Sunday, April 14, 2019

Saturday in the Rain, String Frenzy Bundle Drawing!

Beautiful white daffodils on the hillside!

It rained yesterday.  Quite a bit of the day.  A soft and gentle spring rain that left clouds and fog hugging the tops of the mountains and hills around Quiltville Inn.

I love rain like this.  It wasn’t cold – just cool.  I admit to taking a break or two just sitting in a rocking chair on the back porch while Sadie braved the wet of the yard to take care of her business.

It was while she was doing thus that I noticed new growth on the slope leading down to the creek beyond the Inn.

What ARE those white things?  I couldn’t really tell until I got upon them – my feet squelching through the grass, my socks instantly wet as water seeped through the mesh fabric of my running shoes.

Oh, these are lovely!

Just in time for Easter!

Yesterday’s beginning -

Not much further than the day before!

Some block surfing has taken place, but really Sadie is doing so well.  It’s as if she knows that she is stepping on something important, but needs a way to get “from here to there” so she does it quite delicately. LOL!

I am nearly half way.  These are small blocks and there are SO MANY of them, as each row gets longer and longer with the on-point setting I find MYSELF getting bored with the process. 

I found that I really wanted to be sewing at a machine with more space at the back of the machine to support the growing quilt top – So I grabbed a 301 and set it up in its card  table with another table to the side, and things started to progress a bit more smoothly.  No pulling or shifting as things get heavier.

Today should see me beyond half-way and nearing in to a top completion.  That’s the goal anyway.

Last night’s hand quilting entertainment!

This pair – what a GREAT feel good movie!  Five Flights Up is on Netflix, and if you are within USA viewing area and haven’t seen it, you should!  Those outside of the US may need to just rent it wherever you can.  It’s wonderful! Heart touching, smile provoking, life affirming as we enter this older stage of our lives.  Just see it!  You won’t regret it!

I didn’t get nearly as much hand quilting accomplished due to being so entranced with these characters.  Moved the hoop twice.  But progress is still progress.

Which brings us to NOW!

Who is the winner of my String Frenzy Blog Tour Bundle Gift-Away?

All of these goodies include in addition to the STRING FRENZY book!

And digital pattern for my Hunter’s String Star quilt thrown in to sweeten the pot!

In search of entry 1748 of 5024!

This is your bundle!

Congrats, Susan!  I’ve sent you an email at the address you provided with your entry.  Please get back to me with your mailing address and I will be sure this bundle is on its way to you when I return home on Easter.

Sadie’s big idea for today.  LOL.

It’s still softly raining.  We may head over to the Inn for a bit this morning – get a few more rows added on, and then I’ll be back here at the cabin by 1pm for another round of family fun online with my brother Scott, his wife Alicia and my dad – it’s a LAST WILL game day!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Like a stone tossed into a pond - every thought, every word, every action has a ripple effect.

May our ripples be positive!

Have a lovely Sunday, folks!


  1. I deleted a bunch of GOOD comments when trying to delete the bad ones...oops! But at least we have a clean slate! BYE BYE SPAMMERS!

  2. I watched 4 Weddings and a Funeral....an oldie but goodie. My, that Hugh Grant has great hair! I made doggie snuffle mats for a charity fundraiser. They entertain dogs per Google.

  3. Love the flowers!! Hope our snow is gone out of the yard soon, so i to will have some also! Thanks for all you do!!! Have a great week!!!

  4. Morgan and Diane are such great actors and they really did shine in this movie. I got it from the library awhile back and we both liked it!

  5. Those white daffodils are so pretty so nice to have them in your yard to signal spring on its way. Ours are finished now and it’s bluebells everywhere so pretty to watch the flowers change with the season.
    You blue and white quilt is so pretty I love to see your progress on these quilts. Have a wonderful day
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  6. Have a Wonderful Week, Bonnie!
    I Love Daffodils, white ones included! Mine won't be up for another month, but might be early this year, with our warm weather!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it has been sunny and warm!

  7. Another good movie with Diane Keaton - “Because I Said So”. Enjoy your day!

  8. Love the blue & white quilt under progress. And I also appreciate your advising on good movies to watch! I'll be looking for "Five Flights Up" this afternoon on Netflix. Thanks, Bonnie


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