on Friday.  It has a remote control and thermostat.  We have an add-on fan on order and that will help move the heat around.  It is ventless.  I am over the moon happy.

Another side benefit – we got to remove nearly half of the hearth so the room has more walk-around space in it.

I enjoy a wood fire, there is nothing like it- but we will save that activity for the outdoor fire pit to come, and enjoy the ease of a beautiful gas log stove inside the house.

Just in time for our next retreat group arriving from Kentucky on Thursday!

And yes, this means that the beautiful enamel wood stove that WAS in this place is in the garage and will be for sale.

It’s a beautiful stove for another place.

And as I type this – I’m looking out my windows – and it is snowing again.  February??  You are so mixed up!!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Orca Bay quilt from my book String Fling made by Kevin Womack.

And all at once it hits you, it's time to leave the rat race and simplify and reconnect with those who really matter.

This quote of the day image came up from my memories feed in Facebook and I needed to share it again after spending time with the fun Bedford folks this past weekend!

Okay.  Time to grab Monday by the horns and get down to it – snow or no snow.

I’ll be making way my to the Quiltville Post Office and begin to tackle things that came in over the weekend, and consider unloading the van – maybe after the snow stops.

What’s up for your Monday?

Have a great one!


  1. Have to say...I love Kevin’s color choices in his quilts! So bright and bold! Looks like you had a wonderful time. It’s so much fun to live your life with you...seeing you enjoy your dreams being fulfilled! Have a wonderful and safe day.

  2. Have a great day Nonnie, just take it slow!!

  3. Now, now... you know February and March are schizophrenic in their weather patterns! We're supposed to get snow here in North Dakota, today, too, waiting for it to start falling, but the temps will be right around freezing, which we love, because we've been down around zero and sub-zero... the lilacs around the house are starting to turn green with tiny little leaf buds about to burst out. Hints and signs coming, every day. We finally get to see the ground under the snow, and the green is already manifesting in the brown. I'm an hour south of the Canadian border, so we're usually the last to get to see Spring appear, and she's already hinting she's on her way here. So, yep, jealous that you already get to see the daffodils, crocuses, etc!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of those wonderful quilts with us, Bonnie!!

  5. Thank you Bonnie for appreciating my freshman effort! I am certainly bitten by the quilting bug. I am plugging away on Straits and completely smitten by the "mountains" as you call them. See you in Egypt!!!

  6. I'm interested in your stove and not too far away to come get it, depending on what the price is. Email me


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