Monday, December 17, 2018

Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 4!


It’s another Mystery Monday, can you believe it?

It seems the time between each PART release on Friday and our Link-Ups on Monday are getting closer and closer together – just where does the in between time go?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and found some time in between the holiday hubbub for some baking, some visiting, for some reflecting on Christmases past, and was able to squeeze even just a little bit of sewing time in!

My favorite part of the weekend was popping in at odd moments to check out our #quiltvillemystery and #goodfortunequilt tags on Instagram, as well as thumbing through the feed in my Quiltville’s Open Studio group on Facebook and see what YOU were doing!  The excitement is building with how all of this is going to fit together, and it brings me so much joy.

We gave you FIVE options on how to do Part 4.  Which one did you choose?


Michelle went stringy in lime green!


Julie has pulled out her purples with option #2

She cut hers from strip sets.

If you are doing the strip set method, remember to press your seams OPEN to avoid pressing issues later.


Barbara went all out with her oranges!

I spy Charlie Brown!!


This is Julie’s first string piecing endeavor!

I think she likes it!


Well done, Pauline!

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s blog – I’ve included information on the 2019 Moda String-Along.  You will choose your own string project (Perhaps from String Frenzy?!) and string along with everyone else. So happy for a 2019 string piecing challenge!

Now for the nitty gritty of this link-up. There is a lot of info below.  PLEASE DO NOT SKIM READ!

We have many new folks with us this year, so if you’ve never done a link-up before, we will include some info so you can add your photo of your progress to the mix.

You’ll need either a blog, an instagram account, a Pinterest account, a Flickr account or a Google+ account.  All of which are free, and a great way of journaling your progress on any project.  ALL of these must be set to PUBLIC.

Please, no private accounts as no one will be able to see what you are sharing, so what’s the point? Links to private accounts will be deleted.

No matter where you are in your Good Fortune quilt you can share blocks, design wall photos, fabric choices, completed units with your dog, cat or grand-baby – just share!

Please do NOT post unit sizes or unit counts in your post.  This is a mystery.  The sizes and counts are plainly available in the mystery directions themselves.  Folks can get them by coming to my directions.

Be sure when you are filling in your information in the Linky form below that you include a URL to your specific post or photo, not just your main blog or profile address.  We need the address of the page where your photo and post is, not the whole account.

For those who don’t understand HOW to find the URL of any given post PLEASE read this linky tutorial before you link up again.

For an example of a blog post including a link back, click HERE.
For a Pinterest post including a link back, click HERE.
For an Instagram post including a link back, click
For a Flickr post including a link back, click HERE.

Click the links above for examples of folks who have done it correctly!

If you have linked to my main blog address http://quiltville.blogspot.com that also needs to be changed to the URL for today's linky page. Please check your post or photo and make sure you have the right link.

Our posts are reciprocal.  Which means I link to you, you link back to me.

Your link-up post, be it on Instagram, Pinterest, your blog or wherever MUST include an easy to find, obvious link (highlighted helps!) to the link-up post. The link you are to use is given below

Pinterest, Instagram etc - you can just paste the URL to this post into the text or even the comment section of your post.

Include this link in your post: https://quiltville.blogspot.com/2018/12/mystery-monday-link-up-part-4.html 

Or Short Link: https://bit.ly/2rFSkHr

If you don’t know how to link it so it is clickable in your blog post, don’t worry about it. Just copy and paste the above URL into your text.

We are also using the hashtags #quiltvillemystery and #goodfortunequilt and a link back to this post for social media.  Please use them AND the URL of this post so we can find you!

If you do not link back to my post, your link will be removed from our link-up.

The linky pages will be alive FOREVER in the archives, Your link will stay there so people can find you, please link correctly to my post so people can find me and the others who have also shared their links as well.

Don’t be the dead end street for everyone else. 

Thank you!

Entries will close on Thursday Night, December 20th at 11:55pm EASTERN time!

Part 5 goes Live Friday Morning, December 21st!

String Frenzy Update:

As I mentioned yesterday,  I am holding off on Wave 6  of the next 500 copies until after the holidays, and I know you will understand. 

I need some family time, some creative time and some relaxation. I will be at the cabin in Virginia from December 22nd through New Years, and return to do round 6 at that time. 

In fact, wave 6 may just hit the store on New Year’s Day, so be watching for it!

Wave 5 will be out the door before I leave Saturday morning, and all shipping operations from the Quiltville Store will be put on hold while I am away for the holidays. 

You can still place orders while I am gone, (String Frenzy may be ordered when it is back in the store, not before!) and they will be filled upon my return in the order in which they were received.

Can we have 3 cheers?  I have started shipping orders placed just LAST FRIDAY in Wave 5!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I’ve been feeling the Call of the Fabric lately -

I need to obey it, or I’m going to snap!


  1. Giggle "The Call of the Wild" fabric.......Orange......"Born to be Wild"

  2. I am not doing the Mystery this year. I am over my head in shirt parts. I am revisiting your two Shirt tail books and loving it. I am going try to do them all. I already have three in progress. Thank you for all your quilts idea. Read your blog everyday, please don't pay attention to the naysayers.
    Lilac Joan

  3. love the quote...i always tell people that quilting saves my mother bail money...lol

  4. I have my box of orange/yellows out and ready to work on part 4 today just couldn't over the weekend.

  5. keep on keepin' on, ignore the naysayers, stay your ownsweetself; my frenzy is in the mail, i can't find my ruler buddy! too bad you missed my comments yesterday, i'm sure they were lost forever, words of humor and wisdom!!! mostly thanking you for helping me start each day with a cuppa and your words of humor and wisdome... we had our 'family' christmas on Saturday, it was a blast, enjoy your re=charging time and hugs to Sadie as well... Cats from Carlsbad, CA

  6. and indeed, the call of the fabric must be obeyed!! I know it well and the feeling of discontent if I and my creative inner child are not given enough fabric time. hugs Cats AGAIN

  7. We must answer "the call".

  8. Bonnie, I am a new quilter and have learned much from you already. I start my day with my cup of coffee and looking for your Blog. You do so much for us all and I hope you will not let the joy suckers take yours. When I worked I use to say I am not going to let anyone take my joy. Please be kind to yourself and enjoy your family this season.BREATH.Merry Christmas. Karen D.

