Monday, April 22, 2019

A Lovely Quiet Easter -

Pardon my yucky hard working ironing board cover!

It was put to good use yesterday -

Remember that Winter Blues quilt I said was going into “Time-Out?!”

Well.  It had other ideas!

As I was sorting through the remaining blue strips, contemplating yet another blue piano key border (Which I really didn’t want to do!) I took a time out of my own and unpacked the quilts from my Mountain Quiltfest lecture that happened in Pigeon Forge, TN  in March. 

While border ideas were put on the back shelf, I concentrated on refolding and storing the quilts that were not traveling with me for the next couple of upcoming events, and pulling the quilts I am going to need as I came across them.

And then.  There it was.  Right in front of me -

My Checkerboard Rails quilt with those danged on-point setting triangles cut from strip pieced blocks on the diagonal – and I knew it right then. THIS is just what I wanted to do for my border.

It's what this quilt needs.

I could even USE some leftover blue strips from the Checkerboard Rails quilt here!

I was instantly so excited I let everything else on my to do list take a back seat.

I made block after block and when I had enough, I started slicing and dicing and rearranging –would this work all in one color family?

Why yes.  Yes it does!

Side borders are ON.

My only wish is that I had enough time to make two more border lengths for the top and bottom of the quilt – but that will have to wait until I get back from Texas.

The inner border stripe came from my neutral stash, it had an OLD Mary Jo's tag on it that let me know I purchased it at the sale price of $2.99 a yard as a remnant. Maybe 12 years ago or more?

Things I am loving about this quilt – It’s all about the color families, and less about how “new” or “popular” the fabrics themselves are. It's not about a manufacturer, a designer, a specific fabric line. The scraps may be considered outdated and ugly when viewed individually by themselves, but together they make me happy!

So many good old blue friends in here.

The only disconcerting thing?  This quilt has not made even a DENT in the amount of blue scrap fabric in my stash.  Not even the slightest bit.

Corners will turn however they turn – each corner will be slightly different.

This makes me a happy girl, and solves the whole problem of “on point rectangular quilt with odd dimensions."  It is what it is – it ends where it ends – and I so love the motion of this non-piano key border.

I am pushing send on this post early early this morning as I head to Greensboro to catch my flight.

I am on my way to Dallas and then on to Mineola for four fun days of workshops hosted by Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop!  So excited to see everyone and I just know we are going to have a Texas sized good time.

My friend Irene is picking me up at DFW.  We’ll stop on our way and have lunch with Jennifer as I know I’ll be starving – so grateful for the invite, and happy to see her again as it’s been a couple of months.

And then off to East Texas we go!

I will catch you next from there -

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage Apple Core quilt found in Michigan.

When you look back on your life, will you be glad you got in there and LIVED it? 

Make more happy memories! And that is just what I plan to do as I head off to Texas -

Have a fabulous Monday, everyone!


  1. You did it again!! An awesome quilt. Love to follow your process when making quilts. Your the best§

  2. Good Morning and safe travels! I love the winter blues quilt. Do you ever wonder if certain color families in your stash are multiplying on their own? With my stash its greens. Every time I turn around there are more greens, I think someone is sneaking in at night and adding more. lol

  3. fantastic border idea...perfect!

  4. I love this quilt!!! The border is perfect!!!

  5. Love the border. Good solution!

  6. BEAUTIFUL quilt, Bonnie! And your border choice is perfect! Have a great week.

  7. Love the border! Years ago I took part in a 6" square swap. We each sent in a 1 yard of fabric and submit it into 6" squares . The host then mailed us back a package of one each of the others squares. I participated each month for over a year. I chose to match 2 fabrics and make them into puss in the corner . So many have been made. I have made 3 quilts already. Still i have many more. I think I might have to set them with some 16 pathes.

  8. Texas in the Spring... love how your mind works on this border!

  9. I think your quilt is extra Beautiful!!! And the border was a Great idea, Love Love Love IT !!!

  10. Bonnie,
    I LOVE the border treatment you came up with- it really makes the quilt a stand out.
    Happy and safe travels,
    Mary in New Mexico

  11. The Border is a Win! It frames the piecing just as a border should. You will have a blast in Texas. Waving from PNW as usual. I'made putting myself in timeout. Deadlines for Quilt Market!

  12. Oh my goodness! Looking at the blue fabric on the ironing board I see see 4 pieces that I currently have in my stash!! So fun to see them in yours too!

  13. I am amazed at how your brain works. Wa-La! I see the thought balloon pop up with a perfect idea! Love this quilt more and more each time you post it. Was so surprised to see it come out again so soon after you had stay stitched for it's time away, lol. Now I am waiting with anticipation for the pattern; it's almost like looking forward to your annual mystery!

  14. Great call on the border...way more interesting than piano key and perfect for this quilt! Safe travels!

  15. Your border is a genius idea!

  16. Love the border. What a great idea. It is so much more interesting than the design I was going to suggest. LOL

  17. People with 'perfect' ironing boards either don't iron, or (lucky them) they just recovered their ironing boards (again). Mine looked nice about 2 years ago, but will be needing to be recovered again in the near future. I'd rather 'use' my ironing board, than keep it pretty. Have fun in Texas. Enjoy the bluebonnets for me (there should be some left, still).

  18. I love seeing some of “my” scraps in your quilts! 🤗

  19. I love this border idea looks amazing, have safe journeys and fun with good friends.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  20. Love the border! Safe journey! Enjoy East Texas my paternal family's home!

  21. Hi Bonnie. I love the idea of this border. Do you make the border, measure it and then cut the sashing border to fit the gap and get the spacing just right. Hope this comment comes through a si am having trouble with people getting my emails/comments.

  22. Loving the border, Claudia in NC

  23. Love the dark blue border; it sure made the cream and blue pop. The border will need stay stitching to help with longarm quilting. Bias is not my friend lately. Have fun on your trip. Not sure I have much blue, so green here I come. Cream? Time to shop.

  24. Love this! Safe travels to you.

  25. LOVE your border idea, Bonnie..... it really DOES pull the whole quilt together! Don’t you love that feeling when you have a plan and it works?? Have a wonderful trip to Texas.... lots of fun times ahead!
    Happy Trails!

  26. I absolutely love that border!! And you still have lots of blue left? I can't even imagine your fabric stash. haha

  27. Have fun in east Texas, the girls at Stitching Heaven are lots of fun. The weather should hold off until after you arrive in Dallas.

  28. "Corners will turn however they turn" - boy, do I love THAT idea! It fits this happy scrappy quilt.

  29. Your creative child hit a home run on the blues border. Wowie Ka-zowie, no wonder you hadda drop everything else JUST DO THIS !!! Cats in Carlsbad, CA

  30. Beautiful quilt--great border! Fun to see familiar fabrics!


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