Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Filling April Full to Overflowing

It finally happened yesterday.

The day we had planned on for months and months, and even moved it from February to now.

I took a little road trip down to North Columbia, South Carolina for the pass-off of some precious cargo, and a fun lunch with my friend Charlotte Angotti and her co-pilot in quilt crime, her aunt!

In February there wasn’t enough room in Charlotte’s car as she drove from Mississippi to the Virginia coast to host her fabulous retreat week on the beach.  “It will have to wait until next time!” We both agreed.

This trip she was picking up her aunt after having spent some time with her mom, and a teaching gig in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  Dates overlapped where I would be in town and she would be arriving at the “Closest to me” spot on her route – a 2 1/2 hour drive south for me just off I-77 north of I-20.


We had a great visit, yummy food – and it gave them respite from road weariness as their destination last night was Montgomery, Alabama.

And when it was time to hit the road, we headed out to Charlotte’s car to do the big transfer:

A simply lovely straight leg cabinet!

Singer 127 Sphynx!

I’ll have to look up the serial number to see when she was made – but that big heavy chrome handwheel has me giddy. She needs a shuttle and a bobbin plate cover, but those can be had.

And I am still laughing over what Charlotte said about the belt.  “I think it’s the original one.  It’s like petrified.  It’s never been changed, I’ve never sewn on this machine.”

It’s okay!  Belts can be easily acquired and now I can’t wait to get it up and running just to show her that YES she CAN SEW!

She comes with a dedication plaque!

Quilting Every Day Keeps the Crazy Away.


Fashions by Cracker Barrel!

Can I just say that I also LOVE the women’s wear that Cracker Barrel has in their shop area?  And it is even better when items are on a 40% off sale.  As soon as the girls were on their way to Montgomery – I ducked back inside and hit the mother lode.

End of season sale – ending YESTERDAY!  Just in the nick of time. I am headed up to the Grand Hotel Needle Arts Seminar on Mackinac Island on Friday and it is still COLD there.  This is a place where folks have to DRESS for dinner.  I found some 3/4 sleeved blouses with pretty touches and at 40% off I’m set for my trip.  One stop shopping – friends, food, fun, treadle machine, travel-wear and a restroom!

And a good chuckle that may come in handy some day:

WORDS!  Always on the lookout for words!  Hahaha!

Thank you Charlotte – I will be unloading her at Quiltville Inn this morning.  Along with a couple of other goodies.

I had enough time to stop at Sleepy Poet Antiques in Charlotte on my way back from Columbia for my own leg stretch.  I hadn’t been there in quite a long time and I am looking for a couple of narrow cabinets that might work for storage in the retreat bathrooms.

I didn’t find cabinets.  But I am still chuckling about this:

And the ugly furniture of the week award goes to...

Whiskey barrel/wine cask sofa and love seat set circa 1969, the perfect mood setter for your split level house and the sunken living room with harvest gold shag carpet and built in wet bar! Lol!

I have no words here either!

And did I mention it is PLAID?!

Now before someone gets mad at me for being “RUDE AND INSENSITIVE” (Yes, I already deleted those comments on Facebook this morning – where is your sense of humor?!) this is all said very tongue in cheek. 

But seriously – these do not look comfy at all and I can’t imagine stumbling into that sofa back in the dark in the middle of the night – can you? Seriously? CAN YOU? LOL!

The perfect end to a long driving day -

Butter Pecan!

I am up at the cabin for today and tomorrow – heading back down to Wallburg to get ready for Michigan tomorrow night.  I’ll have Thursday at home and off we go.

Oh, did I mention? I don't think I did because yesterday morning I was out the door in a hurry -

I got the top and bottom borders on Winter Blues!

Stay stitching around the edge on my 1950s Necchi Supernova Ultra. 

This will be ready to quilt as soon as the Post Office is ready, and longarm machine moved up here – it is now in the “waiting to be quilted.” pile that has been growing since November.

Now if only I can find what I did with the stack of basket blocks – I thought they were here at the cabin, but evidently they are at home.  Somewhere. 

I have a plan for that setting too!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Quilt found in Charlotte NC.

Anything worth doing is worth the time it takes to do it right!

It's the last day we'll see of April 2019.  What will you do with it today?

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I wondered where you were going to put the long arm when one time you had said you would be retiring to the cabin and I saw a video you did of your smaller sewing studio there - it sounds like your post office building will be the perfect place for the long arm

  2. ....the post office is going to need a "title" like 'QuiltMail' or 'QuiltShip'.... or maybe I need another cup of coffee this morning after late night attaching borders...Bonnie's enthusiasm is contagious, Thank God !!!

