Thursday, April 04, 2019

And When There is Time to Sew!

Don’t you love beautiful quilt beginnings?

When you finally see units start falling into place?

And all you want to do is stay at the machine and put the pieces through and watch it grow?

I am sharing a bit of a non-zoomed-in view so you can feel the lovely ambiance of my gas log stove.  Mornings and evenings are still chilly here up on the mountain, but it is cozy and warm with that little fire going in my sewing space at the cabin.

This is the beginnings of the Winter Blues assembly – I’ve been working on the blocks off and on over the past few months.  Actually, it feels more OFF than On – but that will be remedied today!

And yes, the orange is there to remind me to eat healthy and keep my hand out of the bag of peanut M&Ms – so far that is a fail.

I am liking these little blocks so much that there may be a couple of table runners made for Quiltville Inn – heaven knows i have enough old blue fabric in the stash – and these are just super cute.

Growing on the hill below the back porch at the Inn.

What kind of Daffies are these?

There are bunches of them just growing wild on the hillside.

The creek is just below.

There is also a barb wire fence that you can barely see to keep the cows away from my daffodils!

Nature’s beauty.  Just lovely!

This is NOT so lovely!

We are unsure what this brick wall thing was, or was supposed to be.  The bricks are old, of undetermined age.  Was it an outdoor kitchen at one time?  Was it part of a smokehouse or well house?  At any rate, it was a pain to mow around, was never going to be built into something useful or beautiful -

The Hubster has been having a field day taking out his work frustrations with a sledge hammer against the wall.  The good bricks will be saved for lining walk ways, etc.  But after a year of living with this thing and not coming up with any good reason to keep it.  Down it comes.

2 extra tables at cutting table height thanks to bed risers!

There will be cutting mats on top – perhaps drawers for rulers and other retreat notions below.

Or I may in time come up with something else, and move these two tables to the Post Office for Mail Order Assembly Line work space.

I fell asleep with this in my lap -

Watching (sort of) Midsomer Murders on Netflix.

The most exciting thing is that I have turned another corner and am now on row 3 of fans and they almost ALMOST fill up the whole outside row of blocks as I work toward the center.  Rows are much shorter now as I am spiraling into the middle – and the texture is just SO great. 

Photo taken early morning with overhead light off.

You can see the texture with the light off!

I think one of the best things I ever did was telling myself to stop the machine work by 8pm, and RELAX and hand stitch.  I will continue to do it until these old eyes and hands can’t any more.  It is seriously the best time of the day – it makes even the toughest of days a GOOD DAY if I can end with needle, thread and thimble and some hand quilting stitches.

With all that has been going on behind the scenes with Google+ being discontinued – I’ve also heard some news from folks with Apple phones and Ipads having trouble with accessing the blog.  I think it is all related.  They will likely get it ironed out.

Things to watch out for – Make sure the address you are viewing starts with HTTPS://Quiltville.blogspot.com  not HTTP://  This seems to have something to do with it.

Also – get out of Safari and try a non-apple browser.  As Blogger is a Google App, try Google Chrome.  Folks who have made this switch tell me that things now work for them.

Again, I’m sorry if folks aren’t able to view the blog for whatever reason, but nothing has changed on my end – it’s behind the scenes with the whole interface so there is nothing I can do about it but hope they will fix it.  It’s a global thing.  Not just a Quiltville thing.

If you have a friend who is unable to read me - please tell them to try the above? Thank you!

A different view for you this morning!

Nothing like parking on the top of a mountain.

And Sadie says good morning to you too!


I am putting this out there – hoping it will work.  Remember last time that we were ready to go and all of Facebook globally closed down?  We were unable to do it because of that.

While I can’t do it from up here at the cabin, I am headed home tomorrow – picking up the remainder of Melinda’s porch furniture and heading home. I’d love to squeeze a Quilt-Cam in tomorrow evening via Facebook Live at 8pm Eastern.  That’s the plan.  Fingers crossed!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage grandmother's flower garden quilt found in Kentucky.

Our smiles can change everything!

Turn yours on today!


  1. good morning Bonnie! Love your daffodils! Mine are all white with the yellow center or yellow with an orange center. I'd love to find some all yellow ones like you have!

    question... you do your baptist fans around the outside of the quilt working in? They will be facing all directions... I've never seen them done that way... I look forward to seeing it...I thought they were meant to go across the quilt top to bottom all in the same direction.

    1. If you look under Tips & Techniques here on the blog, you'll find Freehand Baptist Fans where Bonnie explains all about it.

  2. Enjoyed the blog this morning, thank you. I also am curious about doing tge fans from the outside in? I have always done my hand quilting from the inside out. Please explain, hopefully I will learn something new, i.e., why you do it that way. On my way from Northern Virginia to West Virginia for a quilt retreat today, hope I do not miss the answer. Happy quilting trails to you!!