  9. I'm so thankful for you and all you give to the quilting world! These orange stringies are lots of fun and so easy, and a great diversion from the madness out there. I am really enjoying this mystery quilt, thank you for giving us this experience. Love and holiday hugs

  10. Oh Bonnie, I am overjoyed to hear you are closing up "Mail ordering" until after the holidays. You go Gal. You are and have been my inspiration. Read your blog first thing every morning. You are so generous with your time and talent. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your family.

  11. FYI---I have a new Paypal account. Only took me 2 weeks to get it cleared up. I know I needed to have a 10 yr old here to help me, dang it. I will try it out AFTER the holidays. I am fore-going linking up. If it took me 2 weeks to figure out Paypal---I can only imagine how long it would take me to do all the correct Link-up system. Life can be challenging. LOL.

  12. Thanks for a great mystery. I use it as an incentive for me to get my year end (FYE Nov 30) accounting work done. Whatever it takes, right?

  13. Thanks for the ordering clarification. I will attempt to order mine in the new year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  14. Good for you for taking a break - you and your family so deserve it. Have a wonderful Christmas season Bonnie - thanks for all that you do. I read you blog daily. Such a quilting and life inspiration.

  15. This must be a record for how many books are sold in a small amount of time??
    Good for you.

    1. No - actually. With the last book we put all 5,000 in the store at once, and they sold within 24 hours, and then people at the end of the line were impatient for their books to be delivered/shipped (some got downright mad that I couldn't do it in 3 days) and I decided that I am in control of my life and would only put as much in the store as I could handle. It's worked well so far! :)

    2. I just don't get the anger....If sewing and quilting has taught me anything, it's patience and the rewards of delayed gratification. I'm glad you have learned how to control your work flow.

  16. I spied Snoopy before I saw Charlie Brown. Merry Christmas Bonnie and family. Thank you for everything you do for us xxxxx

  17. Enjoy your family time.

  18. God bless you, Bonnie! For all you do for us, and for the larger quilting community, I thank you! You're a constant amazement to me.....how do you get everything done.....all the while thinking up more! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, and you get some much needed rest and family time. Love you so much!

  19. Merry Christmas! I missed out up to this point, but I know you will keep putting books up until everybody gets one. Enjoy your 'cabin time' and renew your spirit.

    Quilted hugs to you and yours.

  20. I did strings for clue #4, a technique I hadn't done before and it's the most fun I've had in over 2 decades of quilting. There will be more strings in my future.
    Enjoy your slow down. We have our own business and always close shop between Christmas and New Years. Enjoy!

  21. Really using scraps and bits and pieces for a string project can eat up extra time can't it? Hey, it's fun though and I love it. I've been using my vintage Singer 127 treadle machine and for some reason it wants to gather up the paper and I fiddled with all the knobs and still haven't figured it out but when I press it after I've done all the string piecing it is okay. Have a wonderful holiday and a great break enjoy your time at your cabin in Virginia.

    1. Try a light weight innerfacing insread of the paper. It may work better with your machine. Leave it in the quilt, it doesn't need to be removed.

  22. I have printed off all the clues, but haven't started anything. Well I did pull some reds from my stash and scraps, but that's all. I am determined to find the bottom of my cutting table before Christmas!I have only 27 UFOs which I said I was going to finish before I started anything new. BUT that string Hunter's quilt is calling me. I want to do one in red for me and one in green for one of my nieces. Have a very Merry Christmas with your family, friends, and pets! Wherever you are -ENJOY!

  23. OMG! I had checked your itinerary for 2019 and saw Mar marked Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. I did not realize this was in Bloomington, IN. All three of your classes were sold out!!!! This isn't until Mar 2019 and I didn't realize you could sign up so early. I am sooooooo disappointed. I guess I will have to keep a better watch on your calendar. I had saw it earlier this year, but didn't check it out like I sure have! See how poplar you are!

    1. LoAnn - still contact the guild and ask to be put on the waiting list. Some one will get a hang nail at the last minute and cancel. I got 2 classes in Chaska MN 2 years ago, and I could have had 3 but I did not have enough fabric with me. It was great.

  24. My copy of String Frenzy arrived today! So excited to find the time to peruse it and plan my next project!!

  25. I’m loving everyone’s colours, I’m nearly finished mine my first time string piecing not sure I’ve done it quite right. I think my papers are too big! Will try and get a pic up later.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas break, time to relax and enjoy your family xxxx

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  28. is there a link to the "Moda String Along" thingy??

  29. Hello Bonnie! You are such a jewel! I have saved all of the clues so far. I really want to dive into this mystery, but as of right now, don't have the time and my sewing room isn't quite ready to be used for sewing yet. I'm thinking that after Christmas, when the after Christmas "let down" hits I will need some of your cheeriness and fun mystery. Thank you so much for giving me a smile each and every day!
    Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years!!!

  30. Where on your website do you have the order numbers that you have sent out? I'm trying to find my order number in the Que? Thank you!


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