Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Playing Hooky All the Way to Abingdon!

So much for staying in to sew!

Mona arrived at the cabin around 9am – the sun was shining, we wanted to be out!

She said she wanted to visit Quiltville Inn and see the new improvements and then she didn’t care WHAT we got up to as long as we were not cooped up inside.

And that is when I laid it out that I really wanted to get over to Abingdon and check out some antique malls, perhaps have lunch out and just explore what is out there.

“Let’s go!” was her reply.  And I’m so glad we did.

I could have stayed in and worked on more Winter Blues on-point assembly – but I was just feeling kind of SEWN OUT.  Do you ever get that way?

A day to play was just what the doctor ordered – for both of us!

We played a day of “Free the Machine!”

Boy, did that ever feel good!  LET THE MACHINES OUT TO BE SEEN.

I look at it this way – there is more table space to lay out your crap precious items if the cabinet is open.  And how are people to even KNOW there is a machine in the cabinet unless the cabinet is open and folks can see it for what it really is?

One thing we did notice – machines were PRICEY down in Abingdon. I think this fairly ordinary Singer 66 red eye was $300. Hmmmm.  How is that supposed to sell if the machine is down in the cabinet?

This was a NICE one!  And Early!

Wheeler & Wilson!

Is it a WW 9? Or WW11?

The decals are worn off and I don’t know enough about the WWs to know.

Next on the “Free the Machine” list:

Oooohh… A Wizard!  What a tank!

I honestly saw more machines yesterday than I had seen in a long time – maybe that’s because evecn this one was priced over $200?

$200 for a 15 in a plastic case?

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my 15-91.  It belonged to my great grandmother.  Then it was given to my grandmother and she made clothes on it for her own children – my mother, her two sisters and her brother.  It sewed many a roller skating and ice skating competition outfit for my mom when she was a teen.  But I have a hard time seeing these machines go over $200 at this stage of the game when just a few years ago there were many in the $50.00 range.  For $200.00 it should at least come with a cabinet in excellent condition.

Another red eye in a broken cabinet -

Evidence of pin-rash on the arm -

Missing bobbin cover plate.

We didn’t even lift this one from the cabinet because of the broken pieces – this one we were unable to free and it was something like $375.00??  We were just completely baffled at the prices of these machines.  Evidently there WERE so many machines because they were priced so high.

We got a big kick out of the vintage sewing lessons book!

No pins in mouth.  Got it!

Okay, I have definitely flunked the “pick up scraps and threads and put away your work” part!

And I do love that when we get stuck, we have each other for advice, help, and inspiration!

Army green Necchi also stayed behind.

But fun to see.  Perhaps someone else will adopt this one.

And of course there were quilts – MANY quilts!  I think I will save those for tomorrow because the “everything else” is taking up all the space today.

Some days we just notice a THEME -

One vintage TV

(I think my grannie had one like this in her kitchen in the 70s!)

Cute TV with bandanna fabric look.

I would have loved THIS in my childhood bedroom – (Look, my shirt matches!)

But the weird one that took the prize?

Well, okay then!

Weird Jetson’s style mid-century modern TV.

Just where the heck are you going to put this thing?!

Someone wants it in Sweden.  Bon Voyage!

Is it going into a museum?

Someone on Facebook said “put an aquarium in it!” 

There are just some eras in history that make me shake my head.  Mid-century is one of them.  It’s loaded with weird.  And that is why combing antique malls and finding the oddities is so fun!

Check this one out:

Plug in soup-heating station.

College dorm maybe?


And you can own this for the low, low price of $150.00!

We can tell you that the one in the right was used far more than the one on the left.  Definitely a bachelor pad kind of item.  LOL!

Circa 1996 from Walmart.

I know this because this is my set at home and I have added to the set from time to time – last time was $16.00 or something like that for the full set of 4 plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls – this set is priced at $86.00.  I think they’ve been talking to the same folks pricing the sewing machines.  The layer of dust says that this has been here for a while.  LOL.

Along with the laughs, the giggles, the talking and looking, speculating, and wondering – I did find something that had to come home with me:

NO!  Not the mop dolls!

We lived through them once, please don’t tell me they are back IN!


This is perfect!

It has most of my favorite Virginia places on it.

You can see ABINGDON at the butt of the sheep at the far left.  LOL.  Roanoke. Lynchburg. Charlottesville.  Richmond. Norfolk.  Newport News.

Someone put a lot of work not only into the stitching of this in 1988 but they gave special care to choosing the matting and the frame.

Welcome to Quiltville Inn, little stitchery!  I know I am going to find a place for you -

And every time I see Abingdon I will remember the day that Mona and I played hooky in the spring of 2019 and found you.

Just say no!

I will also remember the lunch we enjoyed at Chef Heather’s and how we thought it was a good idea to sit here while waiting for our table.  Only neither of us could get up after we had sat down.

This is NOT happening with the claw foot tubs at Quiltville Inn.  Not on the porch, not in the garden, not anywhere – just say NO!

Today I am headed back to the Inn – the Winter Blues top will hopefully (fingers crossed) be completed today.  I’m ready to move on to something else.  ANYTHING ELSE. today – we push through!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Jacob's Ladder quilt found in North Carolina.

