Monday, April 15, 2019

Quilt Assembly–the Slow Sunday Way!

On the downhill slope now!

You don’t even want to know how many sashings and cornerstones it is taking to set this quilt together -

I myself have completely lost count.

Not that it matters at this point, but I WILL need to know specifically when it comes down to putting the instructions down into a pattern.

One of the conundrums of being a consummate scrap quilter?  Answering the ever-present question of “How many width of fabric strips does it take to get this many?”
And the honest answer is – “I don’t know, how many strips isn’t what is important to me.”

All of my scrap strips are going to vary in length. So there isn’t one specific formula I can whip out to get the job done.  

“Whatever it takes!” Is about the only answer that I can give myself.  Just cut enough to give you the variety you need to get going, cut more as needed.

If you are working from width of fabric strips, then cut up one strip to see what you can get from it and then do some simple math to give you the answer for how many strips you need to get your job done.

Same thing for triangles – if you aren’t sure – cut from one strip so you know the yield.  And then go from there.

As for me, I just keep cutting and mixing in.

Green outside.

Netflix on old laptop.


This happened before I even left for the Inn and yesterday’s round of quilt top assembly – WOW.  it was off/on/off/on like this all day.  Click to play:

Churchyard cemetery & Christmas tree farm.

(Grassy Creek Baptist Church seen on the left.)

Look how green everything is getting!

And yes, those clouds hold more rain in store – it continued into the night with some real whopper down pours.

Grassy Creek, North Carolina is about 3 miles from the cabin – I’m really sitting on the Virginia/North Carolina sate line here.

Grassy Creek is even smaller than Mouth of Wilson, Virginia.  You’ll find a minimart (State Line Store) plenty of farms and ranches, a few churches -

And the Grassy Creek Post Office (left) still functioning!

From the cabin this is my closest post office.  From the retreat house, the Mouth of Wilson Post Office is just less than a mile up the road.

With a mail order business, I am set with ways to get your book orders out to you! (And I love knowing I am doing my part to keep the USPS alive and well in these parts in not just one but TWO states.)

What’s not to love about a shed sporting TWO barn blocks?!

As I mentioned, last night’s storm system was a bad one.  I heard from Mona this morning that she, Rick & the two dogs were holed up in the bathroom at their place in Boomer, NC due to tornado warnings.  Up here about an hour away we were deluged with rain and wind. 

Mona is coming over today and Rick suggested that I check the drive for any downed trees before he sent her on her way so he KNEW she could get up the drive safely.  So out Sadie and I went.  Click to play:

Nothing in the way of trees or limbs in the drive, but I sure hate that hike back up to the cabin from the bottom.  It’s killer!

Something like 11 percent grade – it’s a real thigh burner!

The plan for today – once Mona gets here – is to just sew at the cabin and enjoy some catch up time together.  I’m planning on a continuation of the red strings I started recently.  I need something a bit brainless.  There is still quite a bit left to go in the Winter Blues assembly adventure – but I need a day away from it.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in West Jefferson, North Carolina.

Sometimes I just have to sit in wonder and laugh at what life throws in my path!

Hey, at least it proves to be interesting!

There is no reason to ever be bored -

Have a terrific Monday, everyone!


  1. Even in the rain it looks beautiful so green and fresh, you have the perfect place to unwind and relax.
    Have a wonderful visit with Mona.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  2. I can understand you needing a short break from Winter Blues, but... good heavens that's beautiful. It almost looks faceted. So, so pretty!

  3. Strings are crazy. I am working on Serpentine Web from your class in Phoenix. I love it. I thought it would use up my strings as I didn't think I had that many. Well it does not seem to even have made a dent in them. I also thought it would go faster than regular piecing because of "no matching" but no seams are seams. It is a relaxing pattern though. Thanks. You will see it next year when you come back.

  4. Have a fun Mona day! Will there be 3 dogs surfing the blocks on the floor? Bored is a word never spoken at my house. Always something Quilty to sew on.

  5. Glad you made it through the storm. Sewing helps me in a lot of ways, but especially keeps my mind off of the bad storms. I grew up in California, and I don't remember any Tornadoes. I like Arkansas, but the weather could be a little better. Lol I am making progress on my Good Fortune quilt. Have all of the parts made, and I am starting to put the blocks together. Love the Winter Blues quilt.

  6. we had a tornado watch here in frederick county MD (my first in 3 years)...but no touch down i don't think...

  7. The weather's been just crazy everywhere. Looks like another system headed your way by the end of the week. Supposed to start here tonight with some rain, maybe continuing into Thursday....not that we need any rain of any kind for a while. Supposed to be nice be the weekend though. I'll be so glad for warm & sunny. That blue/white quilt is going to be a stunner.

  8. The quilt is beautiful! Thanks for helping keep the post office going, we letter carriers thank you! But, that steep walk . . . ooooh, my knees are “barkin.” Have fun with Mona.

  9. Bonnie- I agree-
    There is absolutely no reason to be bored. If you get tired of one project, move on to another. I always have more than enough to do.

    We have had sunny spring weather, but it is to rain a couple days this week.

    I saw my first bunny rabbit a little bit ago. I think it is the same one that was around here last year. It is a snowshoe hare, and still had quite a bit of white on it, mostly on its' underside.

    Kasilof, AK

  10. Inspired! Newbie here. Recently retired and moving to the shores of Lake Michigan. Sewing room almost set up with 7 rescued sewing machines. Binging on Quilt-cams and blog posts. Love LOVE scrap quilting! Thank you!

  11. Sounds like an excellent time to invest in a quad runner! Do it now, while you can still maneuver, but eventually, you'll wish you had it to get up and down that drive, without have to fire up the minivan.

  12. Nice day to sew. My six pulets were moved to their outside pen yesterday. So sad. My chicks are ready for the coop! Will send pics later.


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