Sunday, December 30, 2018

When in doubt, PAINT IT!


It doesn’t matter where you start -

Just pick up a brush and dig in!

I love – I mean deeply, absolutely, positively ADORE the old quirky door frames and the variety of mismatched doors of various sizes – none of them the same – at Quiltville Inn.

Some of them have been repaired with added bits and pieces holding them together – the door knobs also varying throughout the house.  A hodge-podge of 135 years of living under this roof.

And while “shabby chic” and “chippy” are the in-thing with farmhouse style decorating, I’m just not one to faux-shabby anything.  I like to think of what the original owners may have preferred to see in this grand old house.  Given the choice – would they want chipped up paint with sanded and roughed up corners to make it look “vintage?”  Heck, no!

And since most door frames, doors, moldings and base boards are going to take at least two coats if not three, just pick up a brush and get busy with it.  Make the rounds.  Then come back again in a day or so and do it again.

This is the hall door to bedroom number 4 – The inside and outside of the frame got its first coat of paint yesterday, and the outside of the door you see here has also had coat number 1 added.  The back side of the door has to wait for another day while this one dried.


Attic access door!

This is the little door in bedroom 4 that opens to the pass-through between the front side of the house and the back side through the attic access.  It also got a coat of new paint and looks so much better.

The more and more we work with this house, and decide just what will work best for retreats, we’ve come to realize that perhaps 16 people is just 4 too many.  For insurance reasons, parking issues and for lack of more bathrooms and to give folks more sewing space to spread out, as well as making meals an easier affair we have decided to limit occupancy to 12. 

While there is available sleeping space for 16,  And awesome dining space for 16 – the sewing space and bathroom availability is best limited to 12.

I’ve heard from many that gathering a group of 12 is much easier while 16 also creates  travel issues for some.  So 12 it is.  Which means I now have 4 twin beds too many.  My plan is to keep the beds I’ve been so lovingly given, and sell those that I have purchased myself. I am keeping the matching pairs of vintage beds together.

Bedroom 4 is the smallest, and 3 twins in here is just a bit cramped.  Another reason to drop the occupancy down to a nice even dozen.

There will be 4 bedrooms for retreaters, each with 3 beds.  This room will become the “office”  and “owner’s closet” as well as a place for me to stay should I be invited to join the party. Or, if like a couple weeks ago due to snow, ice and other weather events – there is no way for my van to make it up to the cabin for any reason.  

It sure beats the thought of an emergency air mattress on the Quiltville Post Office floor next door!


Ceiling fan in bedroom 4!


New light installed in back hall between bedroom 4 and 5.


Inside door frame and door of bedroom 5 received first coat of paint!


Upstairs front bath cabinets and door and frame – more paint!


Upstairs back bath – new commode going in!

We are replacing the old ones with “taller” ones.  Thank heavens.


New back hall light, downstairs.

These are the stairs leading up to the back 2 bedrooms 4 & 5.

The entry to the den ins on the right.


Back entry light – whoowhooo!

(the old lights were so ugly – these are LED and wonderful!)

Scene over the door painted by my mom many years ago.  So happy to have it here!


And if this looks strange -

The pendant lights over the kitchen island needed a clean up.

Years of cooking – grease, steam, dust, debris – the light globes and rims, the wire frames and extension rods you see here were just GRIMY with gunk.  All are clean and shiny now, and we are waiting to pick up better, brighter LED flood lights to assemble them all back together. 

Like I said – there is so much to do, just pick something and do it, and then move on to the next.  It doesn’t matter where you start – just begin.  There is a life lesson in that, isn’t there?

We worked all morning.  We got back to the cabin around 3pm just exhausted and downed a very late lunch as we realized we were also starving.


I spent my late afternoon and into the evening here.

My sewing machine was just beyond my left shoulder taunting me as I tuned out all else and set in to get all of the class supply lists for the new workshops from String Frenzy written, PDF copies made and uploaded and linked under the workshops & lectures tab at the top of the blog. Boy, did that feel good to get that off the to-do list before this year runs out of days.

Also completed – a blog post for “New Book Release” that will be going up on the C&T blog shortly.  I’ll let you know when it is live.


