Thursday, April 18, 2019

From Two Halves to Whole!

I’m trying to remember just when I started this top.

It had been an idea for YEARS – since I finished putting the piano key border on Idaho Square Dance from the Addicted to Scraps book and found I had leftover strip sets.

It took me THIS LONG to actually grab them and start doing something with them over the past winter.  Was it January?  Earlier?  At any rate – this top has seemingly taken for-freaking-ever to get together.

And yesterday I nearly let an upset in my emotions derail me from completing the top.

Has that ever happened to you?

Sashing yet ANOTHER row as I work toward the center.

This has been my set up – And if I could only have one electric machine in my life, it would be a singer 301.  Nothing can zoom through piecing like this thing can!

And I am ever-so-grateful that I didn’t ditch the old heavy laptop with the CD player in it – I have used and used and used this thing for watching movies – with the sound amplified through an external speaker so I can hear what is going on while I sew.

Yesterday it was “Our Planet” on Netflix (Yes, I can happily say that there is enough of a wifi signal to stream Netflix at Quiltville Inn!  As long as 12 people aren’t all trying to do it at once, it works!) and I so enjoy what music is put to each scene – it’s often the soundtrack that makes animal shows and planet pieces so much fun to watch.

If only all of us came with “soundtracks!” as we travel through life.

My yesterday’s would have been thunderous and agitated – gloom and doom.

I waited for a contractor to show up for 9 hours.  NINE HOURS.  Total no show. 

I doubled checked my texts to be sure I had the right day and time.

This is the SECOND time this guy has done a no-show with no notice.

It could seriously have ruined my whole day.  I get so flustered that I can’t concentrate on anything – and it really took some talking to myself to just let it go, and treat it as “an afternoon to myself.”  And I finally – FINALLY around 2pm (after 5 hours waiting time) laid the quilt parts and pieces back out on the floor and settled back in to getting this thing into top status.

I just don’t understand how anyone can run a business like this.  In this day and era of instant TEXT (our conversation was already in his phone, all he had to do was send a message) email or phone – is there really any good reason to leave a customer sitting like this for not the first time – but the SECOND?

If I handled my business this way, I wouldn’t HAVE a business.  But this seems to be the norm for contractors of any kind.  And I let how ticked off I was just boil inside of me until I was about to explode.

The big job of sewing the two halves together.

The answer came to me when I called up my Dad to see how he was doing.  I explained the whole situation – and he reminded me of something he has often reminded me of – “The root of all unhappiness lies in unfulfilled expectation.”  SO TRUE!

This and the fact that you can’t control anyone else’s behavior, nor are you likely to get any kind of explanation that will make you feel any better – gave me the deep breath I needed to just look at the afternoon as “MINE” and to do what I could with it.


The edges will be trimmed, and then I will stay-stitch around the outside, just shy of 1/4’’ from the edge to stabilize the edges, prevent stretching and any seams popping open while I decide what to do for borders.

Unable to get THIS quilt out of my mind -
This happened last evening at the cabin:

Oh dear, I think I’ve fallen down another rabbit hole!

The red plaid on the left is from a pair of recycled pajama pants.  The purple plaid on the right came from my recent trip to Louisiana – Tracy gifted me a stack of purple shirt parts as I once commented that purple shirts were harder to find in these parts.  Well in Louisiana – college colors are all important on game days, and purple shirts are plentiful! 

Thanks, Tracy! It’s fun to be able to use these right away!

If all goes well (As things unfold with the whole F&W Media bankruptcy thing – this is the second time in the years I’ve been writing for Quiltmaker that this has happened and outcomes are unknown.) You will be finding the directions for this little goodies in an upcoming Addicted to Scraps Column.  We’ll be able to make the blocks together – it’s a fun one.