How different life would be if we all walked away from gossip and verbal defamation.

Let's make a habit of shutting off conversations that aim to tear others down.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Looks like you and Mona had some fun looking at the antique mall, a bit pricey but fun to see.as for the bathsofa it gave me a chuckle I’ve actually see one before on a tv make over show and thought the it was a bit strange. Fingers crossed you can get the blue and white quilt top done, it’s so close and gorgeous. Enjoy your day
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  2. I paid $350 for my Red Eye Treadle machine. The shop guy who sold it to me threw a 301 in the deal. It was my Birthday gift that year. I guess I paid too much. Love when you play hooky and share the fun stuff. Those mid century things make me shake my head also. Vintage costs more than Antique in that store. 50 years is Vintage I've been told. Happy Tuesday sewing with Mona.

    1. With a 301 thrown in, it was a pretty good deal. Love my 301.

  3. Looks like you had loads of fun! I love the sewing tips, especially "wear a thimble on the middle finger of your right hand - unless you are left handed". What a hoot!

  4. At US Bank in Grants Pass, OR, we had one of those Campbell Soup machines in our lunch room. Thanks for the memory, Bonnie!

  5. We were so intrigued with the TV that we looked it up online. Fascinating! Did you know the front pulled out to hold an entire entertainment system? Radio, turntable, etc. There are lots of funky looking midcentury TVs to be found! It sounds like this was a really different antique shop!

  6. I am soooo with you on the whole head-scratching over midcentury modern. I was born in 1959...some of those elements were in our home. Just...no. I hated it the first time around, don't see any need to bring it around again, lol.

    1. My sentiments exactly! I was born in 1949...hated it the first time and don't get it even having a second. And the boxy homes too!

  7. Oh, Bonnie, I can hear the giggling that happened as you and Mona tried to get up out of that tub sofa! Sounds like the adventures my now-departed bestie and I used to get into.

  8. Enjoyed your post - especially the Jetsons TV -WANT. I kidded DH about needing a new TV and then showed him this one - no, please, no, was his reply, lol. I'm a '59 baby too and love all the different old styles. I tie dye bedsheets, clothing, muslin for quilting and my underwear. My car has daisy decals all over it and gets so many compliments. DH says at least no one will want to steal it - it would be too easy to spot.

    1. ROFL! Oh, the memories. 1957 baby here. Can definitely relate!

    2. any chance you're going to Bonnie's workshops in Vicksburg in August? Are you in Texas?

  9. This reminds me of the adage; "just because you think it is valuable, does not mean anyone else does." Always fun to have a day out with a friend.

  10. That Jestons TV is AMAZING. Yeah, totally crazy and impractical, but what a cool and wacky moment in 'high design.' I was born in the mid-70's, so when I was growing up in the 80-90's, design from the late 50-70's was tacky and dated and eeeewww. But lately I've really come to appreciate that era and MidCentury design and have thrifted a few great pieces. The TV was FUN and I'm tickled that you shared it with us.

    1. I guess we are in the minority here - lol. I am collecting mid-century looking house blocks from pinterest for a MCM quilt - I should try to do this TV as well :)

  11. I have a Necci like that one. In came in a cabnet with a chair for around $20. It still needs a belt. Someday I'll look and find one.

  12. Bonnie, The Peppermill is a great restaurant in Abingdon. Very reasonable for lunch.

  13. I so love keeping my sewing machine open! Thanks for saying it is ok to do that. Hey, I remember seeing them make that couch from a bath tub on Salvage Dawgs!

  14. How fun. My son and I did the same thing yesterday. Can't believe that what I grew up with is now vintage or antique. Go figure.

  15. What a fun day you had!! The sofa-tub even looks shocked in your picture!!

  16. Last Thanksgiving I was driving from DC back to Arkansas and I kept telling people I was going to stop in A-Bing-Don. No one knew where it was!
    Also lunch counters in the 50's had soup warmers similar to the one you showed. Glad you and Mona had a good time!

  17. Great post, Bonnie. Lots of fun to read. Love that you take us along on your journeys. Thanks.

  18. Know your mom from GV, so not surprised to hear her say "Let's Go!". Enjoy your time together.

  19. My dad had a store with a soda fountain and lunch counter in the 40s and 50s. Campbell's and Heinz soups were sold in individual servings and were heated in those electric mugs and served at the counter. No need for a soup of the day. There was always a variety available. That photo brought back fond memories of vising his store and having lunch at the counter with him. A big treat for a 5-year old!

  20. Thank you for each and every quote for the day. Its a gentle reminder for me each morning. Thanks for sharing your day and adventures, they are wonderful!

  21. Oh my! Just moved our daughter and son-in-law into an old Victorian yesterday. It has a claw foot tub. I will send her that picture, in case they want to "repurpose" it. :-)

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Oh, I just have to start visiting the antique malls with hubby, who is a year older than I am. We're too much alike, and both have a sarcastic irony outlook on life... we've be holding our sides in, from laughing so hard, after leaving such a venture as Mona and you had!

  24. wonderful blog enjoyed all of it.


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