And more evening hand quilting.

Sorry, sewing machine – you’ll have to wait.

I know it feels like you are seeing the same thing over and over here – what’s the big deal?  Well look a bit closer.  I have turned the corner on to side 3 – with the second row of fans working toward the inside of the quilt. Fans are worked in rounds – first around the outside (I have worked the center of the quilt, leaving the borders for later as I haven’t decided what to do there yet.) and then the next row goes above the outside row.  The rounds get shorter and shorter until they just end in the center of the quilt.

Questions that have come in recently, and I know I’ve answered this before but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again for the newbies – I machine baste my quilts by longarm using a VERY LARGE stitch.  The basting stitches are removed as I move the hoop to each new area.

I am using a stencil to mark the fans on this quilt as I want them to be more uniform than “free hand.”  I am using a chalkoner wheel to mark my lines. Please test all fabric before you mark your quilt with any method.

And that brings us to this morning – what is going on here today?  How about a leisurely late breakfast and another wander over to the inn to see what we can do today?

It's time to get some more paint under my nails!

December 30, 2018 at 07_40AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Are you ready for 2019?

Let’s all hold hands and jump into it together!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone -


  1. Really enjoying your renovation journey! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your energy and drive are amazing. It inspires all around you to do more.

  3. Everything looks beautiful. I admire your decision to go with fewer occupants. Many others would have opted for "more people, more profit." On the other hand, it might take me longer to get a reservation. Lol.

  4. What a wonderful year to look back on!!! So much accomplished in the way of your move, purchases and books. So happy to read about it all as you share each day!!

  5. All that painting and other upgrades look great!

  6. It looks like wonderful!!

  7. Big retreat or little retreat they are all fun when you are quilting with friends. I have been to some with the maximum of 8 (Cedar Hill, TX) and some with the capacity of 34 (Compass Centre, Mt. Calm, TX). Friends and quilting are the key to all of them. You are a wise woman Bonnie Hunter and really care about those you are preparing for. Thank you.

  8. I think any group would love to have you join in! Even dozen it is. I like the fresh paint and LED lights. So fresh and ready for guests soon.
    Glad you got a few hand stitching in. Thank the Hubster and Jeff for all they are doing!! They are awesome.

  9. Invited to join in??? You must be joking - you would be my prerequisite for me going there!!!

    So love your adventures!! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I am glad to finally find someone else who is not on the Shabby Chic wagon! I think it is a great when it all looks fresh and clean. You have worked so hard for all this, I know it will be fantastic when you are able to open the doors and enjoy having people come to you for classes.
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents and passion! I'm looking forward to seeing you at the end of February in Texas! So, I'm glad you are still traveling! LOL

  11. I'm enjoying your updates on Quiltville Inn. I admire your resolve and enthusiasm for this project sure to bring joy to many quilters.

  12. Love it love it love it.

  13. Love the quote for today. Something to ponder as I finish out the year and begin the new one. My hope is that everyone will bring more compassion, kindness, respect, and love into 2019.

  14. I’m so glad you left yourself a special room at the Inn. I can only imagine most attendees would be sorely disappointed to not see and meet you. You are the most amazing Energizer Bunny I’ve ever witnessed!!

  15. Here's a tip: If you don't want to clean your brushes at the end of the day, wrap them in plastic wrap and put in the frig. Same way with roller and pans. :)

  16. I love your updates on the Inn - your efforts are really paying off, everything looks SO nice! All your decorating resulted in a homey, comfortable place that ANY quilter would LOVE to go to. Maybe someday I can go, too! Thank you SO much for ALL you do, every day, for we quilters - while its an artform we all thoroughly enjoy, what you do really adds SO much to the enjoyment! Enjoy your last couple of days of 2018 -- am really looking forward to 2019! God bless you & your family! Deb E / CA

  17. What a wonderful picture you painted in my head... Quilters all over the world joining hands and jumping into the new year together... Finishing UFOs, starting new creations, and bringing joy to those we share our passion with. Have a Happy New Year Bonnie and followers. May God bless you with much sewing time!!