  3. I'll skip the barrel furniture, but I do like the rocker sitting between them!

    1. I’m with you! Love the little rocker!

  4. You know what? I love the barrel furniture! If I had the right place for them I'd be slip covering them in something wild and loving the daylights out of them. They're quirky, and silly and who can't crack up just looking at them? Were they comfy?

    1. My thoughts exactly. Re-upholstering them in a more up-to-date fabric for today, and we're good to go! I'd take them in a heart beat. They do look comfy, plenty of cushion/padding. Of course, I'm also circa that era, so we'd be a perfect match!

    2. I love them too!!! We have a room that is decorated in wine memorabilia and my husband does upholstery...if only I lived closer than Texas!

    3. Oh My Gosh, I was lol over this furniture thinking Bonnies done it again ...I bet that furniture sells within the week Cause There's a man cave somewhere in Texas or the south that NEEDS THIS!! ;)

    4. Caro- y thoughts exactly! I Liked the rocker too.
      Rhonda- et al:
      The barrel furniture, I would have liked it at one time. I think re-upholstering it is a wonderful idea.

      Kasilof, AK

  5. Anonymous10:26 AM EDT

    I love that inner border. It is perfect!

  6. My mother did upholstery for 40 years, and I can only imagine how much "fun" that person had upholstering that piece. It is unique!

  7. Have to laugh...my condo was built in 1969 and has the sunken living room (only one step, but still - !). But the Harvest Gold is...my kitchen counters. I do believe they are original. The plan is to eventually remodel and get rid of them, though at the rate the remodeling fund is growing, they may come back in to style before that happens!

  8. A lady from the 1970's agrees with you! Lol- ing in Walla Walla. Harvest Gold, Burnt Orange Shag carpet are the reason I just can't put those colors in my Quilts. A little goes a long way. Happy Tuesday, cutting first a wedding quilt after a 1976 quilt gets a new binding.

  9. Wonderful post. Especially the wine barrel furniture. Someone must of loved for a while at least.

  10. I’m pretty easy going but if my hubby wanted that furniture I’d have to tell him NO! Love all your adventures.

  11. Oh I remember those colors and styles. I'm so glad that they are NOT in style now. I did love to visit the bathroom at the Ben Franklin in Mount Vernon, IL to check out the orange shag carpet they had on the walls. It always made me laugh (too bad the store is closed now).

  12. OMG!! I would totally take that love seat and sofa! I love those colors, and the plaid too. But I totally get the making fun of it, not many have such strange taste in colors. LOL!

  13. When I saw the barrel furniture I immediately thought of the giant fish. It was so silly and there was a lady that thought it perfect for her husband. He now has the fish and loves it. I see that there are several who would love to have the barrel furniture. I always love to see what you find. It just goes to show "truth is stranger than fiction". Looking forward to seeing you at the Grand.

  14. Nice machine, but it's a 27, not a 127..

  15. Barrel furniture not for me lol, but I’m sure someone will love it.
    Your borders are just perfect on the blue and white quilt so pretty.
    That sewing machine is stunning I adore the name plate and the quote is spot on.
    Have a fabulous day love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  16. LOL - wow. I love Mid-Century furniture, and I love funky, off-beat pieces, but that couch & loveseat are a bit much even for me. So fun, though. Thanks for sharing!

    Gorgeous old Singer! Looking forward to updates after you've had a chance to tinker and provide some TLC.

  17. It sounded like wonderful fun.

  18. Excited to see the Culver's ice cream. I didn't know the company had stores in your area. I'm from Wisconsin where Culver's originated and it is the best ice cream, especially when "turtle" is the flavor of the day and if it isn't, Turtle Sundaes are always available.

  19. LOVE the galvanized metal nail bin in the corner behind the ugly couch! That is what is needed in a big quilt studio for all the bits and pieces to keep organized.

  20. I'm with you on Cracker Barrel clothes! Especially those on sale. Plus, I've picked up a number of holiday decor items when they are clearance priced. My first destination when landing in Texas is to eat at Cracker Barrel. If you like fried okra, that is the place to order (or double order) it!

  21. Bonnie- I love your borders on Winter Blues, especially the neutral inner border!

    Where is this place in Charlotte? I may have to fly to NC and visit some friends, go to the quilt shop in Charlotte, the antique shops, etc. Maybe I can find me an old, in good shape singer treadle machine there? We certainly don't have any here in AK!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where we had rain, sun, and now lots of wind today!

  22. Bonnie- What a wonderful dedication plate on your new treadle machine!

    Kasilof, AK


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