  3. I've always called these daffodils, which are usually old and well-established, "double daffodils." I don't know if they start out this way or if they morph into this form. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and quilting and "Happy Spring!"

  4. I love the blue quilt. Great leader ender project.

  5. I probably have at least a dozen varieties of daffodils. Everything from all white to all yellow to ones with apricot or orange or yellow centers. None have ever changed forms from their original variety. They naturalize easily (which yours have done) and are supposedly deer resistant. Truly harbingers of spring! I love the blue 16 patches, too.

  6. Daffodil, Double Hybrids. You are so lucky someone planted them at some moment in time. They are beautiful and deer resistant!

  7. I am so loving keeping up with Quiltville Inn and all your travels. And especially happy to see Sadie this morning. Have a wonderful day!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Thanks Bonnie for your daily blog. Always fun and interesting.

  10. I don't know the actual name of those daffodils. We have some, too, and I just call them old fashion daffodils. The clumps are still growing where they were over 40 years ago. I have occasionally separated a clump and moved them around. Some not doing as well as they use to because of thick brush. We have close to 2 dozen other varieties of daffodils, too.

  11. Beautiful Daffodils! Spring flowers just make my heart happy!
    Someone in our neighborhood has planted many tulips. I am enjoying my evening walk and watching them slowly open!
    Your little spot on the mountain looks like a bit of Heaven! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  12. Just used ipad and no problems. I'm also interested in the "why" of starting outside and going in. It looks so beautiful on top of the mountain and gives me hope that in a few weeks spring will be here in Michigan. I agree, those are double daffies.

  13. Happy Happy blog post this morning! I love the photos of your cabin and the Inn

  14. I receive notice of your blog in my BLoglovin' feed, and then switch over to Safari to read it. I have no troubles reading or writing in Safari, so I don't think that's the problem. Maybe people need to do their updates on their software? I live in an Apple universe, and get you everywhere--no worries about that. Lovely post, as usual--thanks for the peek into your life!

  15. That brick wall looked to me like it was meant to be a restraining wall to keep the mud and water from the hill off the patio and out of the house.

  16. I would love to see a picture of those gorgeous porch rockers behind Sadie! They look like they were build by a crafts(wo)man!!

    1. I also would love to see and know more about those rocking chairs on the porch!

  17. Still loving your blogspot... I have an Apple iPhone. No trouble accessing it. The problem I’m having is I cannot zoom your pics anymore... I am wondering if others have this problem or if it is just me? Thanks as always for sharing...😘

  18. Those daffodils are just stunning how beautiful they look on the hillside. Sadie is so gorgeous.
    I love those little blue blocks they look so lovely.
    I’m on an app,ephone and have never had an issue finding your blog I go through safari.
    Enjoy your wonderful sewing time
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  19. Hearing there could be a Quiltcam makes me smile! Fun to see the Blues coming together. I have Daffodils blooming too. I don't know the name either.

  20. Firefox is working for me, Safari is a no go with most all Blogger blogs, and even some WordPress blogs are screwy. Love the blues!

  21. Love your blog. No trouble (ever!) with Safari or iPad.

  22. Love your sewing spot. It looks very cozy and the blocks are lovely! Daffodils are in full bloom here, too. Looking forward to a possible Quiltcam. Sadie is a cutie. Your post made me smile.

  23. That hand quilting is gorgeous. I can almost feel the softness through the screen.

    I think bed risers are one of the best inventions for low tables conversion. (I've never actually used them on a bed). More great progress for you.

  24. Hi Bonnie- Your daffodils are double blooms, and I do not know what variety they are. But, the cows most likely won't bother them, as ours didn't on the farm in Oregon (65 acres of our farm used to be a golf course, and they grew wild everywhere). The moose don't bother them here in AK either, but they will eat every last tulip, if you plant them. They also do not bother glads, lilies, Peonii, iris's.

    Your quilt and quilting is just so beautiful!!!!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is just sunny beautiful today!

  25. These are the same lovely daffodils that grew wild at my nanna and pa's farm in central NSW. Mum and I would pick armfuls every spring. love seeing them growing wild again

  26. Hello Sadieeeeeeeeee! She doing a Harry Potter Dobby impersonation! She neeeeeeeeeedz you around for a while methinks. Loving the winter blues but that applique is super!

  27. Good morning Bonnie and Sadie! Love the daffodils! Thank you for sharing all the progress at the Inn! It is so wonderful to see. 😊🥰 I love how you keep fun into what you do. Happy quilting and I’ve already set a reminder about quiltcam!! 🤗

  28. Saw your Singer 301A with the blue/white blocks -- got mine at the Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Shop -- feels good that a quilter of your skill has that machine. Stitch on!!


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