  18. The Inn is looking great - it's going to be a wonderful place. Maybe hold off on selling the extra beds for now - until you get a little further down the road in planning as it's an evolving process - you might want a place for a guest teacher - or Mona / Irene as well in your room. Seems like you are having fun - but take a day or two just to rest as well. Happy New Year - Bonnie. Thanks for everything that you do.

  19. Regardless of the number of quilters you can host, having owner's quarters on site just makes good sense. I'll bet there will be plenty of times you'll be glad you made that decision.

    The Inn is just looking so great. It's fun and exciting to watch the progress unfold!

  20. Great idea leaving yourself a room! Your family's hard work is such a blessing. You write so well that I am rather hoping your journey and all the colorful people and places you have encountered will inspire you to maybe write us all a novel...or two. It's a big deal what you and your family have and are doing. It's appreciated by many. Happy painting!

  21. Hi Bonnie, The Quiltville Inn looks wonderful. I very much want to visit. Will there be a bedroom and bath for retreaters on the first floor? I have serious mobility problems. Also, a hand rail nest to the toilet may help many.

  22. Thank you for sharing your progress on your Quiltville inn. I think I enjoy these posts just as much as your quilt posts. I can't wait to see the final reveal of your inn. Hopefully in the new year you can get a lot done provided your busy schedule will allow.

  23. You are amazing Bonnie! You work so hard and inspire us so much! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Quiltville Inn will be gorgeous and filled with love. Happy New Year to you and your family and may 2019 be your best year ever! Hugs,

  24. Quiltville Inn is looking fabulous! Lots of hard work and elbow grease going into realizing this dream...totally worth it!

  25. All look so wonderful!! Happy New Year Bonnie..wish you and family an amazing year ahead!!

  26. Hi Bonnie, and Happy New Year.
    The Quiltville Inn is looking so spruced up, I would love to come visit!
    I have some of the same lights in my new house that you have in your halls. They are in halls and the common area downstairs in my new retirement home. I like the fact they are guaranteed five years, and wont have to change any bulbs during that time. I am going on year three now ( 2 1/2 done).

    Kasilof, AK

  27. I love your blog and seeing the updates to the Inn and what you're working on. Just one (small) complaint - while I don't usually mind all the ads,is there any way to make it so they don't put them at the bottom of the pictures? They obstruct the view of the bottom part of the pictures. Please keep doing what you do so well!

  28. Bonnie,
    As the old year wanes, it is time for me to write thank you notes to all who have touched my heart with the gifts,of friendship and/or inspiration, to let all know how very valued you are to me.
    Your daily blog has been so uplifting. Thank you for all you do! Many blessings for the New Year.

  29. Don't dispose of those beds just yet. You might get a group that had a driver who would need space to rest, or a stray husband who did the driving who would want to just sit on the porch, eat and sleep. This is so great and I'm glad you are enjoying the renovations.

  30. Bonnie - I think the max capacity of 12 is a great idea. Quiltville Inn is looking great! Ooh, is that my bucket in the bathroom??! Yay, so glad it found a good home! Wishing you and your family and friends, too, a happy New Year and good health, good times, safe travels and happy quilting in 2019 and beyond.
    Cheers! -Lil from Wilmington, DE

  31. It is looking great Bonnie. I googled and its onky 6 hours away.

  32. Can't wait til Quiltville Inn is open so I can stay there with my quilting buddy.

  33. I had a quote above my desk that read "The difference between those that do it and those that don't is that those who do it, do it and those who don't, don't. We are those who do it.

  34. I love the whole idea of jumping into the new year together. Thanks for that and for saying just start somewhere. I tagged you in a FB post as I started reorganizing my kitchen this morning after reading this post.
    Also, I do think there should be an “owners suite” at Quiltville Inn. Makes total sense! I’m enjoying the mystery so much! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  35. The Inn is looking great! Thanks for all you do to advance the art of quilting. I'm having fun with Good Fortune and look forward to the next clue!!

  36. I love watching the progress on the inn. It's better for guests to be comfortable at 12 retreaters than cramped at 16 (in my opinion). Enjoy this time doing all the renos. It won't be forever!


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