This morning I am off early (And this is why this is posting early!) to FINALLY meet up with a group of folks from the Mouth of Wilson area.  I feel like a kid going off to a new school for the first day!  They meet the Third Thursday for coffee, breakfast and chitchat at 8am.  I can’t wait to meet everyone as one of the new kids on the block – and sink my roots down a bit deeper in this place I hope to spend the rest of my life.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage string Apple Core quilt found in Alabama.

All it takes is one stupid thing out of 100 good things to change your mood and throw you for a loop. I am so glad that yesterday’s no show didn’t ruin my day in the end.

Focus on the good things!

The small stupid things don't matter.


  1. Bonnie, I’m lovin the new blue quilt, blue is my favorite color, especially denim, looking forward to this pattern soon(?)

  2. Your father is a wise man and a good counselor. I’ve copied down his words to share with others as appropriate situations arise. If we all shared encouraging, uplifting words with each other maybe it wouldn’t be such a cranky world at times. Love the blue quilt - I’m putting the rows together for Ringo Lake and it too seems like no end in sight! My husband just made us a cherry mission style bed - gorgeous - and Ringo Lake is going to rest on it - soon, I hope.

    1. I also copied down her dad's words of inspiration ... I have a little "black book" that I keep with quotes that mean something to me. Sometimes I pull it out and just read through them and remember where I found them. Yes, a wise, kind, good man. Linda

  3. Early wake up today as DH drives off to work. I remember making Idaho Square Dance for your Webinar. Leftovers look SEW good. Can't have the Blues too long with a big finish like that. Glad your trusty 301 did the job. I got one after your recommendation. Have a great day meeting and greeting the locals.

  4. Love the wise words from your dad. You should use them in one of your quotes. Glad you were able to not let that contractor ruin your whole day, and the blue quilt top is great. I’m working on my Idaho Square Dance top from your class at Pigeon Forge, so maybe some extra strip sets are in order when I get to the border. Have a great day meeting new friends!

  5. From a half to a whole.....now I have the ear worm of "From a Jack to a Queen" going through my head. Glad you were able to rise above the anger. Hard to do! I'm deep into two inch squares thanks to you. Marilyn Marks

  6. What a great support your dad is and very wise words. Your blue quilt is simply stunning, I’m loving the way it’s turned out. Yours little blocks are awfully pretty, I can see exactly why you worked out how they were put together. I’ll look out for them in a future copy of addicted to scraps.
    Thank you for sharing your fun with us, hope you have lovely time at your meeting, mom of Wilson seems to be a lovely friendly place to live andim sure you’ll make lots of new friends.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  7. Bonnie, the blue quilt is stunning. I'm always amazed over what you can do with scraps. Don't worry about what may happen with Quiltmaker or F&W. If they do not survive, other publications will be waiting in the wings to sign you. Your talent and fan base are very attractive and any publication will be happy to have your column.

  8. i 'get' the upset with the contractor... i also 'get' dad's wise words, I <3 him too...the new blues? spec.tac.u.lar! again...thank you for your contribution to my life and the quilting world... Cats from Carlsbad CA

  9. I feel your pain. It's disrespect, period.
    You did the right thing. Used the "extra" time to accomplish something to make your day on this planet count for something. I am so excited you'll be turning this top into a pattern. I love it!!

  10. Thanks for sharing your dad's words of wisdom. That's definitely something I need to keep in mind. Love your new quilt top. And that new block quilt block looks interesting.

  11. Thank you! I am totally in awe of the fosished blue top! Cant wait to see the pattern!

    1. Guess my fat fingers got in the way of finished! LOL

  12. Your dad's comment reminded me of something a counselor once told me - not everybody has my script. Meaning people don't always act according to what I expect (no matter how obvious it seemed to me!) However in your case, that repairman certainly had the script you had!

  13. I love love love the finished top.

  14. That quilt is amazing. It is Wow. Love that you turned that negative into a constructive afternoon. I really need to try to refocus myself more like this.

  15. That quilt is just gorgeous! It must go on my list! My son wants to start a handyman business. I told him if he just let's people know if he won't be there he will have an adoring following and will make a fortune!

  16. I love the new quilt! Blue is my favorite color. I also love how you're settling into your soon to be new normal. You deserve everything you've worked so hard for. Except maybe the waiting part, but thats normal. lol Thanks for all you do for us. Hugs

  17. I bet it feels good to finally have it all together. Good luck with the borders. Sad to hear about Gwen Marston's passing. A great quilter, a great person!

  18. I older I get, the shorter the length of time I wait before I call to find out why they're late. If I have a number to call. Current wait time is 15-30 minutes. Have you heard from the guy yet?

  19. I totally get your frustration! I had the same person who I planned to hire to perform work at my house and she stood me up twice and never answered texts about it. I texted and told her not to contact me because I don't have the time or patience for unreliable people.
    In my opinion, if someone doesn't text or call, they need to be totally incapacitated or deceased because there is no excuse for not contacting you...may be harsh..but..
    Love love love the blue quilt, did I say love it? Lol

  20. I'm making a keeper of your father's words, Bonnie. Right now, with the world in turmoil, knowing what is coming down the pipeline, but it not happening fast enough for my, and others that I associate with, tastes, I have to say your father's words are very appropo and timely. Thanks for sharing!

    That being said, you are giving me inspiration on that 'Winter Blues' quilt top... a great leader/ender project, IMHO! Hubby loves the color blue, so a lot of my 'keeper' quilts are blue in color out of love and respect for him.

    1. the winter blues would be an awesome leader/ender :) So, so pretty!

  21. Bonnie, late evening/night texts/phone call promises may mean no-show. As a contractor, my huband had several subs who were gung ho at night, but totally unreliable the next day. When they finally did make their appearance, they were really good workers! Seemed to be a pattern. Sorry it has happened to you. Afternoon appointments with that type person might have better results!!!

  22. Wow I wrote it down too! It reminds me of something I was told a few years ago, that the way not to be DISappointed is not to be APPOINTED in the first place. When things happen, I remind myself that I got appointed didn't I? I really like how your Dad put it. AND I LOVE the blue quilt top!

  23. Love your quilt!! The colors an pattern are awesome. I like the untrimmed look of it. Maybe prairie points for the edging? The advice from your father was spot on. Sometimes we set ourselves up for stuff like this to happen and the it takes control. As I get older I learned that I can't control what others do but I can control how I react to the situation. Good for you to have claimed your afternoon and finished your beautiful quilt top!

  24. Yes I had a upset like yours. Our fridge died and we ordered a new one, well we were going to have a storm. We were told that we would have the delivery before the storm.....10 days later after many phone calls we finally received the fridge. After a few days I realize that all the food was garbage and I sort of relaxed.

  25. Would love to see your dad's words as a quote of the week.
    I am also noticing that several blogs I follow have comments (like Natasha's) that are only there to sell their product and are not at all quilt-related. Makes me mad on your behalf.
    Thanks for a fun and informative blog, Bonnie.

  26. I think that this contractor just saved you the painful experience of doing business with him! Blessing in disguise time! Hugs, Christy

  27. Wow! The blue quilt is just gorgeous. Glad your day was not a total wash. Keep positive, keep going! Thanks for sharing the finish.

  28. Bonnie, please put your Dad's quote on a quilt block, pretty please for a daily quote soon.

  29. Bonnie, I LOVE your new quilt! I hope it becomes a pattern you will share. I was also waiting for a contractor yesterday who did a no show. Problem is that I live in a rural area so competition of like business is not plentiful. So I have to grin and bear it or pay HUGE travel charges to get someone in from other parts of the state to do the work. Glad you could move on and get some quilting done!

  30. I've filed your Dad's wisdom away in my Quote Journal, to remind me not to get off track. But it was your story, with the beautiful quilt and walking us through your day, that made this such a valuable post. Thanks for writing and for creating!


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